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What every hotel General Manager should know about cloud hosting solutions and saving cost. An Overview and Guide For Hotels Considering Off Premises Hosting Solutions What is Cloud Hosting? It s actually
What every hotel General Manager should know about cloud hosting solutions and saving cost. An Overview and Guide For Hotels Considering Off Premises Hosting Solutions What is Cloud Hosting? It s actually very Down To Earth The term, Cloud Computing or Hosting is a very popular term used today in a wide spectrum of applications and was searched on the internet more the 48 million times in The term was coined and first used back in the mid 1990 s to visualize the future of internet services by a major computer manufacturer. Later the phrase and cloud symbol became popular marketing jargon for describing distributed and remote computer networking concepts. For hotels, the concept of Cloud Hosting emerged to describe a solution to eliminate the need for hotels to actually have hardware in the physical building, but to operate everything from a remote location, somewhere up in the clouds.! Data Centers The clouds however, are actually incredibly fortified and secure facilities called Data Centers which are constructed to withstand just about anything and everything from affecting their 24 hours 365 days of operations. Data Centers are constructed and classified in four tiers of reliability as T1-T4. The certifications are established by industry standards as defined by the Telecommunication Industry Association and by American National Standards Institute ANSI. The main criteria is defined by uptime ratings from T1 at %, T2 at %, T3 at to the highest T4 at %. Uptime, is critical for all data center operations. NOTE: The difference between the T % and T %, is only 0.013%. While seemingly nominal, it could be significant depending on the application. Looking at one year or 525,600 minutes, in expectation, T3 will be unavailable minutes whereas T4 will only be unavailable minutes. Therefore, T4 in a year will be available for an expected more minutes than T3. Similarly, a T3 data center would be expected to be 21.1 hrs more available than a T2. (continued) Data Centers (continued) What is Cloud Hosting? A Tier 1 data center, which is basically a server room, follows basic guidelines for the installation of computer systems. The most stringent level, a Tier 4 data center, is designed to host mission critical computer systems, with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access controls methods. Another consideration is the placement of the data center in a subterranean context to establish seismic fault tolerances for data security as well as environmental considerations such as electrical and cooling requirements. Larger data centers can consume as much electricity as a small city and have multiple independent power generators and cooling towers to insure maximum failsafe redundancy. The image on the right shows a massive array of redundant cooling compressors used for a T3 data center. There are dozens of standards and related factors involved with the design, location and construction of data centers and although the physical design and construction is critical, the telecommunications carrier infrastructure and the computer networking designs, application software and operational management are all equally critical for each and every user s on premises operations. The carrier connections and systems used in Off Premises hosted solutions have to work, all day, every day. That s where the real differences in data center selections come in to play, the individual security of your daily operations. Data Center Networking What is Cloud Hosting? Data centers are designed in many different networking concepts and include both public and private data networks. Public data networks utilize various telecommunications carrier connections to interconnect across the country and the world. Most larger data center networks utilize fiber connections, but could also include traditional analog wired, cellular or satellite carrier utilities. The underlying concept is that for users, it s completely transparent and is designed to provide high-speed communications from anywhere to anywhere via a network of data center routing. Like a web..! Every internet users that connects to the World Wide Web is being routed through a combination of either private or public data centers all interconnected across the country and beyond. Companies like Google for example, operate huge private ultra secure data centers. In fact, many larger corporations and the government have their own private networks and data centers to insure maximum security, speed and availability. Still another aspect of national networks is the utilization of fully digital networks or those using a combination of analog or other provider carrier services. A fully digital network provides the maximum performance, and a fully digital private network is the ultimate data network design concept. For a corporation, another importantly factor in the decision to develop a private network and data centers is controlling the cost of on going carrier provided services and operations. The cost to develop and build a nationwide private digital data network is simply, staggering! The Gannett Private Digital Network What is Cloud Hosting? The Gannett Private Digital Network is renowned by data center architects and developers for its design and operational infrastructure. One of the largest and most secure data networks in the world, the Gannett network provides real-time telecommunications services for 43 broadcast TV stations, 83 national newspapers, including USA Today, dozens of corporate website, over 100 digital business units, 2,000 office locations and more than 30,000 employees in the US, Canada and the UK. Pinnacle Corporation is one of a small group of Gannett partners that share the Gannett national network. Pinnacle has access and occupies space within the data centers for offering hosted services to the Hospitality Industry. Virtual Operations To begin to understand the value and benefits of cloud based hosted solutions, it s important to understand the basics of hardware virtualization which implies that hardware typically associated with a hotel s operations are only an abstract representation of actual hardware that are accessed with just a simple user interface like a monitor and keyboard or simple interface gateway or network routers to control your various systems like internet access, PBX and PMS. (continued) Virtual Operations (continued) What is Cloud Hosting? Everything functions exactly as before, but the computers and related servers are not physically located in your offices or telephone room or equipment rooms, but installed remotely in a data center. You will be operating in a virtual environment, while the most critical and important elements like application software and data storage are somewhere else. In a location somewhere much more secure and protected than your own physical location. This illustration shows some typical applications located in the data center and those that are located on premises at the hotel. The Top 10 Basic Benefits Of Hosted Solutions 1. Shared resources. Your services are shared in the data center with other users at a fraction of the cost. 2. Fully scalable to adapt to different requirements without buying new equipment. 