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Annie Bell s Diary 5 th December th November 1918 Threads of Connection 1 The threads of connection between family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances that tie our lives together are
Annie Bell s Diary 5 th December th November 1918 Threads of Connection 1 The threads of connection between family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances that tie our lives together are intricately woven. Unravelling and then resewing the threads of my grandmother s life during these vital four years of her life and of Australia s history has been exciting and rewarding. I hope you also enjoy discovering the many connections that merely start here. Stephanie Kihlstrom December 2002 (2 nd. edition) Revised June 2011, April 2015 Table of Contents Anne s Diary The Journey Out... 2 In Egypt... 8 Leaving Egypt In Britain In France On Leave in Britain In France In Britain Journey Home Home Appendices / Notes Family as mentioned in Diary Places mentioned People mentioned Abbreviations used Notes on Family Members and Friends serving in A.I.F Armstrong Bell Stewart Family Tree Family Notes Newspaper Clippings regarding Family Members Letters from Click to Anne from Gallipoli and France Letters of Gratitude to Anne Notes on Ships and Hospitals Index Official Documents from Australian War Memorial The Journey Out Dec5th Left Burnswark 10.15am with Mother, Bessy, Jean & Buttons, also Mrs. Quartenay. Went to Killearnan to say goodbye to Granny, then to Miss G s office, but she was out. Found Mr G in his office saw a M.H. patient when getting into taxi outside his office- met Aunt Jean & Bess at pier. J.C.H also came down. Granny & Aunt Lil in afternoon. Saw Nurse Rogerson, Miller, Mason, Taylor, also Mr Woods, who spoke of Dave. After much delay left at 6.00pm. Passed through Heads at 11.40pm. Dec 6th Shall draw a veil across this day. Read Gran s gift about 5.00pm. Dec7th Button s birthday. She will have her hair up when I see her again. Carl brought me up on deck, could not have managed without her. Dec8th Feeling better. Concert in the evening. Little Grey House in the West one of the songs, made me think of & long for the evenings at Alma last winter. Figure 1:Entries in Anne s diary 13 May to 4 June Dec9th A beautiful sunny day, wrote Biggie & Mrs. McClure. Dec10 Sighted land 3.00pm. barren looking, King George s Sound. Paid 13/- Dec11th Raining, saw flying fish Dec12th Reached Freemantle, but anchored in stream. Coaling began almost at once. Not allowed on shore. Saturday On board all morning, left ship at 2.30pm, walked on to coal barge, & climbed down rope ladder into motorboat, thought we would never arrive there. S. Hart, D & McC. Came in same boat, also Red Cross boys. Very glad to reach the shore & feel land beneath our feet once more. Sent to Fremantle R station, & waited for 4.00pm train. Hot dusty day. After leaving Fremantle, saw Cable Station Rottnest Is. where prisoners are being kept. Also saw Garden Is. Agricultural Showground very fine. Land from Fremantle very sandy, marran grass planted also trying the effect of Pig s face. Between the stations, country, strange to see it so near city, beautiful trees, saw Scotch College. Many familiar names on buildings. Robert Harper, Kitchens Velvet Soap. Foy & Gibson. Arrived in Perth about 5pm & decided to at once have a cup of tea. Tea at Albany Bell tearooms, then J.M.K. showed us to King Edward Hostel. Very comfortable. A fine view of bedroom window across Swan River with King s Park beyond. A bowling green just near window & a hedge gay with flowers surrounding it. Beautifully quiet after the noise of the boat. After dinner went for a tramride to Victoria Park, across the Swan & along The Causeway, which extends for a mile. Saw racecourse where every Sat. night there are trotting races. This the W.A. people say, almost takes the place of theatre. No good theatres usually come to Perth. People not dressed as well as in Melb, but heard that every drought, poverty is marked, especially in country. Came back part of way in tram, then walked, each found our own church. The R.C. church, Bishop s Palais & schools occupy excellent position. Walked along the street facing Gov. House, beautiful grounds. Saw the Deanery like a picture of an old English home Sunday A beautiful morning & we all felt well after a good night s rest & a hot bath. Soon after breakfast S.D. & I went to Perth Public Hospital, saw S. Gill who took us over it. Fine views of the Darling Ranges from the balconies. Saw J. Levi who was resident at H.H. for a time. The grounds well kept & several beds of flowers. Quiet after the noise of the H.H., floors of jarrah wood looked v. well. Ward, one with 34 beds. Saw theatre, instruments made us long for work again & feel homesick Strange to see so many empty beds. Nurse s home very comfortable & a nice sewing room, good large table. Sister G. kept us to dinner, saw Matron & Miss Gray for a few minutes, had been to church. Part of the hospital wall had been