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All about Fat grams – an optional extra Your Daily Checker and PEP Meals also tell you the grams of fat in food. While it is not essential to count fat you are not having too much fat, over a day, you can keep a check on your fat intake by not having more fat grams than Checks. Your Daily Checker will track your Checks and Fat g totals and if your fat gram total exceeds the Check total for the day, it will change colour and show a ‘beware’ sign so you are aware you may of your Checks 5se fat-free or low-fat dairy produce Trim visible fat and skin from meat and poultry 2eplace butter with half-fat spreads 5se sweeteners instead of sugar, or reduce the Swap full-sugar drinks for diet equivalents or Choose single, portion-packed treats to avoid the temptation to have ‘just one more’ To give you as much variety and unique Checks system. Every food is approximately For individual foods, if the grams of fat are higher than Checks, you will know it is a higher fat food. You do not have to avoid these foods altogether, but if you know something is high in fat, choose lower fat foods to have with it. This balances things out. Likewise, if you have a higher fat meal, then make your next meal a lower fat choice. Your Daily Checker tracks your Checks for you. And we know that every half Check Checks up or down! Daily Checks Allowance means you can be sure of controlling the amount you eat in your Checks Eating a diet that includes many different the nutrients we need but, over many years, types of food. Our bodies have to work a bit harder and, therefore, burn off more calories and carbohydrates that contain plenty of fibre. You can spend your Daily Checks counted recipes in PEP Meals, or you can simply create any recipe you like and your Checks Calculator will work out the Checks and fat gram values for you. – extra portions, between- meal snacks, and all those favourite foods and drinks that make eating fun! Browse through Your Your Daily Checks Allowance We have worked our your Daily Checks Allowance for you and you can see it on your My PEP page and it also appears on your Daily Checker. As your weight falls, your Daily Checks Allowance will drop but we’ll make all the adjustments for you automatically so you don’t need to worry about anything. We’ll let you know when your Daily Checks Allowance changes so you can adjust what you eat to ensure you stay within your new allowance. On your Daily Checker, the My Daily Totals panel shows you how many Checks you have used up that day and you’ll also see a ‘Checks Left’ figure on your Daily Checker showing you how many more Checks you can afford to spend that day. Saving Checks You can save a few Checks on some days (we can then spend on another day, perhaps when you have a special event or social occasion to attend. you to save Checks for weekends or special occasions. Click ‘Settings’ on your Daily Checker to switch to using feel that suits your lifestyle better. Don’t carry saved Checks over into another week. If you don’t use them, you lose them! in addition to your Daily Checks Allowance, don’t forget to have your Every Day Bonus foods. Your Daily Checker will automatically work that all out for you!
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