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Ang 2006 Setembre Sol
  Oficina d’Organització de Proves d’Accés a la Universitat Pàgina 1 de 4 PAU 2006 Pautes de correcció Anglès SÈRIE 4 PART ESCRITA KILL A SNAIL AND GO TO JAIL PART ONE: READING COMPREHENSION Choose the best answer according to the text. [0,5 points each correct answer] [wrong answers will be penalized (–0,16)] 1. The laws in Britain... a) had never cared about animal rights until now. b) had banned the docking of dogs’ tails a long time ago. c) have always found collecting snails is a serious crime. d) have cared about animal rights for nearly one hundred years. 2. RSPCA must probably stand for... a) Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. b) Royal Solicitors against the Punishment of Criminals to Animals. c) Rank Supporters for Pets like Cats and Ants. d) Rallies Supporting Pets and Circus Animals. 3. Small animals like caterpillars and butterflies... a) are too small to suffer pain or distress. b) may suffer pain and distress. c) suffer only light pain and distress d) are still unborn creatures 4. The new law that protects animals... a) is much more severe than before b) has not been supported by the Kennel Club c) gives less power to RSPCA inspectors d) has ignored the transport of animals in lorries or planes 5. If pet owners do not observe the “duty of care”, they ... a) will have to adopt an abandoned pet. b) will be sentenced to welfare fines. c) will not be allowed to keep another pet in the future. d) will be penalized by the Countryside Alliance. 6. Dog-walkers and pet-sitters... a) will get some extra money from the local authorities. b ) must be recorded on a list now. c) will lose their jobs when the owners are away. d) must have a licence in sport or recreation. 7. Circus animals like elephants or lions... a) must feel supported by the new law. b) are still not protected by the new law. c) are not supported by the charity anymore. d) will be destroyed when a vet orders it. 8. Under the new law, a young person under 16... a) can take part in game shoots. b) can only buy goldfish as a pet. c) can’t own a pet. d) can challenge the changes on hunting, shooting or fishing  Oficina d’Organització de Proves d’Accés a la Universitat Pàgina 2 de 4 PAU 2006 Pautes de correcció Anglès PART ORAL SOUND OF SUCCESS Listening Comprehension (Tapescript) In this radio programme you are going to hear some new words. Read and listen to them. Make sure you know what they mean. success  : èxit / éxito sign u  p: apuntar-se / apuntarse dole card  : carnet d’atur /carné de paro audition  : prova, audició / prueba, audición pay off  : resultar rentable / resultar rentable Mary: Good afternoon, Ian, and welcome to our weekly programme. Ian: Thank you. Mary: I am very curious about what made you leave London and come to Barcelona. What attracted you to Barcelona? Ian: Well, in fact nothing really attracted me. My girlfriend was Catalan, we met in London and when she came back here to visit her family, I decided to join her. That was in 1986, when Barcelona was just a charming town that nobody knew about or cared about, but full of life. When I came to Barcelona, there was absolutely nothing happening musically here, no international musicians, nobody setting up studios. Nobody took the place seriously enough to actually come here to live and work. Mary: Did you study music in London before coming to live here in Barcelona? What is your musical background? Ian: When I was around 18, in London, I used to spend most of my time with a bunch of people who were all music-crazy like I was. We did a lot of courses, jazz courses, African music. In England at the time you could do a whole course for a year for about 50p,  just incredible, anybody with a dole card could sign up for a course where great musicians taught seminars. Mary: What was your musical instrument at the time? Ian: I played the guitar. I started playing the guitar in a band that had some success, but then we all got a little older and people started trying to really be successful and I think that took all the fun out of it. Mary: Did you find the fun again when you came to Barcelona? What did you do when you came here? It surely was very difficult to scrape a living as a musician. Ian: Yes, you’re right. Well, after a year of teaching English and playing here and there, I went down to Valencia, which unlike Barcelona, was a much better place, with a great atmosphere and lots of music. I ended up living there for three years, forming a band, which won first prize at a music festival, and producing a record. We also made a video clip of our band, Machine Gun, playing this disgusting sort of primitive techno music with me screaming over the top of it, and the video won first prize at an important contest in Vitoria. Mary: How did you begin working with the Fura dels Baus?  Oficina d’Organització de Proves d’Accés a la Universitat Pàgina 3 de 4 PAU 2006 Pautes de correcció Anglès Ian: Well, after things came to an end in Valencia, on my first week back in Barcelona I learned about an audition for the Fura and within a month I was on tour with them. This was in 1990 and the Fura were really happening, they were at their commercial peak, I’d say, and were doing tours around the world. I worked on and off with them for five years, playing music, acting, singing and running the computers. I’ve done other things with them since, like the Millennium show, a massive event for the eve of 2000, in which I composed and played all the music. I had never done anything on that scale, so it was really important for me, and very exciting. Mary: Have you done any other large events? Ian: Yes. I composed the music for the inauguration of the Fórum, and the music was then played every night for the main show there. The King of Spain attended the opening night, so I guess that makes it a royal performance. My parents watched it on TV back in England and they couldn’t believe it when I was presented as the composer. Mary: I can imagine. It was probably a shock for them. Ian: Yes. And I also now make soundtracks for films, and my soundtrack for Agustí Vila’s Un Banco en el Parque   won first prize at the Tolouse film festival. I guess all the experience is beginning to pay off. Mary: We’ll what an interesting life! I’m afraid we’ve run out of time. Thank you, Ian, for being with us today, and good luck! Ian: My pleasure. Thank you.  Oficina d’Organització de Proves d’Accés a la Universitat Pàgina 4 de 4 PAU 2006 Pautes de correcció Anglès Pauta de Correcció Choose the best answer according to the text. Only one answer is correct. [0.25 points each correct answer] [Wrong answers will be penalized (-0,08)] 1. Ian first came to Barcelona … a) to set up a record studio. b) to play the guitar in a local band. c)   to be together with his girlfriend. d) to teach English in a language school. 2. When Ian came to Barcelona, he found that … a) the city was a boring place. b) the city was known internationally and very lively. c)   there were very few musical events going on. d) it was a city full of musicians. 3. Ian could do many music courses in London because … a) music courses were very cheap. b) his father paid for them. c) he was on the dole and had nothing else to do. d) all musicians taught seminars for free. 4. “Machine Gun” is the name of a)   a band Ian formed in Valencia. b) a video-clip Ian made that won first prize at a contest. c) a song Ian wrote that won first prize at a music festival. d) a type of primitive techno music. 5. What did Ian do with the Fura dels Baus? a) Playing music, acting and singing. b) Driving trucks and operating computers. c) Writing scripts and travelling. d) Composing music and directing shows. 6. According to the text, Ian … a) has worked full time for the Fura dels Baus ever since 1990. b) has always composed and played all of the music in the Fura dels Baus. c)   composed the music for the inauguration of the Fórum. d) composed the music for a TV show in England. 7. According to the text, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Fórum... a) Ian’s parents got a shock when they heard the music. b) The music was played every night on British TV. c) The King of Spain congratulated Ian at the royal performance. d)   Ian’s parents were surprised to hear their son was the composer.  8. Ian thinks his recent success as a composer of soundtracks for films is due to his experience… a)   as a musician and composer. b)   with computers and as a guitar player. c) as an actor and singer with the Fura dels Baus. d) making the soundtrack for Agustí Vila’s film Un Banco en el Parque.  
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