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Alchemy Article
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Th w winds upthe date is ut--Wyatt h up to the n the role of nder the gumember casith the Enthistorical disally makes t om   18340   So  and metapock was whsrcinal Sta do. phorical co I practice. difference i at the OK ctober 26, 1arp and Dorew, calling Clantons, n. t in the role rprise crew parity. e connectio oma   Hwy,   So or in my heen I couldn’r Trek episonections to realized tha  the meld is orral in To881, they rec Holliday a them the Cleaning all bof Billy Claifocused on tn. He offers oma   CA   9547 ling work. tell what toes because he body-t I offer between bstone, cognize it e bent on anton boys. ut one of orne, the   he certainty this truth :   6    Article:   The   Next   Best   Thing   to   a   Vulcan   Mind   Meld   by   Jeannine   Wiest   ©   2014   Warwick   Associates   (707)   939 ‐ 9212   18340   Sonoma   Hwy,   Sonoma   CA   95476   “Laws of Physics cannot be ignored. Where they do not operate, there is no reality. Where there is contradiction and conditions we cannot trust, a radical alteration of our thought patterns is in order.” Since Billy Claiborne” was killed in the current scenario while historical fact tells us he survived the real shootout, this Tombstone is an illusion. Spock explains that the bullets the Earps intend for the Enterprise crew cannot hurt them provided they each are certain with every cell in their body that the bullets cannot kill them. Kirk points out the human propensity for doubt. “The smallest doubt can be enough to kill you,” Spock says.  A Vulcan mind meld is the solution.  With seconds to spare, Spock performs the mind meld, the Earps fire the bullets, but these evaporate, and instantly the illusory scene dissolves. The crew find themselves back on their spacecraft. In truth, they’ve been trapped in a tombstone of the mind. I invite you to imagine the OK Corral as a metaphor for your body/mind. What do you do  when your corral is not ok? How many standoffs have you engaged in within your body? Perhaps, rather than a bullet, it is a diagnosis which has stopped you in your tracks. Oftentimes we base our reality via incomplete information from patched together scenarios. The Star Trek   Old West setting was patched together with a saloon, a barber shop. Yet adjacent to the saloon stood a green screen similar to those found on movie sets; blank backdrops onto which images can be superimposed at a later date. The gaps in visual consistency were physically unsettling clues. The setting reminded me of times I’ve entered a scenario where something felt off yet I filled in a green screen's worth of missing details and forged ahead. Then, when events proved disastrous, I was left to sift through the inconsistencies on which I had based crucial decisions. I often work with clients who have blindly forged ahead in relationships or with decisions regarding diagnoses. Oftentimes, the signs suggesting pattern alteration were present but brushed aside. There are many ways we unknowingly aid in keeping illusion solid. Patterns and old conditioning operating energetically in the body can numb us into blind acceptance of a bad situation. Let’s deconstruct the Vulcan mind meld. Essentially it is a total integration of fact and senses, with no lingering doubt.  Article:   The   Next   Best   Thing   to   a   Vulcan   Mind   Meld   by   Jeannine   Wiest   ©   2014   Warwick   Associates   (707)   939 ‐ 9212   18340   Sonoma   Hwy,   Sonoma   CA   95476   The question to ask ourselves is this: What ghosts from our past are we negotiating with as  we create our present reality? Where are those ghost certainties lodged in our bodies? The next best thing to a Vulcan mind meld is a close relationship with our own Inner  Wisdom. It may be true that history cannot be changed” however it can be turned on its ear, repurposed.  We judge reality by the response of our senses. Once we are convinced of the reality of a given situation, we abide by the rules of that reality. I suggest you boldly go on an internal voyage, befriending your body so that you can make decisions with integrated information. You just might surprise yourself with less rigid certainty, some radical pattern alterations and a key to a world of creative healing possibility. ∞  ©2014 Jeannine Wiest, author of The Alchemy of Self Healing published by New Page Books a division of Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ. EAN: 978-1601633439 List Price: US $15.99
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