made by convicts. The theatre not large, black & white tiled floor. In afternoon took tram to King s Park, & entered at back gate instead of front. Were to meet S. Gill at Tea House, found it closed & after waiting over an hour for her, found we were at the wrong entrance. But the time was not lost, the trees were beautiful, & the bush like home. Walked round to front entrance, red road leading through the bush, saw S. Hart, also S. Carlile driving. Arrived near front Entrance, a very fine view across the river, a clear day so saw it at its best. A long avenue of gum trees, some just coming into bloom, others out. Flowers in profusion near entrance, a scarlet hibiscus, colour very vivid, walked back to Hostel along streets, struck by the number of asparagus ferns growing almost wild. Bougainvillea also very numerous. Went to church in evening, St. Andrews. A nice service, well known hymns & had the 46 th Psalm. Think it was the church Mr Gray used to have. Text, Many are called, few are chosen, special prayers about the war & for those who were going to minister to the wounded. Not many people in church. After church met Ss D & L & went across to S. Perth with some friends of S. Gills, only waited for a few minutes. 4 Monday 14 Returned S.S. Kyarra at noon, left Perth at 11.10a.m. Liked Perth very much, fine trees in the streets. Electric trams. All the horses look very tired. S & Lady Barron came on board during the afternoon. Sailed about 7pm. Matron Gray came to see boat off. Very funny waiting for the crew to turn up, some appeared looking drunk but were sane enough to have their passed ready. Figure 2: S.S. Kyarra Lecture by Col. Nash in evening on the Vascular System, (lantern slides) photographs taken by Mr F. Bird. Fine day, but boat rolling very much Service on deck in morning. Text I have learned content. Deck full. Passed Cocos Islands about noon appeared to be one long island, two smaller & then one long, bet. small island you see the surf breaking. First saw what looked like a wire fence, these were coconut palms. Did not see The Embden said to be on the other side of island. Service in Music Room in evening, unable to get to it, no room. Heard hymns from deck all ones we knew very well Church makes me very homesick On duty from 10 to 2 pm. Wrote letters in afternoon. Very trying day, muggy. Christmas Day Nice bright day. Duty in morning. Opened Jean s present, very pleased with it, also N. Rogerson s book & Miss Key s letter. Afternoon tea Melb. Hosp. people, enjoyed it thoroughly. Mr Syms, Mr. Givar etc. Dinner in even, 1 st Aust. Gen. Hosp. had it together. Very homesick. Paid 15/ Reached Colombo, view v. fine when entering harbour, long breakwater. Sunset gorgeous, deep orange, boats rowed by niggers everywhere. Mails brought on board, letters from Mother & Jean. Heard of Uncle George s death, Jean enclosed cutting re unveiling of Mr Macrae s tablet Mother going Sydney. 27 On duty till 2 pm, then went across with Miss L. to jetty, going across to G.O.H. saw M & S Douglas, decided to go with them to Kandy. Drove in gharri to station, entered r. carriage then found that Peter had brought wrong tickets, frantic rush to get others, train kept waiting (quite an honour). On our way saw the bullock carts, banyan trees, my first glimpse of The East & its people. They chatter incessantly. Saw Salvation Army of M.G.A. R. station is quaint & natives offering lemonade etc. Tea carried along in teapot, & glasses for it in quaint tin box with handle across. Saw the native fruits, natives washing in the running streams, washing clothes, beating them on a rock. Rice fields, tea, rubber, Dusk, fire flies in myriads, like fairyland, mists on mountains beautiful. Watched the natives in their huts moving about, small lamps. Strange to see a native appear out of what seemed dense jungle. Colours of flowers vivid. Arrived Kandy 7.45, gharri to Queen s Hotel, again saw hundreds of natives, very keen to carry our bags. Dinner almost finished, gay scene, some nurses in caps & capes, others in evening dress. S.D. & I went for walk at lake, not far. Struck by the reflections in the lake. 5 G and I walked before breakfast, in 15 min. got there. 9 different kinds of flowers, also ferns. After breakfast drove to Paidiniya Gardens, saw natives washing their babies, one pouring water from tin over its head. Some children ran after us with bunches of flowers, all anxious for coins. Saw the cakes (small statue to Sir GeorgeWard, governor from Wrote letters in evening. Most of the Kyarra people had left During night heard tom toms, had seen a funeral afternoon before, three brass poles carried, then candles. Left Q.H. 7.a.m. Views from train worth getting up at any hour to see. Mt. Allagalla 2,500ft. At Scout s Hill column erected to memory of Capt. Dawson, who planned & superintended the construction of the road, erected Point Sensation, see far to the valley below. Mists in morning, light glorious. Went to G.O.H. on arriving in Colombo, headache, stayed there till going on board. Others went shopping. Sailed 