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  School ImprovementProject TitleProject ObjectiveOutput for the YearActivitiesPerson/s ResponsibleSchedule/VenueBudet PerActivit!Budet SourceP PI# $%V%#OP&%'T A.High/Low Percentage of Performance Indicator B.Presence of Non – Readers/ Frustration Readers1.By !1 # Partici$ation Rate shou%d &e increased &y '..By !1 # (ohort – )ur*i*a% Rate shou%d &e increased &y 1'.+.By !1,# com$%etion rate shou%d &e increased &y 1'1.Identify non – readers in -ng%ish and Fi%i$ino from rade I – rade I.Reduce the num&er of non – readers in -ng%ish and Fi%i$ino &y +' down to ' 0 1' &y !1,+.Identify non – reader in -ng%ish and Fi%i$inothrough Post Reading est23' $artici$ation rate achie*ed.22' )ur*i*a% Rate achie*ed1!!' com$%etion rateAchie*ed 1' 0 ' non – readersAchie*ed 1' 0 ' non – readersAchie*ed 1' 0 ' non 0 readers 1.1.Free Remedia% (%asses1..(onduct academic and non – academic contests.1.Pro*ide s$ecia% $rogram for $u$i%s with s$ecia% needs..(onduct Home isitation+.1.Ado$t a chi%d – friend%y en*ironment+.. 4LA( )ession on how to $ro*ide a &etter socia% and $sycho%ogica% %earning en*ironment+.+.Ho%d inter*iews and home *isitation+.5.Intensify uidance and (ounse%ing Program and )LA( )ession 1.1.(onduct Pre Phi%0 IRI in -ng%ish and Fi%i$ino to find out non – readers and reading a&i%ity of $u$i%s.1.(onduct the fo%%owing6 ã Remedia% instruction in -ng%ish and Fi%i$ino ã Boo7 Re$orting 8uarter%y ã 4ro$ -*erything and Read ã 9n the )$ot Reading est+.1. i*e awards and recognition to rade I – rade I eachers of non – s$ecia% science $rogram with 1' 0 ' non 0 readers)choo% Head# eachers#PA# Pu$i%s)choo% Head# eachers#PA# Pu$i%sPA# eachers PA# eachers )choo% Head)choo% Head# eacherseacher and uidance (ounse%or eacher and uidance (ounse%or )choo% Head# eachers#Pu$i%s)choo% Head# eachers#Pu$i%seachers# Parents# Pu$i%s)choo%6:u%y !1 – Fe&ruary !1,)choo%6:u%y !1 – Fe&ruary !1,)choo%6:u%y !1 – Fe&ruary !1,)e$tem&er !1 !nwards:une !1 – ;arch !1,:une !1 – ;arch !1,:une !1 – ;arch !1,:une !1 – ;arch !1,:une !1 :une !1 – ;arch !1,;arch !1,Ph$ +#!!!.!!Ph$ #!!!.!!Ph$ #!!!.!!Ph$ 1#!!!.!!Ph$ #!!!.!!Ph$ 1#!!!.!!Ph$ 1#!!!.!!Ph$ 1#!!!.!!Ph$ 3!!.!!Ph$ 1#!!!.!!Ph$ 3!!.!!(anteen Fund(anteen Fund(anteen Fund(anteen Fund(anteen Fund(anteen Fund)choo% Fund--P Fund)choo% Fund)ta7eho%ders)choo% Fund  (.Low/High Achie*ement Rate in Fi*e Learning AreasIm$ro*e/;aintain achie*ement rate of fi*e %earning areas to at %east '
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