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  Annotated Bibliography Primary Sources: Canada, McDonald's. What Is in the Sauce That Is in the Big Mac Web. ! #uly !$%!. &ctober ! !$%. ()ttp*++atch/rcuB012yI3+i (This ideo helps sho ho tradable the Big Mac is. We use this in our ebsite to sho hy McDonald4s is so 5a-ous today.6ried, Stephen. The &riginal 7ay 8roc. Web. !9 March !$%$. &ctober ! !$%.http*++!$%$+$+!9+the:srcinal:ray:; article is ery use5ul because it shos ho 7ay 8roc dealt ith the 5ast 5ood industry. We used it in our ebsite to sho -ore o5 7ay4s in5luence in today4s 5ood. 6ro- the Archies* 7ay 8roc. SUCCESS  . Web. ! &ct. !$%. http*++es:ray:;rocThis ebsite gies us in5or-ation not 0ust about 7ay 8roc, but about McDonald4s too. Italso shos us <uotes 7ay 8roc said during his cli-b toard success.=ri-ade, #ohn, and )aisa- )ussein. What's 5or Dinner> ?ational =eographic* @@ and @9. rint. &ctober ! !$%.This -againe about 5ast 5ood helps e1plain ho -uch the 5ast 5ood industry has gron.We use this in our ebsite to sho the eolution o5 5ast 5ood.#a-es, 7andy. A Brie5 )istory o5 McDonald4s Abroad.> Web. !@ &ctober !$$9. ?oe-ber %%,  !$%.orld+article+$,@99,%9!@9,$$.ht-lThis ebsite as use5ul 5or our ebsite because it e1plained ho McDonald4s e1panded throughout the orld. It gae country na-es and i-portant dates o5 hen the 5ast 5ood restaurant spread to each country.#aros, Andy. Tour Dust Blog.> Web. %E 6ebruary !$%%. ?oe-ber @, !$%. $:countries:here:you:ont:5ind:a:McDonald4sThis ebsite as used 5or the list o5 countries here McDonald4s is not located. This as use5ul because it gae e1tra in5or-ation on here and here McDonald4s did not spread. 8roc, 7ay. Feading A-erican Businesses. !$$. 7etrieed &ctober $%, !$% 5ro-* http*++!:9@$$$$@!.ht-l : See -ore at* http*++ When loo;ing at this site, you can 5ind a lot o5 in5or-ation on 7ay 8roc and his li5e. It also tal;s about his deter-ination to get hat he anted.Fiana, ?guyen.  )o The 6ast 6ood 7eolution 2stablished &besity as a ri-ary Concern In A-erica.>  FAST FOOD AND OBESITY: A STUDY IN A LOCAL  MCDONALD’S. Web. % &ctober !$%. http*++salt-an<uarterly.!$%+$%+%E+5ast:5ood:and:obesity+.This study shos us the e55ects that 5ast 5ood has had on children all across the globe. McDonald4s especially has contributed to obesity and this ebsite shos us ho  it is a leader in not 0ust good things but in bad things li;e Child &besity.  The Mar;eting =enius behind McDonald4s 6ranchise Success.  Franchise Direct  . Web. ! &ct. !$%. http*++ This ebsite shos -e ho success5ul 7ay 8roc really as. It also tal;s about ho #i- Delligatti helped out in the McDonald4s business. &ur )istory.> Web. % &ct. !$%. http*++ is the o55icial McDonald4s ebsite ith authentic in5or-ation. This ebsite has -any i-portant 5acts and a ery detailed ti-eline o5 eerything that happened in McDonald4s history.uintanilla, Carl. Birth &5 McDonald4s.> Big Mac* Inside the McDonald4s e-pire. C?BC  ?es, !$$E. &ctober !, !$%.This ideo e1plains ho 7ay 8roc beca-e the oner o5 McDonald4s and his 5ight in order to succeed. This helped our ebsite because in is portrayed as a ti-eline and shoshat happened and hen it occurred. uintanilla, Carl. Calories and Controersy.> Big Mac* Inside the McDonald4s e-pire. C?BC  ?es, !$$E. &ctober !, !$%.This ideo e1plains ho McDonald4s is an unhealthy restaurant and ho there are  people are beco-ing obese 5ro- it. This helped our ebsite because it let us sho the e55ect their 5ood had had on people and ho it can change their diets.  uintanilla, Carl. >&ne Store, &ne &ner.> Big Mac* Inside the McDonald4s e-pire. C?BC  ?es, !$$E. &ctober !, !$%.This ideo e1plains ho McDonald4s as 5irst established, ho created it, ho hat happened to it in the end. This helped us ith our ebsite by representing the beginning and the creation o5 McDonald4s. uintanilla, Carl. McDonald4s ?e1t 6rontier.> Big Mac* Inside the McDonald4s e-pire. C?BC  ?es, !$$E. &ctober !, !$%.This ideo shos hat McDonald4s has acco-plished no, due to its -any struggles in the past, and ho it has succeeded. This ill support our ebsite  because shos McDonald4s no and the legacy 7ay 8roc has le5t on us. 7ay 8roc's &riginal McDonald's 6looded A5ter Chicago 7ains JKID2&L. The )u55ington ost. Web. %9 April !$%. &ctober ! !$%.)ttp*++ ideo shos the 5lood at McDonald4s that help us proe. We use this to sho that een hen things got hard, McDonald4s pulled through. 7onald McDonald Through The ears.> NSA T&DA. =annett, ! Apr. !$%. Web. % &ct. !$%. http*++ 7onald McDonald has had a big i-pact on the groth and success o5 McDonald. This is hy e used the pictures on this ebsite to gie a isual representation o5 the reputational groth o5 7onald ith the groth o5 McDonald4s.
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