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  ã Superior posterolateral wall of the right atrium ã Self excitation (Automatocity)  – Bachmann’s bundle  –  Anterior internodal tract  – Middle internodal tract  – Posterior internodal tract RHYTHMIAL EXCITATION OF THE HEART   ã 60-100 beats per minute  ã To preent cardiac impulses to trael rapidly from atria to entricles ã Posterior wall of the right atrium! behind the tricuspid ale ã Total delay of #$% second   ã 40-60 beats per minute  ã  &ery large 'bers ã igh leel of permeability (rapid transmission) ã nability of the action potentials for retrograde transmission   ã 0-40 beats per minute  ã EXAMINATION OF THE ! L#E HEART RATE !AL!ATION The temp$ra%   arter& is anterior to the ear and oerlies the temporal bone* one of the few normally tortuous arteries   The '$mm$n 'ar$ti( isdeep in the nec+ near the anterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle ã The  bra')ia% arter&    lies deep in the biceps,triceps furrow on the medial side of the arm near the elbow# ã t courses toward the midline of the antecubital fossa* where it is usually  -ust medial to the   The  ra(ia% arter&   is -ust medial to the outer border of the radius and lateral to the tendon of the .exor carpi radialis   The *em$ra% arter& is palpable at the inguinal ligament midway betweenthe anterior superior iliac spine and the pubic tubercle ã !$p%itea% arter     &  * located aboe and behind the +nee* in the popliteal fossa* found by holding the bent +nee# ã The +nee is bent at !$steri$r tibia%   arter&  * located on the medial side of the an+le -oint* oer !imenta+s !$int * where 2 'ngers are placed at the midpoint of an imaginary line drawn between the bony prominence of the medial maleolus* and the insertion of the The  ($rsa%is   pe(isarter& is felt usually in the grooe between the 'rst two tendons on the medial side of the dorsum of
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