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Resumen de Annie el Musical en Broadway
  “Annie: the musical” -Intro-  Beethoven: 3 minutosAnnie: 15 minutos Tomorrow 2:07 Way of shadows: 15 minutos Corte 3:00 Intouchables: 15 minutos Fly 3:21 -Despedida-  Primera producción: 1977 en el Alvin Theatre, (Ahora Neil Simon) casi 6 años. Nominada a 11 Tonys: ganó 7, entre ellos mejor musical y mejor música.David Korins, Set designer:1933 NYC Economy: down in the dumps. Annie vive una transición de baja clase a un a casa tipo “palacio” en el Central Park de Mr. Warbuck. La obra pasa en el invierno, la época donde es más evidente la necesidad de la gente. El diseñador quiso ambientar todo esto en la obra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stage manager peter lawrence, rachel wolffe: more people backstage: moving scenery, changing light, costumes, wigs, sound, make up. Coordinations: take all these different elements and meke it look like one thing. Every change is Ordered by the S M. Kids on the show, relaxed environment. Parents not backstage: professional actors from the moment they enter the theatre.James Lapine: boss, chief. La producción empieza mucho antes del primer ensayo. Se  juntaron el creative team y el director para ver fotos de cómo era EUA en aquel entonces (1933) para diseñar escenografía, vestuario, iluminación, etc. poorest girl  meets richest man, NY:wealthy people that have more than anyone else. Annie helps this man find out that money is not what life is all about. What would have life been at that time? how is it portrayed?Todd Ellison: Musical DirectorAspects: music, voice, instruments, arrangements, conduction. Hair and wig: Tom WatsonDecidieron si hacer o no pelucas para el show, ya que algunas veces los actores se dejan pintar, cortar o peinar el pelo. Para este show, decidieron utilizar pelucas para la mayoría de los personajes.Susan Hilferty: CostumeElla crea los personajes que viven en sus personalidades. ella piensa visualmente “Drawing in which i explore what the garment might look like” Good costume designer: history classes, storytelling, fabrics... Interested in everything. Todo lo que haces te ayuda a conectarte con los personajes. CharactersDescriptionAnnie An 11-year-old redheaded orphan girl, optimistic and spunky, whose only wish is to find her parents Miss Hannigan The orphanage matron, disillusioned, she hates children, but is fond of alcoholic beverages Oliver Daddy Warbucks Billionaire businessman who opens his home – and heart – to Annie Grace Farrell Daddy Warbucks' faithful secretary, who loves Annie from the start Daniel Rooster Hannigan Miss Hannigan's no-good brother, out for the quick buck Lily St. Regis Rooster's girlfriend, is smarter than she appears Molly , Pepper , Duffy , July , Tessie , and Kate The orphans at the orphanage, ages 6 to 13 Franklin D. Roosevelt President of the United States, he aids Daddy Warbucks in the search for Annie's parents Louis Brandeis Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, he is called upon to assist in Annie's adoption Bert Healy Radio announcer who agrees to broadcast Annie's search for her parents The Boylan Sisters Singers on the Bert Healy Show who hope to be famous someday Drake The butler at the Warbucks Mansion; a good friend to Annie and Daddy Warbucks Lt. Ward A policeman sent after Annie, he finds her at the local homeless town (Hooverville) Sandy An abandoned mixed–breed dog that Annie rescues, he becomes her faithful companion
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