Angel of Death

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   Angel of Death (Slayer song) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Angel of Death Song by Slayer  from the album Reign in Blood  Released October 7, 1986 Recorded 1986, Los Angeles, California Genre Thrash metal Length 4:51 Label Def am Writer(s) eff !anneman Producer(s) ic# $bin Music sample Angel of Death MENU %:%% & Angel of Death & is the o'ening trac# on the American thrash metal ban( )la*er +s ic# $bin 'ro($ce( 1986 alb$m Reign in Blood   The l*rics an( m$sic -ere -ritten b* g$itarist eff !anneman The* (etail the .a/i 'h*sician osef 0engele h$man e'eriments at the  A$sch-it/ concentration cam' ($ring 2orl( 2ar 33  Altho$gh the l*rics are (etache( an( -ritten from 0engele+s rather than !anneman+s 'oint of ie-, &Angel of Death& le( to acc$sations of .a/i s*m'athi/ing an( racismagainst the ban(, -hich the* igoro$sl* (enie(, b$t follo-e( them thro$gho$t their earl* career Des'ite the controers* an( the res$lting (ela* in the release of Reign in Blood  , it remains a lie fao$rite an( is feat$re( on all of )la*er+s lie alb$ms an( has a''eare( in seeral moiesThe song has been highl* infl$ential in the (eelo'ment of both thrash an( s'ee( metal, an( is highl* regar(s b* some critics  All0$sic+s )tee !$e* (escribe( it as a classic an( the alb$m as &the 'innacle of s'ee( metal& 1  The halftime riff -as sam'le( b* $blic nem* in their 1988 song &)he 2atch Channel ;ero<=& > Contents   hi(e ã 1Com'osition an( srcins  ã >Controers* ã ?0$sic an( str$ct$re ã 4 ece'tion ã 5 eferences ã 6ternal lin#s Composition and srcins e(it    )la*er g$itarist eff !anneman -rote &Angel of Death& after rea(ing boo#s abo$t .a/i 'h*sician osef 0engele -hile on to$r -ith the ban( >  !e sai( that he remembere( &sto''ing some'lace -here 3 bo$ght t-o boo#s on 0engele 3 tho$ght, +This has gotta be some sic# shit+ )o -hen it came time to (o the recor(, that st$ff -as still in m* hea(@that+s -here the l*rics to +Angel of Death+ came from& > The l*rics are -ritten both from 0engele+s 'oint of ie- an( from that of (etache( obserer con(emning his actions ?  The* (etail 0engele+s s$rgical e'eriments on 'atients at the  A$sch-it/ concentration cam' ($ring 2orl( 2ar 33 4   5  0engele+s e'lorations -ere con($cte( ons$ch gro$'s as (-arfs an( t-ins, an( incl$(e( both 'h*sical an( 's*chological eaminations 67  Among the tests he 'erforme( that are mentione( in &Angel of Death& are e'erimental s$rgeries 'erforme( -itho$t anesthesia, transf$sion of bloo( bet-een t-ins, isolation en($rance, gassing, inections -ith lethal germs, se change o'erations, the remoal of organs an( limbs, an( abacination 8 Controversy  e(it The l*rics of &Angel of Death& (ela*e( the release of Reign in Blood   The ban( -ere signe( to Def am ecor(s, -hose (istrib$tor, Col$mbia ecor(s, ref$se( to release the alb$m ($e to its s$bect matter an( art-or#, -hich the* beliee( -ere &too gra'hic& >   Reign in Blood   -as eent$all* (istrib$te( b* Beffen ecor(s on October 7, 1986 !o-eer, ($e to the controers*, Reign in Blood   (i( not a''ear on Beffen ecor(s official release sche($le > &Angel of Death& ca$se( o$trage among s$riors