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An Oasis at Home Bathroom Inspirations Beautiful form meets perfect function. Behind the scenes in the most stunning bathrooms, you ll find Geberit know-how. For more than a hundred years, we have consistently
An Oasis at Home Bathroom Inspirations Beautiful form meets perfect function. Behind the scenes in the most stunning bathrooms, you ll find Geberit know-how. For more than a hundred years, we have consistently set new standards in bathroom technology. In the following pages, you will find products ingeniously designed for new construction as well as renovation. Whatever your project, you will discover the unique benefits of Geberit products. They are environmentally friendly, comfortable to use, and beautiful to look at. All have evolved from a single vision: to bring you a sustainable improvement in quality of life by providing the best bathroom solutions in the world. 1 Explore your options. Inspiration begins here. Bath Waste 4 Refine the bathing experience. Our unique bathtub waste and overflow systems increase comfort and enhance the look of the tub. Toilet Systems 6 Design has revolutionized the concept of the toilet. Geberit systems add space, improve hygiene, and refine the look of any bathroom. 2 Sustainability 22 The latest solutions for sustainable construction help man and nature coexist harmoniously and comfortably. Technical Information 24 The basics to help you get started. 3 The basics of delightful bathing. Choose a better bath waste. A well-earned bath washes away the stresses of the day. And the bath water drains away easily with the help of a Geberit bath waste and overflow. Geberit cable-controlled PushControl and TurnControl BWOs set new standards in functionality, design, and comfort. The PushControl bathtub waste control lies flat against the tub wall, so two people can share a relaxing bath in comfort. 4 Bathtime fun at the push of a button. The PushControl bath waste and overflow allows the outlet to be opened and closed easily at the push of a button. Its flat profile provides more comfort in the bathtub: there's no hardware to stand in the way of total relaxation. This unique mechanism received the prestigious if product design award in 6 The new look of your toilet. Modern art for the bathroom. The new Geberit Monolith radically alters the look of the floor-mount toilet giving you complete freedom to express your vision. Monolith expands your options by removing the unsightly tank that stands in the way of stunning bathroom design. With a slim, modern design clad in elegant, highly polished safety glass, the Monolith makes a bold statement and adapts to almost any construction situation. Think of it as a contemporary sculpture for your bathroom. 7 Prize-winning geometric form. A variety of combinations. When it comes to renovation, lack of ideas is seldom the problem. On the other hand, existing plumbing often gets in the way of turning ideas into reality. The Geberit Monolith provides a way to replace an existing toilet with a fascinating piece of design. The sleek housing, with integrated toilet tank, makes a bold statement no matter where you put it. 8 Geberit Monolith conceals the toilet tank, fill valve, and flush valve inside a simple yet beautiful housing that is easy to install and offers plenty of scope for creativity. With its stylish safety glass available in black or white and combined with an elegant wall-hung toilet*, the award-winning Geberit Monolith cuts a fine figure in the bathroom. * Visit for a list of compatible wall-hung toilets. 9 Design at the forefront. Behind it, the Geberit system. Every bathroom should be an oasis, stylishly designed for personal care and for rejuvenation. The ingenious design of the Geberit installation system shows off everything that's worth seeing, while all the unsightly plumbing hardware disappears behind the wall and out of sight. This brings practical advantages in addition to the aesthetic ones: more space, easier cleaning, increased water savings, and maximum accessibility. 10 11 Make dreams come true. Your old bathroom is new again. 12 old bathroom Bathroom renovation projects are often limited to simply refreshing the fittings and finishes. A complete redesign, while desirable, seems too complicated. The Geberit installation system uses the space inside the wall to hide the necessary plumbing hardware, allowing you to position the toilet and sink wherever you want them. This flexibility means that any bathroom can become the oasis of your dreams. 13 Fit for flexibility. Endless possibilities. With Geberit, there are almost no obstacles to your freedom when choosing the placement of bathroom fixtures in new construction or renovation projects. Even under a window or a pitched roof, the in-wall tank and wall-hung toilet can go where you want them to go. Built-in modules create elegance and space, and easy pre-wall systems can be used everywhere, offering additional storage possibilities. 