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Horse Review FREE Volume 21 No. 9 The Mid-South Equine Newsmagazine Since 1992 MAY 2011 Ahava Salomon grooms Rebel at horse camp in Olive Branch, MS Summer Horse Camp Review Looking forward to school being
Horse Review FREE Volume 21 No. 9 The Mid-South Equine Newsmagazine Since 1992 MAY 2011 Ahava Salomon grooms Rebel at horse camp in Olive Branch, MS Summer Horse Camp Review Looking forward to school being out and summer vacations, it s time to plan for summer camp! If your passions involve horses, there are many summer horseback riding camps offered in the mid-south area. Following is a sampling of horse-related camp activities, listed in alphabetical order. If you know of other riding camps that we ve missed, please send camp information to the Mid- South Horse Review by or call (901) Aintree Farms Pony Camp is a great place for summer fun in Germantown, TN. The camp is geared for the very beginner, advanced-beginner, and more, ages 4 and up. Session One is June 20-24; Session Two is July 11-15, both from 9:00 a.m. to 2: 00 p.m. Daily activities include an hour lesson with professional staff on safe school horses, horsey arts and crafts, and creative learning about horsemanship and barn etiquette. Campers can swim at the end of the day in the neighborhood pool. Camp week concludes with a horse show where campers can show off their new skills for their parents. Instructors are Louise Turley and Jody Becker, with lots of counselors. Aintree Farm is located at 8999 Claiborne Farm Dr. For information call Louise Turley at (901) or Autumn Chase Farms summer camps are May 30- June 3, July and July Their rider education program spotlights safety, understanding, and fun. The Autumn Chase Farm camp will be held at the Germantown Location, 2600 Forest Hill Irene Rd. Germantown, TN, Send enrollment form to Autumn Chase Farm, 217 North Lenderman Rd, Byhalia, MS For more information, visit or call (901) To reach owner/trainer Jason Schnelle, or call Jason s cell phone (901) B & L Stables, Gadsden, TN B & L Stables Equestrian Summer Camp is open to all level riders ages 7 to 16 years. Camp days are packed with horse-back riding lessons, many educational activities, and a lot of fun! If you have a love for horses, want to learn more about them, or want to improve your riding abilitites, this is the camp for you! 2011 Summer Camp Dates: June 6-10, June 13-17, and June 27-July 1. Camp is from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm daily. Riding Lessons and Horse Boarding are also available. Contact Betsy at or visit Brewer Equestrian Center, June 6-10 and June For one week you can make your child s dream come true. This is an action packed week of equine knowledge, riding, pilates, camp t-shirt and swimming. Always includes a ton of games, laughter and bonding! At the end of the week, they will have a family event Horse Show! Camp is 9-2 daily; until till 5:30 for an additional fee. Contact or Website: Brewerequestriancenter.webs.com Cedarwood Farms, 5481 Davidson Rd., Memphis, TN. Depending on camper vote, each week of camp will conclude with horse show or all day trail ride and picnic. (Continued on page 14: Summer Camps) 2. May, 2011 Mid-South Horse Review Summer Camp Memories Evelyn McGee on her Haflinger. (Susan Wilson Photo) Exercise of the Month Learn the Mermaid! by Janice Dulak, Master Romana s Pilates Instructor/Trainer, author of Pilates for the Dressage Rider Keeping your spine supple is important not only for the health of your spine, but also for your horse. This month you will learn the Pilates Mermaid, a side bending of your spine which will help you keep your spine stretched. Have fun, and keep me posted on my blog: Remember, as with any exercise program, please be sure to check with yourdoctor to be sure it is safe to do so. This exercise may be hard for anyone with bad knees or a bad shoulder, so be careful! Step 1: Sit on the floor with your knees bent, on as much on top of the other, with your legs and feet to the right of your body. Hold