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Annotated Works Cited Primary Sources NHD
  Primary Sources DeVita Jr., Vincent T., and Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn. The Death of Cancer  . 2015, vol. , Sarah Crichton Books, 2015. Web. 7 Mar. 2017. A.I used this book to find as much information I could about cancer, people, treatment and life in the 1900’s. B.It gave me a lot of daily experiences, rates, information, people, organizations etc. It was very useful for my project because the person writing this book was their in the 1900’s as a doctor. Farber , Sidney .  Letter from Sidney Farber to Mary Lasker . 19 Aug. 1955. A.This letter helped with the theme of “Taking a stand” B.The letter written by Farber helped me see that doctors around the states and doctors from different hospitals are keeping in contact about their research on cancer and other experiments as well. It shows that people are working together to find a cure and that no one is just keeping to themselves. Kieley , James F.  Letter from James F. Kieley to Mary Lasker . 2 Sept. 1954. A.I used this to help me with the theme of “Taking a stand”. B.This showed me that what was happening between organizations, hospitals, meeting etc. were being sent to newspaper’s to be published. Youtube . 2 Mar. 2015.  Nixon Signs National Cancer Act , uploaded by Rolfsen. A.Used this as a primary source for my project. It also helps with the theme “Taking a Stand”. B.This was an actual video of President Nixon talking about the War on Cancer. He signs the Act which grants money for research on cancer and finding a cure.
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