8.p.m Last day of the year, wonder where we will be next year, little we thought last year that we would be on our way to nurse the wounded Passed Island in a.m., lighthouse. Fancy dress ball in evening New Year s day. Saw whale spouting in afternoon, not near. 1 st Gen. Hosp. had a tea together at centre table. Moonlight on clouds & sea beautiful, sorry to have to retire to our cabins Passed Socotra Is. Wrote letters Church on deck a.m. Hymns in evening, Communion after evening service Sighted land about 11pm, rough & barren looking, shadows wonderful. Anchored Port Aden, blackies came along with their wares. Natives blacker than at C. Hair very curly. Sunset behind rocks beautiful tins, mountains a deep purplish colour. Left about 11p.m Land on both sides when first going on deck. Empress of Russia, Himalaya Frewgal, to be seen Passed Perin Is. Dry looking. Lighthouses ---- Very interesting Church morning & evening. Passed Doedalus Island Land both sides. Wonderful sunset, colours pink, blue, purple, misty colours. Wonderful. Arrived Suez during evening Up to see sunrise. Left Suez about noon, canal very interesting, Indian troops, trenches etc. Saw a crow. 6 Arrived Port Said, coaking began almost at once. Allowed off, walked round shops, better than in Colombo, charms, feathers, corals very pretty. Letter from Chris. Also received Recorder. Went to Mosque, put on cane shoes. Grace walked on ahead, very funny. Saw Koran, Egyptian flag. Beggars very annoying. Called at Hospital. Sisters very queer cape, told us the way hospital managed, linen & store room like M.H., but much smaller. Lunch at Exchange Hotel, Grace & S. Green. Returned to boat 4 p.m. Sailed 6.15 p.m. Saw aeroplane in p.m Letter from Duckie. Arrived Alexandria 9.a.m. Breakwater such numbers of vessels in harbour. Glorious day. Heard in evening that we could go off in a.m. Waited for our passes, got to bed about 11.30p.m. 7 In Egypt Up at 5.15a.m., a great scramble to get some coffee & bread & butter. Went off in boat, a sail up so went across in good time. Walked to station, stars v. bright especially one. Narrow streets, houses close together, small balconies round windows, no verandas. Saw child driving goats out of alley-way. Great scene at R. station, much talking, unable to get tickets, rushed for train. Lucerne, cabbages, crops, everything very green. Plains like at home. Trees like hose, pine trees. Donkeys, mules. People sitting v. far back on donkeys. Mud villages. Cemeteries to be seen frequently. Arrived Cairo, Dr. C. Ryan on station. Out to Mena H. in electric tram, five bridges over Nile. Passed some --. Saw D Honman. Fine trees along tramway. Passed Zoo. Dinner at Mena House. Saw Miss Gould, remembered Uncle L and G, said they were very fine men. Pyramids, very very dusty & windy. Huge blocks of stones. Sphinx, weird looking. Huge blocks of granite & alabaster, took a piece of each away. Sphinx. Represented to the Egyptians a form of their god Horus. Carved out of solid rock. Measurements Length of body 150 ft. head 30 ft. Width of mouth 71 ½ ft. face 14 ft. Height of ear 4 ½ ft. From crown to base70ft. Length of Paws 50ft Bet. paws, kind of temple discovered, reached by an ascending flight of steps. Memorial tablets of Thothmes IV & Rameses II In this temple a small lion & an altar, facing Sphinx. Returned home in tram, shoes cleaned on our way, large sum of 1d. Miss Green & I went for walk in Cairo, called at chemists, who said they are now speaking English in Cairo, on account of the - being there. Had our hair shampooed, very necessary, as we were white with dust. Dinner exceedingly nice, hotel quite elaborate. Wrote letters in evening. Figure 3: Sphinx - Taken from Temple of The Sphinx Wrote letters before breakfast. Heard we were to stay in Egypt. Went to Museum in morning. Saw mummies Rameses 11, nails, teeth, hair still to be seen. Jewel Room beautiful, saw the scarab said to be the finest known of. Carvings on different stones wonderful. Bought guide book 5/6. Walked in afternoon, streets very gay. In a.m. saw turkeys being driven along footpath, man & boy, when turkey went away boy would hit it under the head with a stick. Just after they passed a mob of sheep passed along. Motors, carriages, very numerous. Tram 4.15 good journey home, some difficulty in finding boat, no one knew where it was Muddling day, packing, all to be ready at 6.15 a.m. Monday. Paid 7/- Letters from home, Mother, Bess, Helen, also one from M. Howlett. 