your ankles with your right hand and lift your left arm straight to the ceiling, slightly in front of your ear. [Photo 1] Step 2: Pulling your stomach in and up, bend to the right, aiming your left shoulder toward your right knee. Exhale and pull your ribs back more for more stretch. [Photo 2] Horse Review Equus Charta, LLC Copyright 2011 P.O. Box 423 Somerville, TN Fax: Publishers: Tommy & ancy Brannon Staff : Andrea Gilbert Michelle Berryhill Pam Gamble Vivie Jenkins Website address: review.com yahoo.com Aintree Farm Camp Milo the donkey gets groomed by Ahava and Rebecca Table of Contents Exercise of the Month P. 2 Horse Health Care P. 4 Training & Performance P. 10 Equinventions P. 12 Summer Camps P. 14 Hunter/Jumper P. 20 Carriage Driving P. 22 Dressage P. 24 Western Style P. 28 On the Trail P. 34 Ranch Review P. 36 Bulletin Board P.40 Classifieds P. 42 Youth News P. 43 Calendar of Events P.44 Book Reviews P.46 Photo 1 Photo 2 Step 3: Return to center. Repeat 3-5 times each side. Please note that it is essential that your stomach is in and your shoulders are in front of your hips. If the position is uncomfortable, you may sit in a chair and instead of holding on to your ankles, hold on to the chair. See you next month! Like getting the Mid-South Horse Review FREE? Our advertisers make it possible! Please support them! Deadline for the June Mid-South Horse Review is May 25, The Brunswick Feed Store 5192 Brunswick Road Brunswick, TN Store Hours: Monday Thursday 8:00-6:00 Friday 8:00-5:00 Saturday 8:00-12:00 Equine Products Hay/Shavings/Straw Pet Feed / Medicines Alfa Oats Available ARTICLES WELCOMED: We welcome contributions from writers and horse people, but cannot guarantee publication, safety or return of manuscripts or photos. Reproduction of editorial or advertising content is strictly prohibited without written permission of publisher. EDITORIAL POLICY: The opinions expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policy of the Mid-South Horse Review. Expressions of differing opinions through letters or manuscript submissions are welcome. MSHR E VIRO ME TAL STATEME T The Mid-South Horse Review strives to lighten our environmental footprint. We recycle, compost, and seek the most environmentally friendly processes and materials for our newsmagazine. Printed on recycled content newsprint with soy ink with no binding, the MSHR is 100% recyclable. Our printer strives to be environmentally benign with recycling, using eco-friendly printmaking inks and solvents, and NO Pressroom VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Subscriptions to the Mid-South Horse Review are available by first class mail for $35 annually. To subscribe, send payment to P.O. Box 423, Somerville, T Phone: (901) May, 2011 Mid-South Horse Review 3. NOW YOUR HORSE WON T HAVE TO LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE FOR THE CALORIES HE CRAVES. A high-carb diet is often blamed for a horse s health problems and hyperactivity. Problem is, most low-carb feeds reduce calories along with carbohydrates. The Triple Crown family of low-carb feeds solves the problem by adding quality high fiber and high fat for any lifestyle and age. For more information on Triple Crown Senior, Complete, Low Starch and Growth feeds, or to find your nearest distributor, visit us online at or call 4. May, 2011 Mid-South Horse Review Acupuncture for Hoof Injuries By ancy Brannon Horses with hoof illnesses and injuries such as founder, laminitis, and navicular disease often suffer a lot of pain along with lameness. To alleviate that pain, acupuncture is a viable treatment, used in conjunction with other necessary medical treatments. Dr. Kathy Mitchener, DVM has found success in alleviating pain by using acupuncture for such hoof ailments. When treating horses for hoof-related pain, Mitchener strategically places the acupuncture needles above the coronary band at Ting Points. According to Equine Acupressure: a working manual (1999) by Nancy Zidonis, Amy Snow, and Marie Soderberg, each of the twelve major meridians has its own Ting