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  The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Republic of MoldovaThe Department of Education, Youth and Sport mun. Băli! Mihai Eminescu Theoretical #yceum Scientific research project“Animal Experimentation in theEnglish speaking countries”Form IX  $uthors% Gaitur CristinaTarlapan Livia  Scientific adviser% Mişenina Nadejda Băli &'(&  Table of contents 1Introduction +2Objectives3A short history +4Cosmetics testing +5The Three Types +6The ! c# $ist +%The &hite $ist +'Our rese rches + (Intervie) o* * mous comp nies in o!dov + b(,ese rch o* superm r#et ssortment +-Tr ve!!ing in the ! nd o* e.periments +1/Opinion 0o!! resu!ts11Comprehension chec# 12Conc!usion13ib!iogr phy Introduction: “An animal’s eyes have the power to speak agreat language!  Animals are the most sin ere# inno ent reatures in the wholeworld $t is enough to look at su h %eings# like a at# a %ird# a dog and your heart will %e &ull o& emotions They are like people' they an ry# an su&&er and# o& ourse# they an %e pleased The matter is that animals give us so mu h# and we# %eing areless# get all o& them (eally# do we have the right toe)ploit them* +o we have the right to kill them and steal their lives* The answer is' o& ourse no# they are a part o& us, they are indispensa%le &a tor that plays the main role in our -lanet li&e Although we all suppose this thing# we ontinue to make them su&&er# to destroy their lives .a h o& us dreams to %e &orever young and %eauti&ul Nowadaysthe pri e o& the %eauty and youth is paid %y inno ent# uno&&ending animals Animal’s e)perimentations are ruel and widely used to develop new medi ines and to test the sa&ety o& other produ ts The majority o& e)periments ause pain to the animals involved or redu e their /uality or li&e in other ways $t is very hard to imagine how many animals die every day &rom all these ruel e)periments They are &or ed to sa ri&i e themselves in &avor o& the development o& medi ine and osmetology$magine you as usual going to the shop and %uy like every day' toothpaste# reams# shower gel# shampoos# you put it in your %ag and go home Then# you use it and when it &inishes# youwill %uy other produ ts $ am sure that you didn’t think a%out the onsisten y o& those produ ts A %ottle o& shower gel was o%tained in result o& testing on mi e the omponents# that toothpaste also was tested on a ra%%it or ana monkey0 1ith regret this is the reality# and now an you use this produ ts# knowing that %ehind it is hidden a ruel reality' a pain# or a death o& an animal* (espe ted audien e we an’t remain silent# we must stop su h things1e made this proje t with the hope to onvin e people that they make huge mistakes# to in&orm people a%out the situation reated Objectives: A short history: The earliest re&eren es to animal testing are &ound in the writings o& the Greeks in the 2 nd  and the 3 th   enturies 4C.  Aristotle and .rasistratus were among the &irst to per&orm e)periments on living animals Galen# a physi ian in the 2 nd   entury# (ome# disse ted pigs and goats# and is known as the “&ather o& vivise tion! Aven5oar# an Ara%i physi ian in 62 th   entury Moorish 7pain who also pra ti ed disse tion# introdu ed animal testing as an e)perimental method o& testing surgi al pro edures %e&ore applying them to human patients$nsulin was &irst isolated &rom dogs in 6822 and revolutioni5ed the treatment o& dia%etes 9n the : rd  o& Novem%er 68:;# a (ussian dog# Laika %e ame the &irst o& many animals to or%it the earth The a%ility o& humans to hange the geneti s o&animals took a large step &orward in 68;3 when (udol& <aenis h was a%le to produ e the &irst transgeni mammal# %y integrating +NA &rom 7=3> virus into the genome o& mi e This geneti resear h progressed rapidly and# in 688?# +olly sheep was %orn# the &irst mammal to %e loned &rom an adult ell$t is e)tremely aw&ul to see those poor animals su&&ering &rom the e)periments whi h people make on them +o we have the moral right to a t so ruel with our %rothers and sisters* 1e all animals our little %rothers# don’t we* 1hy do we a t inhumane towards them*1e have he ked all the in&ormation a%out testing on animals had and were surprised %y the num%er the investigation showed us' more than 626 million types i& verte%rates were used in e)perimentation 26%10%64% Animals used in experiments (in millions vertebrates excluding mice and rats, in 2005) UK USA Other countries This diagram shows us that the @ and the @7A are among the %iggest e)ploiters o& animals in the whole world The majority o& the la%oratories &or tests on animals are situated in the @7Aor the @
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