of the !oloca$st, as -ell as their families an( the general '$blic The controers* le( to acc$sations of .a/i s*m'athi/ing -hich hae follo-e( )la*er thro$gho$t their career  >  eo'le too# !anneman+s interest in .a/i histor* an( his collection of .a/i me(als as ei(ence of s*m'athi/ing >   his most 'ri/e( item being a Berman night+s Cross 9  !anneman co$nteracte( asserting:&3 #no- -h* 'eo'le misinter'ret it  it+s beca$se the* get this #neeer# reaction to it 2hen the* rea( the l*rics, there+s nothing 3 '$t in the l*rics that sa*s necessaril* he -as a ba( man, beca$se to me  -ell, isn+t that obio$s< 3 sho$l(n+t hae to tell *o$ that& 1%  Accor(ing to g$itarist err* ing: &Eeah, +)la*er are .a/is, fascists, comm$nists+@all that f$n shit An( of co$rse -e got the most fla# for it in Berman* 3 -as al-a*s li#e, + ea( the l*rics an( tell me -hat+s offensie abo$t it Can *o$ see it as a (oc$mentar*, or (o *o$ thin# )la*er+s 'reaching f$c#ing 2orl( 2ar 33<+ eo'le get this tho$ght in their hea(s@es'eciall* in $ro'e@an( *o$+ll neer tal# them o$t of it& > The song (re- acc$sations of racism, -hich the ban( has (enie( >  The ban( members are oftenas#e( abo$t the acc$sations in interie-s, an( hae state( n$mero$s times that the* (o not con(one racism an( are merel* intereste( in the s$bect 11 The song &iha(& from their >%%6 alb$m Christ Illusion  has (ra-n com'arison to &Angel of Death& 1>  &iha(& (eals -ith the )e'tember 11, >%%1, attac#s, an( is tol( from a terrorist+s 'ers'ectie Focalist Ara*a e'ecte( the s$bect matter to create a similar bac#lash to that of  &Angel of Death&, altho$gh it (i( not materialise, 1?  in 'art, he beliees, ($e to 'eo'les+ ie- that the song is &$st )la*er being )la*er& 14 Music and structure e(it    &Angel of Death&, at 4 min$tes an( 51 secon(s, is the longest trac# on the alb$m, -hich is >9 min$tes oerall >  3t has one of the most conentional song str$ct$res on the alb$m, feat$ring 'rominent erses an(chor$ses, -here most trac#s on the alb$m aban(on them !anneman an( ing (elier their +intricate riffs+, -hich offer the fe- hints of  melo(* on the alb$m accor(ing to o'0atters reie-er A(rien Gegran(, 1  an( Ara*a b$rsts o$t his 'iercing scream, 15  -ith Lombar(o 'erforming beats of >1% beats 'er min$te 16 2hen (r$mmer Lombar(o left )la*er in 199>, the* recr$ite( a f$lltime re'lacement in Horbi((en (r$mmer a$l Gosta'h 17  Gosta'h ma(e one mista#e o$t of the nine songs the ban( trialle( him -ith, on &Angel of Death& 17  Gefore the &big (o$ble bass 'art& there is a lea( section, -hich Gosta'h co$l( not $n(erstan(, as he ha( to learn from lie recor(s recor(e( -ith Lombar(o 17  Gosta'h co$l( not tell ho- man* reol$tions the g$itar riff goes before the bass seI$ence The ban( members tol( him there -ere eight, &'erfecting& the song after-ar(s 17 Reception e(it    Contin$ing to ca'itali/e on the controers* create( b* &Angel of Death&, )la*er $se( the eagle ato' s-asti#a as their logo in the 199%s to gain f$rther '$blicit*  Altho$gh &Angel of Death& (i( not chart, it -as highl* 'raise( b* critics ($ring reie-s for Reign in Blood   Cla* aras of Stylus Magazine  obsere( ho- the song &smo#es the asses of an* ban('la*ing fast an(Jor