Angels Alphabet

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Angels Alphabet
  angel alphabets Secret written languages used in MAGIC and mysticismand conveyed by angels. Angel alphabets are used toinvoke and communicate with angels and spirits, andto translate and encode prayers, charms, texts,AM! #S, and #A!ISMA$S.%ne o& the most widely copied and used celestialalphabets comes &rom the S ' ( (A)I ! and is o& unknown srcin. *arious alphabets are attributed toindividual angels, including Metatron, Michael, Gabriel,(aphael, and other angels.In &orm, some angel alphabets resemble cunei&orm+others are related to early ebrew or Samaritan script.#hey are called -eye writing in /abbalistic literature because the letters are &ormed with straight and curvedlines and circles resembling eyes. #here is one charac0ter &or each letter in the ebrew alphabet. #he scriptsmay be used in con1unction with S A!S, symbols, andmagical s2uares o& numbers.Signi3cant magical scripts are4Celestial 5riting. A type o& eye writing related to thestars.Malachim. A type o& eye writing that takes its inspi0ration &rom the angelic order o& MA!ACIM6-kings7 and &rom the book o& Malachi, whose proper name is derived &rom the ebrew term &or -my messenger. %& special signi3cance inMalachi is verse 849:4#hen those who &eared the !ord spoke with one another+the !ord heeded and heard them, and a book o& remem0 brance was written be&ore him o& those who &eared the!ord and thought on his name.#he Greater /ey o& S%!%M%$ re&ers to Malachim as-the tongue o& angels. According to occultist S.!.MacGregor0Mathers, Malachim is &ormed by the posi0tions o& stars. #he characters are shaped by drawingimaginary lines &rom one star to another.
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