3. Less maintenance & service cost. Data centers are staffed 24/7. No one has to travel to your location. 4. Simple application upgrades. No additional hardware to purchase. It s already there. 5. Built in system integration. All of your systems are integrated at the data center. 6. Much higher reliability. Data centers are designed for failover redundancy and emergency backup. 7. Consolidation. Multiple properties can operate off of one set of application servers. Anywhere! 8. Much higher security. Data centers employ the highest levels of data and application security available. 9. Less facility cost, smaller or no server or telephone rooms required. Less electric and cooling cost. 10. Easy to add new applications. Every application used in a hotel is already there, at the data center. What s Inside The Data Centers? The Top 10 Basic Benefits Of Hosted Solutions Shared Resources The cost for a single user to occupy space within a data center would be prohibitive. The advantage for hotels and users is the concept of shared resources and services, which is then only a fraction of the overall cost of facility operations and the initial cost of hardware. While each user has it s own dedicated modules or server space, the design of the data center is intended to service thousands of users and can be expanded as needed. Fully Scalable How often do hotels have to choose between adding additional features or stations and the cost to upgrade to a higher capacity system? In a hosted environment, you only pay for what you need and provisions for expansion is unlimited. Want to build a new wing with 30 guestrooms or simply add a new admin office work station, with computer and telephones but your servers are already maxed out...that will never be an issues with a hosted solution. Less Maintenance & Service Cost Once you have relocated your servers, controllers, application software and as much as 85% of your current hardware to the data centers, you will not need the same level of individual property maintenance support or on site service. Data centers are staffed 24/7 by experts who can diagnose issues and switch out components in a fraction of the time typically required for a traditional service call. No one has to travel to your location. They are already there. Simple Application Upgrades When you want to add a new feature available for your PBX or PMS system, but your current platform will not support the upgrade, hotel operators are again stuck with two choices, do without the new features or replace your existing system with a newer model. In a hosted environment, the latest versions of every application is automatically available. Upgrading is easy, fast and low cost. The Top 10 Basic Benefits Of Hosted Solutions Continued on Next Page: What s Inside The Data Centers? The Top 10 Basic Benefits Of Hosted Solutions (Continued from previous page) Built In Systems Integration For hotel operators that understand the benefits and value of integrating their traditional technology systems, when deployed within the data center, systems are automatically organized for easy integration and all are deployed on compatible data center platforms. There is no need to be concerned about interface issues or different cable configuration, it s already compatible. Much Higher Reliability Data Centers and hosted computing provide hotels the highest levels in operations reliability. You are guaranteed more than 99% uptime as a basic function of the data center s operational design criteria. Forget about storms and bad weather, tornados, hurricanes, power outages or even earthquakes, your systems are safe and secure and operating fulltime. Consolidation For hotels that are part of a management group or just owners that own more than one or two or two dozen hotels, hosting provide easy adaptation to operate multiple hotels located in different areas of the country using ONE system. That s right, you can share the recourses of your hosted systems between multiple properties, multiple flags, multiple infrastructure designs. It s that easy!! It s a basic fundamental aspect of hosted solutions. Just think of the cost savings.! Much Higher Security No individual hotel or group of hotels can obtain a higher level of security than by hosted solutions. With data center hosting, as with the data centers used by Pinnacle, hotels have the ultimate in physical and electronic security. You systems are housed in a fortress, with external perimeter guarded security and strict entry and access controls and data is protected by the most advanced security elements available. (continued) What s Inside The Data Centers? Less Facility Cost With your servers and system elements removed from your property, there s less demand for cooling and electric circuits. There s less operator training for the systems components, less space requirements, less insurance cost, less exposure to accidental damage, less security required. Everything in the hotel s operations are cost factors and with a substantial portion removed to an off premises location, there s simply less facility cost. Easy To Add New Applications One of the outstanding benefits of hosted solutions is the ease and lower cost of adding new or enhanced applications and features. They are already installed in the data center and it s just a work order away from adding enhanced capabilities to your platform. Easy! Fast! Lower cost! In the Pinnacle data centers the latest versions of all major applications are available. In the not too distant future all new hotels will be constructed with hosted systems operations, you too can take advantage of the capability, right now, today The Pinnacle Integrated Hosted Solution? who you gonna call? Within the Lodging and Hospitality Industry, it s almost anticipated and expected that the industry s leading and most recognized telecommunications supplier would be the first to offer hotels the absolute ultimate in off premises hosted solutions. And...because