Point, which are the beginning or ending of a meridian. Ting Points provide important information about the general health and well-being of a horse. They are very powerful points for treatment. Ting Points are located on the coronary band for the front and hind legs and are positioned roughly an equal distance around the circumference of the coronary band. These are very strong points, she emphasized. The blood supply, nerve tracks, and vascular beds are very concentrated there, so you can get some very potent treatment there in modulating the nervous system. In most horses it is a very tender and sensitive area. Some horses won t let you treat with acupuncture there. But when you Horse Health Care find a horse who will, that s a real breakthrough! I use Ting Points with foundered horses, as well as horses with navicular disease. Foundered horses have bulging Ting Points. Some practitioners can bleed those points, which releases some of the pressure and changes the vascular dynamics. It also has some neuro modulation effects. I ve seen very dramatic (positive) effects when it works! Mitchener uses a complimentary therapy, massage, to also help the horse relax muscles, which helps relieve pain. She massages particular areas of the horse with the palm of her hand for optimum effects. When the horse likes it, the horse will move toward you to let you know. If not comfortable, the horse will move away. When you (above) Mitchener demonstrates how to massage the horse to relax muscles and ease pain. (left) Mitchener has successfully inserted the acupuncture needles (purple tips) into the Ting Points above the coronary band. move the skin, you stimulate the superficial fascia and Pacinian corpuscles, which releases endorphins and serotonin to relax muscles. She recommends daily massage. You re talking to the nervous system to quiet the pain and relax the muscles. This, in turn, facilitates movement and improves quality of life. With her quiet, soothing, and relaxing manner, Mitchener makes horses and people feel better already! For more information about equine acupuncture, visit Angel Care Cancer Clinic for Animals at: WRVS Wolf River Veterinary Services, Inc. Veterinary Care Focused on Equine and Large Animals Dr. Amy Plummer Weatherly, DVM, DACVS Board Certified Large Animal Surgeon WRVS provides ambulatory veterinary care for equine and large animals in southwestern Tennessee and northern Mississippi. Dr. Weatherly has nine years of experience in large animal practice. Farm Calls by Appointment 24 hour Emergency Care Phone: Website: May, 2011 Mid-South Horse Review 5. Provide a balanced anced diet for your horse with hay, pasture and... TM Barn Bag Pleasure and Performance Horse Pelleted Feed Concentrate ntrate Barn Bag is a concentrated ntrated nutrient source designed to balance and increase the feed efficiency of equine hay and pasture diets Have peace of mind that your horse is receiving needed nutrients Manage body condition score and control starch intake by feeding 1/2 cup of Barn Bag nutrients and providing calories separately Barn Bag is a tool for weight management - effective for the hard keeper and ideal for the obese or metabolic syndrome horse Life Data LABS, INC Hwy 72 Cherokee, Alabama Product of the USA Find us on Facebook 6. May, 2011 Mid-South Horse Review com PURINA HAS BEEN A TRUSTED BRAND FOR 116 YEARS. WE CAN SHOW YOU WHY IN 60 DAYS. With a 116-year history of perfecting feed, it s no wonder so many animal owners put their trust in Purina feed. That s why we re so confident in our feed. See for yourself and take the Challenge.* Try Purina feed for 60 days you ll see the difference in your animals or we ll buy it back.** Get from $5 to $20 off Purina feed when you sign up. Plus, you ll receive quarterly coupons for $2 to $5 off through our Purina Difference Rewards Program. Visit PurinaDifference.com for details and to sign up. And start saving on Purina feed today. * New feeding programs should change gradually so as to not cause digestive upset. Recommendation: make the feed changes over a seven-day period.