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    ANGEL OF SERBIABYJAMES KEARNEYFINAL DRAFT6th October 2013  CREDITS ROLL DOWN THE SCREEN WITH THEME MUSICCAST   Richard 30 Good physique. 6 feet tall. Short brown hair. Well spoken gentleman. Sophie 32 Nice petite figure. 5 feet 2 inches tall. Shoulder length brown hair.Good but sometimes broken English. Very polite but sometimes very forward. Serbian Officer Davor 65 Heavy build. 5 feet 9 inches tall. Bald head. Very angryand scary voice. Serbian Sergent Savo 35 Good physique. 6 feet 4 inches tall. Very polite. Speaksperfect English. Spirit of Little Girl (April) 7 Tiny petite little girl. Blonde hair and blue eyes.Very intelligent. Frank 61 fat bald journalist. John 27 Slim athletic journalist. INT OFFICE DAY DEPRESSING Small damp office. Windows blinded shut. FLICKERING LIGHTS and SOUNDof flies humming. RICHARD sits unpacking his papers at hisdesk in the corner of the office. RICHARD  So long do you think this war is going to last? FRANK  Well it isn't a war really...think about it. Don't you think themain news channels would have been out here if this was serious? JOHN  Good point...Gun shots BLARE inside the building down below. DANNY(frightened) What's goin on? RICHARD Jesus i don't know...Everybody stands shocked. SOUND of SOLDIERS stampeding up the stairs.EveryoneSTARES at each other worried. SOLDIERS burst through the door. Richard takes coverunder his desk while the soldiers OPEN FIRE on the rest of the group.The screen goes blank JUMP CUTS TOINT-OFFICE EVENING  RICHARD comes out from under his desk to find his friends dead.Richard creeps outthe room. EXT-SIDE ALLY EVENING  RICHARD sneaking through an ally when he sees two soldiers beating a womanand then shooting her in the head.RICHARD runs and the soldiers chase him.SOPHIEout of nowhere grabs Richard.She takes him to a ruined building.  INT-RUINED BUILDING EVENING  Restaurant riddled with bullets and broken tables. They go behind the counter.SOPHIE pulls up a piece of flooring and takes Richard down. The flooring closesover them. INT-CELLAR EVENING Wine cellar with lanterns. SOPHIE sits at the table in the middle of the room. SOPHIE You are English?RICHARD takes a seat at the table. RICHARD Yeah... SOPHIE I'm Sophie... RICHARD Didn't expect this... SOPHIE You're a reporter in a war torn Country...what did you expect? RICHARD How did you know i was reporting? SOPHIE It's not very often a group of Englishmen come for vacation ina shit holelike this... RICHARD(smiles) You speak good English... SOPHIE I studied in England before my parents died and left me thisrestaurant... RICHARD Sorry to here about your parents... SOPHIE  That's about have a family? RICHARD Yeah...a wife and two children... SOPHIE When's the last time you spoke to them? RICHARD I was supposed to phone tonight but i have left my phone in theoffice... SOPHIE  Never mind...Sophie gets up and lays in the corner on a blanket. SOPHIE I'm going to sleep. see you tomorrow.   Richard gets comfortable in his chair and closes his eyes. JUMP CUTS TOINT CELLAR MORNING SOPHIE sits at the table and watches RICHARD modestly cleaning his upper torsowith a wet flannel. SOPHIE I haven't seen a man wash like a little boy before...RICHARD dresses himself and sits at the table.Sophie REACHE'S over and takes Richards hands. SOPHIE Do you like me? RICHARD're a very attractive woman...SOPHIE stands and starts undressing. Richard stands and stops her. RICHARD I've told you i'm married...sorry but i just can't do this...Sophie sits. SOPHIE(smiles) Sorry... RICHARD Don't worry...this is a wine cellar right? SOPHIE Yeah.... RICHARD I could really do with a drink right now...Sophie picks a bottle from the shelf along with two glass's and sits back down. TIME LAPSE Sophie and Richard going through a couple of bottles of wine. CUTS TO  RICHARD sits talking to his glass of wine. CUTS TO Sophie sprawled across the tableunconscious. Richard picks Sophie up and lays her down on the blanket. Richardlays with her. INT CELLAR MORNING RICHARD is awaken by the SOUND OF FOOTSTEPS above in the restaurant. Richard wakesSophie. RICHARD(whispers) Be quiet but i think someone is in the restaurant... SOPHIE(whispers) I can't hear anything...SOPHIE stands and looks through the floorboards
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