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Chen 1 Bryan Chen Mrs.Barth English 12- 4 25 September 2016 Annotated Bibliography: Minimum Wage Research Question: How does minimum wage affect people? Ehrenreich, Barbara. Nickel and Dimed: On (not) Getting by in America. New York: Metropolitan, 2001. Print. Summary: In Nickel and Dimed the author Barbara Ehrenreich goes undercover and takes minimum wage job or low paying jobs and attempts to live off of it. While she attempts to live she broke some rules and used some of her own money from be
  Chen 1Bryan ChenMrs.BarthEnglish 12- 425 September 2016Annotated Bibliography Minim!m age#esear$h %!estion &o' does minim!m 'age a((e$t people)Ehrenrei$h* Barbara.  Nickel and Dimed: On (not) Getting by in America.  +e' ,or Metropolitan* 2001. rint.S!mmary /n  Nickel and Dimed   the a!thor Barbara Ehrenrei$h goes !nder$oer and taes minim!m 'age ob or lo' paying obs and attempts to lie o(( o( it. hile she attempts to lie she broe some r!les and !sed some o( her o'n money (rom be(ore to help hersel(. She sho's the readers ho' di((i$!lt it is to (ind a ob and ho!sing. She !s!ally had to hae m!ltiple part time obs to lie $om(ortably. /t sho'ed her p!rpose to ill!strate the 'orld i( it is possible to lie on minim!m 'age.Eal!ation he boo is some'hat o!tdated* as it 'as p!blished in 2001. he minim!m 'age  ba$ then 'as aro!nd 3- dollars 'hile no'adays it is aro!nd - dollars. /t also sho'ed ho' ethni$ity played a role in (inding a ob* 'hile that may hae been tr!e ba$ then it is not as  prominent no' as it 'as ba$ then. his noel en(or$ed o!r belie( that it is di((i$!lt to lie only on minim!m 'age. S!$h as ho' it 'ill be een more di((i$!lt to raise a (amily on this 'age or  pay rate.+e' St!dy #eeals Minim!m age &ies 7ead to 8ob 7oss (or Minorities and &igh.  Chen 2 US Newswire  16 8an. 2003. Student Resources in onte!t  . eb. 25 Sept. 2016. S!mmary his arti$le sho's the in$reases in !nemployment a(ter 'age in$reases. /t sho's ho' m!$h !nemployment goes !p by in per$entage by ra$e or ethni$ity. 9elt that this arti$le 'asn:t too help(!l as that it only proides only n!mbers 'ith ery little in(ormation on anything else. he a!thors p!rpose 'as mainly on in$rease on 'ages and !nemployment* nothing m!$h else.Eal!ation his so!r$e 'as !nreliable as that it !ses in(ormation (rom 10 een tho!gh it 'as  printed in 2003. he a!thor had no tone or biased. his so!r$e 'as also not !se(!l to o!r gro!p 'hatsoeer 'e didn:t p!ll a ;!ote (rom this arti$le at all. his did not a((e$t o!t perspe$tie on o!r resear$h ;!estion.+e' reports assess (ate o( high-sill obs* minim!m-'age 'orers.   #iladel$#ia %n&uirer  <hiladelphia* A= 2> Mar. 2016. Student Resources in onte!t  . eb. 25 Sept. 2016.S!mmary /n this arti$le it states that as the years go on employees earned minim!m 'age or less by abo!t 6*200 than the year be(ore. Also bringing !p that they $an be aboe the poerty line b!t is not eno!gh to s!pport a (amily. 9elt that this 'as some'hat !se(!l as that it gae solid in(ormation abo!t o!r resear$h topi$. he p!rpose o( the a!thor 'as to sho' the the (ate o( high-sill obs and minim!m 'age 'orers. As that high-sill ob are gro'ing at a slo'er rate than minim!m 'age obs.Eal!ation / beliee that this report is reliable as that it 'as printed in 2016 'hi$h is really re$ent. hile / (eel there might be some biased in this* ho'eer there is an e?tremely little amo!nt i( there 'as. his so!r$e 'as some'hat !se(!l to the gro!p as 'e did p!ll a ;!otation (rom this arti$le. his (inali@ed the (a$t that it is possible to lie on minim!m 'age alone ho'eer not 'ith a (amily.
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