14 15 A love of detail. A simple touch of style. The thing that catches your eye with a Geberit Concealed Tank and Carrier System is the flush plate. Whether you choose single flush, a water-saving dual flush, or a flush/ stop solution, looking good is key. The Geberit collection includes a variety of designs, available in a number of different materials and colors. 16 Flush plates for front operation. Sigma20 Sigma50 Sigma01 43 (110 cm) Bolero Tango Mambo 2 Sigma10 Sigma60 Flush plates for front or top operation. Kappa20 Kappa50 33 (85 cm) Flush buttons 1 Additional options and design ideas can be found in our Flush Plate Brochure or at 17 Maximum individuality. The versatility of Sigma50. The color scheme and material combination you choose for your bathroom are essential aspects of the design. Colors and materials have a decisive impact on the atmosphere of the room and enable the installed bathtub, sink, and toilet to be shown in their best light. With this in mind, we offer you a wide range of flush plates, designed to blend in harmoniously or create a stylish accent. Sigma50 gives you the freedom to make your flush plate a unique focal point or adapt it to blend in with its surroundings. The design is limited only by your imagination. 18 Smooth operator. Make an impression with Sigma60. A perfect flush perfectly flush. Sigma60 integrates the actuator plate flush with the wall. The new Sigma60 flush plate is easy to clean and captivates the eye with its minimalist design. 19 Swiss engineering skills are legendary and Geberit sets the standard. Precision, know-how, and commitment to innovation characterize Geberit products and systems, and have been creating quality of life for generations since Know-how from Switzerland stands for quality and perfection right down to the final detail. And it also means a maximum of economic efficiency and sustainability. Every product Geberit develops offers maximum reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. This is not an empty promise. Until a new product convinces us that it meets all these criteria, it does not come onto the market. Geberit products and systems are used all over the world from Spitzbergen to Australia and from small weekend houses to the largest buildings in the world. These are the fruits of wellthought-out system technology that gives architects, designers, and homeowners complete planning freedom. 20 Timeless Beauty. Geberit Installation Systems Geberit systems have been used successfully all over the world for more than 40 years. The space-saving technology not only improves the look of your bathroom, it promotes improved hygiene, conserves water, and eliminates the need for routine maintenance. Every concealed tank that leaves our factory is individually tested to be 100% watertight and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Find out more about concealed systems for wall-hung fixtures at or call Geberit at Care in the square Geberit creates sustainable quality of life with innovative water management, comprehensive know-how, and a strong focus on sustainability across all products, sectors, and processes. It s an approach that really pays off, for the environment and society, as well as customers, partners, and employees. For example, with products for green building, a market that continues to show explosive growth. Or with ethically aware training and outstanding logistics. And with every drop of water saved by Geberit products worldwide. That s what Care in the square means to us. 22 23 Technical Information Inspiration is no accident. A great bathroom starts with a great plan. 43 (110 cm) 33 (85 cm) (24.6 cm) 6.5 (16.4 cm) 8.4 (21.3 cm) 5.5 (14.2 cm) Are you ready to get started? No doubt some ideas have already sprung to mind while you ve been turning the pages. To help you plan your new dream bathroom as precisely as possible, here are the dimensions of the Geberit installation systems pictured in this brochure: Geberit Duofix Carrier with Sigma Concealed Tank Requires a minimum installation height of 45 inches (114 cm) (Pre)wall depth at least 5 inches (12 cm) or only 3 inches (8 cm) Actuation from the front with Sigma actuator plates Guaranteed availability of functional spare parts for 25 years Geberit Duofix Carrier with Kappa Concealed Tank Requires a minimum installation height of 33 inches (85 cm) (Pre)wall depth at least 6 inches (15 cm) Actuation from front or top with Kappa actuator plates Guaranteed availability of functional spare parts for 25 years 24 19.1 (48.5 cm) 4.4 (11.1 cm) 19.1 (48.5 cm) 4.1 (10.4 cm) 39.8 (101 CM) 39.8 (101 cm) 3 Geberit Monolith Floor-mount Toilet Geberit Monolith Wall-hung Toilet Sanitary module for floor-mounted toilets Sanitary module for wall-hung toilets Mates with Duravit Starck 3 elongated toilet, model Actuation built into top of module Fits rough-ins up to 12 in new or remodel situations 25 Geberit 2100 S. Clearwater Drive Des Plaines, IL USA P F 2013 Geberit. Product specifications subject to change without notice. GNA /13
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