(see website for details.) **For refund on Challenge offers, proof-of-purchase needed. See website for details. Authorized Purina Dealers in Your Area ALABAMA C & R Feed & Supply US Highway 231 North Ragland, AL (205) Phenix Senum & Western Store 3768 Opelika Road Phenix City, AL (334) Sikes Pet & Farm Supply, Inc B East Glenn Avenue Auburn, AL (334) FLORIDA Alachua Farm & Lumber, Inc NW 145th Avenue Alachua, FL (386) Chiefland Farm Supply 215 East Rogers Boulevard Chiefland, FL (352) County Line Feed & Supply, Inc State Road 7 Boyton Beach, FL (561) Diamond R Fertilizer Co, Inc. 321 State Road 207 East Palatka, FL (386) Finish Line Feeds, Inc. 145 SW Third Avenue Dania, FL (954) Ace Hardware Feed and Marine Lincoln Road Riverview, FL (813) Grifs Western, Inc Orange Drive Davie, FL (954) Hardee Ranch Supply, Inc Highway 17 South Wauchula, FL (863) Hole In The Wall Feed 9022 Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach, FL (561) Lays Feed & Western Wear 5530 Old Highway 37 Lakeland, FL (863) Mary Feed & Supply, Inc W Okeechobee Rd., #3 Hialeah Garden, FL (305) OK Feed Store SW 177 Avenue Miami, FL (305) Purina Mills, LLC. All rights reserved. Orange Hill Express 982 Orange Hill Road Chipley, FL (850) Red Barn Feed & Supply, Inc Okeechobee Boulevard Loxahatchee, FL (561) Sanders Farms of Ocala, Inc SW 6th Place Ocala, FL (352) Sparr Building & Farm Supply NE Jacksonville Road Sparr, FL (352) Sparr Building & Farm Supply 6000 Signature Drive Wildwood, FL (352) Sparr Building & Farm Supply 240 S Main Street Williston, FL (352) Suburban Feed 9722 State Road 52 Hudson, FL (727) Sunset Feed & Supply, Inc SW 117 Avenue Miami, FL (305) Town & Country Feed & Supply, Inc Jupiter Farms Road Jupiter, FL (561) Woodville Ace Hardware, Inc Woodville Highway Tallahassee, FL (850) GEORGIA B&S Feed & Farm Supply, Inc Highway 21 North Springfield, GA (912) Baell Mercantile Co., Inc. 550 First Street NE Moultrie, GA (229) Country Living Hardware, Inc Cornelia Highway Lula, GA (770) Deason s Farm & Garden 30 Railroad Avenue Royston, GA (706) Farmers Seed & Feed 206 N Hampton Street Americus, GA (229) Wallace Farm & Pet Supply, Inc Highway 27 Bowdon Junction, GA (770) NORTH CAROLINA Carolina Grain, Inc Fayetteville Road Lumberton, NC (910) Carolina Town & Country 710 East Main Street Sanford, NC (919) Chadbourn Feed Service, Inc. 207 West 1st Avenue Chadbourn, NC (910) Mane Street Horse & Pet 7915 Lancaster Highway Waxhaw, NC (704) Milam Hardware 315 Highway 117 South Burgaw, NC (910) Mountain Valley Country Store 670 Highway 69 Hayesville, NC (828) Piedmont Feed & Supply, Inc NC Highway 54 West Chapel Hill, NC (919) PL Woodard Co. 108 E Barnes Street Wilson, NC (252) SOUTH CAROLINA Boots, Bridles & Britches/ Aiken 1310 E Pine Log Road Aiken, SC (803) Conway Feed and Garden 2210 North Main Street Conway, SC (843) Mane Street Horse & Pet 40 East Dekalb Camden, SC (803) TENNESSEE Hall s Feed & Seed 155 East Highway 72 Collierville, TN (901) R & J Feed Supply Co., Inc S Highland Avenue Jackson, TN (731) See it at horse.purinamills.com May, 2011 Mid-South Horse Review 7. Additionally, a high quality portable ultrasound will be available for diagnostics on the farm. The following is a partial list of services offered by Wolf River Veterinary Services: Vaccinations Regulatory testing (Coggins test, Brucellosis, ect) Herd health programs- Equine and Bovine Lameness Exams Pre-purchase Exams Digital Radiology Diagnostic Ultrasound Dental Care Pregnancy Diagnosis and Breeding Surgical services 24 hour, 7 days/week Emergency Service In addition to providing veterinary care, Dr. Weatherly has an interest in education and communication. While at the University of Tennessee she was very involved in horse owner seminars and workshops and plans to continue these as a part of her practice. She grew up in 4 H and understands the importance of getting youth involved in organizations like this. She encourages owners to ask questions and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others while on appointments. New Veteriniarian