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NHD Annotated Bibliography
   Annotated Bibliography  Primary Sources:   Addis Ababa Agreement Is Suspended following a Rebellion of Southern Troops in Bor. Dr. John Garang Founds the Southern Peoples !iberation o#ement and Arm$ in %thiopia& !aun'hing the Se'ond Sudanese (i#il )ar. Digital image. T*% (+RR%,T )AR I, S-+T* -RD-FA, B%GA, I, ID/0122& B+T (I3I! )ARS *A3% B%%, RAGI,G A(R-SS S+DA, SI,(% ITS I,D%P%,D%,(% I, 2456. B%!-) IS A BRI%F *IST-R7 -F S+DA, A,D T*% (-,F!I(T I, T*% ,+BA -+,TAI,S. ,uba Reports& n.d. )eb. 8 Feb. 0126. This image showed us how the Second Civil War started up again and how people started rebelling the Addis Ababa Agreement. This image can be found on the “Sudanese Civil War.” THE ADDIS ABABA AGREEMENT ON THE PROBLEM OF  SOUTH SUDAN   924:0;< 2/2=. Unite Nations Peacema!er  . +nited ,ations. )eb. 08 Jan. 0126. This source helped us understand how the first civil war ended. We wereable to see what terms the war was ended on. This source can be found on the “Sudanese Civil War” page.  A>ou& oses. ? oses A>ou Inter#iew.? Personal inter#iew. 6 Feb. 0126. This interview gave us the chance to talk with one of the Lost o!s of Sudan in person. This nterview specificall! gave us information about life in South Sudan before the war and also encounters with Civil War.  AP. A s'ene from 2442& when =&511 una''ompanied @!ost Bo$s@ arri#ed from %thiopia to Southern Sudan. Digital image. U S #Lost  Boy# amon$ T%ousans o& Des'erate an Dis'(ace Peo'(e F(eein$ Terri)(e *io(ence in Sout% Suan . Dail$mail& = Jan. 012. )eb. 08 Jan. 0126. This image helped us get another visual image of the #akuma $efugee Camp. This image can be found on the anner on the %&ome% page. An$at& a'. +rossin$ t%e Ri,er Gi((o . ,.d. Painting. ,.p.  This image showed Lost o!s crossing the river and man! d!ing. This image can be found under %'ncounter% ?Appendi I< P+B!I( !) 46/622/D%(. 08& 2481 Publi' !aw 46/622 46th (ongress.?  -u,eni(e an Fami(y +ourt -ourna(   8.0 9244:;< 2/  :.  Statue ./ P$ 012 . +nited States Go#ernment Printing -ffi'e& 2: ar. 2481. )eb. 25 Feb. 0126. This is ?The Refugee a't of 2481?. This helped us understand what measures were taken in the united States before the second Sudanese civil war to help refugees. We were then able to compare it to toda!(s policies on refugees. This source can  be found on the “')change” page. AshoCmalhotra. ?Dr. AshoC alhotra@s Blog.?  Dr As%o! Ma(%otras  B(o$  . AshoCmalhotra& = Jul$ 012. )eb. 25 Feb. 0126. This *uote that we got from here gave an insight on what we were tr!ingto sa! on how the Lost o!s couldn(t +ust go back to the war the! had to  be sent to America. This can be found on the “')change” page Aweng& Bol. T%e +rossin$ o& t%e Gi(o Ri,er into Et%io'ia . ,.d. Painting. Good ,ews againe& n.p. This painting gave us another visual image and showed how the Lost o!s had to cross rivers with crocodiles and other animals tr!ing to kill them. This can be found on the “')ploration, -eter Chambang” page. Aweng& Bol.  Lost Boys Runnin$ &rom Lion . ,.d. Painting. ,.p.    This was another visual image of how the Lost o!s were attacked also  b! animals like the Lion. This image can be found on the “&ome” page with the galler! ?Bol Riin$@s Journe$.? Goo$(e Ma's . ,.p.& n.d. )eb. 5 Feb. 0126. This source showed us what a Lost o!(s +ourne! was like. ot onl! that but what the! might have encountered along the wa!. This source can befound on the “')ploration” page. A bo$ 'arr$ing his little brother on his shoulders. Digital image. T%e Lost Boys o& Suan . Pla$ the ,otes Together& 5 Sept. 012=. )eb. 8 Feb. 0126.  This is an image of a Lost o! carr!ing his brother. t shows how man! !oung kids were also forced to leave their homes. This image can be found on the “')ploration” page (B!.  Ec%oes o& t%e Lost Boys o& Suan . ,.p.< n.p.& n.d. Print.  A comic showing Lost o!s running. t helped us give a visual besides aregular image. t can be found on the “&ome” page
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