8 Called 5 a.m., had tea & toast with S. O Connor & Cameron. Carriage to be ready for us at 6.15a.m., we were to catch 7 a.m. train. Waited, no sign. Orderly sent for one, arrived 6.45 a.m. Furious drove to station. Carriage swaying from side to side. Arrived but saw train departing just as we alighted. Waiting room til 8.30a.m., argument with luggage porter re payment. Porter offered to wheel S.R. in wheel chair. Lovely day, saw numbers of camels, some quite hidden with brush. Arrived Cairo 2.30p.m., met by ambulance wagon, four orderlies in attendance. Four good horses. Beautiful drive through the avenue of lebbekh trees. Passed some soldiers on the way. Arrived Mena House 3p.m. - everyone very kind. S. Cameron & I went tour beds about 4pm, after the luxury of a bath & a good cup of tea. Dark faces appeared at the door about 6p.m. Saw Captain Hurley in evening, looking very well. Having every consideration showse to us. Road from Cairo crosses the great Kair en-hil bridge & the south end of the Gezira, another bridge over the other arm of the river, dry during low Nile. Passes Zoo. This fine shaded road hastily made by Ismail Parke in 1868, so that his royal visitors, who came to the opening of Suez Canal, might more easily view Pyramids Night duty, a very trying night; went for walk before dinner Called early, moved our room to next flat. 2 nd Aust. General Hospital arrived. Moved to new Dining room. Waiters appeared rather confused with the numbers of arrivals. Saw Dr. Honman, when returning from our walk, asked about M.H. people. He looks v. well, admired his hose. On duty 10p.m. Figure 4: First day in Egypt - on the way to Mena Walked round Pyramids and Sphinx in afternoon, on way home met Dr. Chambers, pleased to see him again, has not altered & looks well P.C. from Grace. Cloudy, little rain. Received notice from Kyarra re joining A.A.S. on Returned paper L.R. had good night. Drs. S & L to see her in a.m. Dr. S. very cheerful. Sorted clothes and rearranged them before going to bed Grey misty sunrise, beautiful to watch. Mists on Pyramids. Saw horses in early a.m. being taken to water. After breakfast S.O.C. went to church. S. Jackson & I set out & after wandering about, found that the C of E. Parade was on, did not find the Presby. One soldier took pity on us & showed us where C. of E. were. Said we would see many things before we finished. When going met a party of four, two women beautifully dressed ambulance horses became v. frightened, one woman more so than the horses, result, she fell into a sand heap, great consternation, her friend looking v. worried at seeing her nearly hurried. Sat on balcony, numbers of people going to Pyramids. Home v. often in my thoughts. Walk before going to bed, offered a ride to Cairo in motor car. When asleep rather startled on waking to find a figure moving mosquito net, Carl there, had come to see me. S. Green & Geoghegan. Also came in. Matron had come----- All very grieved & vexed about her treatment Misty in a.m. Letter from Bessie Stewart - glad to hear all the home news, & to hear there had been rain. 9 Took train to Cairo in afternoon, just got into one tram, told it was not going, then into another, very high step. Chaplain in tram, who on arriving C. went with us to the P.O. & helped us with our buying of stamps & envelopes, and to collect our right change. After that walked with us to a teashop. He then went to a meeting & said if he were able to come back would show us round. Chose our own cakes, very nice & dainty, coffee good. 9d. Met S. Tait and Cuthbert & before we left S. Craig & Watt, pleased to see them & to hear their news. Then went & bought some trinkets, could easily spend heaps of money in these shops. A New Zealander there, who went with us in a carriage to the Bazaar. They are just wonderful. Shoes, precious stones, beads, etc. Narrow & became narrower when you get further from street. The carriage was told to wait, so left guidebook & to my horror the c. drove off, however a boy ran after & rescued my book from the hand of The Philistine. Went to one shop where our escort was well known. The owner greeted him as an old friend. Beautiful bags & silk work. Saw old weapons, one beautiful dagger, told us it belonged to the Sultan, fine handle, blade encrusted with precious stones. One long Sudanese dagger the man thought I would like. Were offered Turkish delight & later on tea was brought. Several in small glass vessels, no handles, on a tiny pink saucer. No milk with it, but sugar, tasted like dates. Passed on and came to a shop, owner named Cohen, saw two letters from L. Kitchener saying he was satisfied with all the good he had bought there. Saw two beautiful evening coats, gray worked with gold thread, scarves & beautiful little mats. Brass workers at work, saw them using their compass, then drawing like design in black, & then hammering it out. Saw jugs being mended. Drove & caught tram, had to follow tram up for some distance, but caught it. Two of hos. sisters in it. On our way out passed a tram, saw Carl & E. F. in it, sorry to have missed them. N.Z. told us that 4000 of their men went to the Canal expect to be fighting tomorrow. View of the Pyramids very fine & a good sunset. On reaching M.H. found Kate arguing with a motor man, L.A. had decided in the afternoon, to drive into Cairo. Sorry not to have seen our Matron & to hear what had been settled Duckie s birthday. Intended going to Zoo but to sleepy & it was a very dusty day. Wakened in evening. Home letters, from M.B.B.A.M.C. & Jean, one from B. Stewart, saying had sent
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