in Town Dr Amy Plummer Weatherly s large animal ambulatory practice, Wolf River Veterinary Services, opens May 1, The practice provides routine and specialized veterinary care for horses and farm animals in southwest Tennessee and northern Mississippi. Dr. Weatherly has nine years of experience in veterinary medicine, focusing on equine and farm animals. After graduating from veterinary school in 2002 from Ohio State University, Dr Weatherly completed an internship in large animal medicine and surgery at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. Following her internship, she completed a three year equine and large animal surgery residency at Texas A&M, focusing on equine surgery and lameness. After her residency, she was employed as a large animal emergency clinician and surgeon at the University Of Tennessee College Of Veterinary Medicine for 2 years. In 2008 she became a board certified large animal surgeon and took a position as Field Service Equine Veterinarian and Section Chief for Large Animal Field Services at the University of Tennessee. As a surgeon with special interest in lameness, her clients ranged from sport horses, dressage, hunter/jumpers and eventing horses to the back-yard pleasure and trail horse. Dr. Weatherly met her husband at the Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, TN where she brought students from the veterinary college to provide health care for the plantation s herd of horses. Dr. Weatherly now lives on the Ames Plantation with her husband Chris, their 2 horses, 3 dogs and 3 cats. They enjoy riding in field trials, spending time in the outdoors. Wolf River Veterinary Services will be an ambulatory practice. The practice truck is equipped with supplies and medications for most equine and large animal cases. Digital radiographic equipment will allow for radiographs to be taken on the farm and viewed with the client immediately. 8. May, 2011 Mid-South Horse Review com Master Horse Owner Class By Becky Muller, Extension Agent The UT Extension Office in Shelby County is offering Master Horse Owner class to area horse enthusiasts. The class is a 16 hour, comprehensive educational course on all aspects of equine health and management. This program is great for horse owners young and mature and also those looking to get more involved with horses in the future. The course will be offered Thursday, July 7th from 5-9 p.m., Friday, July 8th from 5-9 p.m., and Saturday, July 9th from 8-5 p.m. at the Agricenter International in the C wing Banquet Room.. The cost to attend will be $ per person, which includes the manual, and a plaque certifying completion of the course. Registration deadline is June 25, 2011 or until the class is full. Checks should be made payable to Shelby County AES. Our address is 7777 Walnut Grove Rd., Suite B, Box 21, Memphis, TN The course curriculum is as follows: Intro to the Horse Industry Current Issues in the Horse Industry Basics of Buying a horse Healthcare and Vaccination Programs for Horses Parasites and De-worming Programs for Horses Emergency First Aid for Horses Common Diseases and Disorders in Horses Equine Dental Care Hoof Care for Horses Anatomy and Physiology of the Equine Digestive System Nutrient Requirements for Horses Forages for Horses Feeding Management for Horses Stallion Reproductive Anatomy and Management Mare Reproductive Anatomy and Management Mare and Foal Care and Management Breeding Systems Horse, Books and Taxes Equine Law Animal Cruelty Laws Affecting Horses in TN Equine Business Marketing Safe Housing Facilities for Horses Fencing for Horses Pasture Management for Horses Horse Manure Management Seven P s for Breeding Horses Color Genetics Equine Conformation and Selection Equine Behavior Safely Handling Horses Horse Trailer Safety and Trailer and Tow (Continued on page 9 HO Class) May, 2011 Mid-South Horse Review 9. (HO Class, continued from page 8) Selection and Maintenance The UT Extension Service offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, na
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