Pinnacle understands the industry after its 25 years of service and currently providing monthly services for more than 500,000 guestrooms, it has developed the right solutions for every class of service and every hotel, big or small, at the best possible cost. Pinnacle understands that a hotel s operations are critical, 24/7, and that loss of service, means loss of revenue. They realize that everything has to work, when it is supposed to and has spent years in the development and planning stages to prepare for the future, today! Introducing A Pinnacle Telecommunications and Gannett Company Partnership Hosted Application Services Available For Hotels PBX Systems PMS Systems Voice Mail Systems Call Accounting Systems HSIA Networking Surveillance Systems Digital Signage System Systems Integration Property Consolidation Telecom / Broadband Connection Services The Gannett Private Digital National Network Understanding Pinnacle s Hosted Solutions It might be enough to say that your hotel s PBX or PMS system hardware is just a few isles away from mission critical servers used to manage and distribute the nation s number one newspaper, USA Today and 82 other national newspapers, 43 TV broadcast networks, dozens of website, plus more than 100 business units, 2,000 offices and 30,000 employees all owned and operated by the Gannett Company but, we ll give you all of the details of why Pinnacle, and only Pinnacle can offer hotels the exact same facilities and coast-to-coast networks that Gannett uses!! On the following pages, we will explain what s included in a: Pinnacle 360 Networks hosted solution and also how the process works, step-by-step, to establish a hosted solution project We will explain the different phases of analysis, design, engineering, project management, site installation and finally the ongoing technical support and live 24/7 support for your servers and guestrooms. There is only one Pinnacle Three Sixty Networks Solution and the Lodging and Hospitality Industry can only have one Number One Telecommunications Supplier, and that s Pinnacle Communications Corporation. Understanding Pinnacle s Hosted Solutions The Prerequisites Before we explore the overview of the PINULUM Hosted solution and the various phases of design and migration to the clouds, it s important to provide an overview of the providers foundation, what it takes to qualify as an expert hosted systems designer and developer. What it takes to be ranked by industry customers and suppliers as the number one Telecommunications Provider and the resources it takes to operate the nation s largest coastto-coast service organization and private digital network. Building The Right Organization This location map shows the Pinnacle organization s coast-tocoast facilities and operations. No other telecom provider can offer the Lodging and Hospitality Industry a guaranteed two hour onsite support. Having The Right Partners Is Essential Pinnacle s partners include the industry s top tier of product manufacturers and services providers. Understanding Pinnacle s Hosted Solutions The Prerequisites (continued) Having The Right Experience Experience takes time.. Pinnacle has provided telecommunications solutions to The Lodging and Hospitality Industry for more than twenty five years and has over 300,000 guestrooms under service agreement. Pinnacle has led the industry into every phase of new technology and is recognized for its leadership position with numerous awards for achievement and is unparalleled in it s distinction as the first to implement and install new emerging areas of telecom and data networking for major hotel brands. Additionally, the company has worked hand-and-hand with equipment manufacturers to help design and guide them into new innovations, targeted at providing needed applications for hotels. There are too many achievement accolades and way too many industry first s to mention, but when it comes to technical expertise and industry knowledge, there is only one Number One. Being Able To Solve Problems Experience and knowledge lead to innovation... At Pinnacle, providing the right solutions at the least cost is always a priority. When the company can t find what it needs at a reasonable cost for customers, they invent it in house. Pinnacle s highly experienced engineers have designed and produced proprietary products, systems and application techniques that allow them to offer solutions, not available from any other suppliers. This has resulted in numerous Pinnacle branded products and solutions. Understanding Pinnacle s Hosted Solutions The Prerequisites (continued) Establishing Customer Trust and Confidence In The Lodging and Hospitality Industry, there s no room for miscalculations, missed deadlines or unqualified providers. It s critical operations, 24/7 and in order to meet and maintain guest satisfaction, and brand specific franchise specifications, hotel operators must depend on and trust only the industry s leading experts that can keep them open and operating at maximum everyday. To qualify as an expert in the industry, Pinnacle has all the right stuff! Having The Right Experience Building The Right Organization Having The Right Partners Being Able To Solve Problems Customer Trust and Confidence Pinnacle has lead the industry into every phase of new technology over more than 25 years of focused and dedicated commitments to hotel operators and corporate brands and has established itself at the very top of its chosen field. After all, it s the company s namesake, Pinnacle. Only after these accomplishments were established was Pinnacle confident in offering it s customers and the industry it serves the advanced state-of-the-art hosting solutions. The diversity of industry customers we serve... Understanding Pinnacle s Hosted Solutions Designing A Custom Integrated Hosted Solution The Site Survey Every hosted solution begins with a customer meeting and for existing locations, a site survey. The analysis of any special requirements, brand or franchise requirements and the customer s expected goals starts the process of designing a system. Pinnacle s expert sales team and managers will review the requirements, analyze options and provide an overview for the customer s review. The same process is done for new construction, working from the foundation up, where Pinnacle will work with specification drawings from planners and architects to prepare it s recommendations and formalize a scope of work overview. Pinnacle s decades of experience is important in helping customers to make the right choices based on tangible proven application successes and knowing where to look for the little details so often o
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