hea* to(a* L*ricall* o$tlining the horrors to come, -hile m$sicall* la*ing the gro$n(-or# for the rest of the recor(: fast, lean an( filth*& 18  A(rien Gegran( of  o'0atters remar#e( that &There+s no better song to #ic# things off than the masterf$l +Angel of Death+, one of the most mon$mental songs in metal histor*, -here g$itarists err* ing an( eff !anneman (elier their intricate riffs, (r$mmer Dae Lombar(o 'erforms some of the most 'o-erf$l (r$mming eer recor(e(, an( bassistJocalist Tom Ara*a screams an( snarls his tale of .a/i -ar criminal osef 0engele& 15 Ta#ing a(antage of on the controers*, the ban( incor'orate( .a/i imager* b* a(a'ting a logo to one similar to the eagle ato' s-asti#a ($ring the Seasons in the Abyss 'erio( !anneman 'lace( )) stic#ers on his g$itar, an( -rote &))?&, a song abo$t einhar( !e*(rich, the secon( in comman( in the )ch$t/staffel organi/ation 19  References e(it 1K $m' $' to:  a   b   Reign in Blood - Review  .  AllMusic . Retrieved 2!-!-. >K $m' $' to:  a   b   c    d    e   f    g    h   i     j    An e#clusive oral history o$ Slayer  . %ecibel Magazine. Archived $ro&the srcinal  on 2'-(-). Retrieved 2'-)2-. ? um! u!   Herris, D &)la*er+s eign in Gloo(& ' 1144 um! u!    Slayer*s +ing Says Ric, Rubin*s Collaboration ith Metallica as *Sla In /he 0ace*  . Blabber& . 2'-'-).  Archived  $ro& the srcinal on 2' March 2!. Retrieved 2!--2). 5 um! u!    Moore1 Ryan 234. Sells 5i,e /een Sirit6 Music1 7outh Culture1 and Social Crisis. 8ew 7or, 9niversity :ress. . )). ISB8  -();!-<!;!-2 . 6 um! u!    =ose$ Mengele  . auschwitz.d,.  Archived  $ro& the srcinal on 2 0ebruary 2!. Retrieved 2!-2-2). 7 um! u!    &oreorless 6 heroes > ,illers o$ the 2th century - =ose$ Mengele  . 2)-;-.  Archived  $ro& the srcinal on < %ece&ber 2'. Retrieved 2'- )2-). 8 um! u!    Roberts1 Michael.  estworld ?nline interview with +erry +ing  . Archived $ro& the srcinal  on 2'-)-)(. Retrieved 2!--2). 9 um! u!    5ahtinen1 5e#i 2'-)2-)(4. Slayer - =e$$ @anne&an  . Metal-  Archived $ro& the srcinal on 23 =anuary 2!. Retrieved 2'-)2-2!. 1% um! u!    %avis1 Brian. interview with =e$$ @anne&an  . Retrieved2'-)2-). 11 um! u!    Cu&&ins1 =ohnson.  Slayers /o& Araya on Satanis&1 serial ,illers and his lovable ,ids  . Retrieved 2'-)2-2. 1> um! u!    +ornelis1 Chris 2'-'-);4.  Slayer e#ects blac,lash with *=ihad*  .  so,ane!.co&. Archived $ro& the srcinal  on Sete&ber 2!1 2!. Retrieved 2!-2-2). 1? um! u!    argano1 :aul 2!-)-2<4. 5ive%aily Interview6 /o& Araya o$ Slayer  . Archived $ro& the srcinal  on 0ebruary <1 2!. Retrieved 2!-2-2). 14 um! u!    5ahtinen1 5u#i 2'-)2-)(4. Slayer - =e$$ @anne&an  . Metal-  Archived $ro& the srcinal on 23 =anuary 2!. Retrieved 2'-)2-2!. 15K $m' $' to:  a   b   Begrand1 Adrien. /he %evil in Music  . :o&  Archived  $ro& the srcinal on )< March 2!. Retrieved 2!-2-22. 16 um! u!    @aug1 Andrew 2'-)-)4.  Andrew @aug sea,s with %ave 5o&bardo $ro& Slayer  . Retrieved 2!-2-3. 17K $m' $' to:  a   b   c    d    Syrl1 Mar,o 2!-2-<4. :aul Bostah o$ D#odus1 e#-Slayer  . Retrieved 2!--!. 18 um! u!    =arvis1 Clay 2-3-)4. Slayer Reign in Blood  . Stylus Magazine. Retrieved2!-2-)(.
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