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Aurora MR16 Accent Square Beveled 2.0 aperture AH1-ASB-SB2 Patent Pending. Adjustable Accent MR16-50W, 2.0 Aperture 2 (50mm) 3 1/2 (89mm) Flush Beveled Trim…
Aurora MR16 Accent Square Beveled 2.0 aperture AH1-ASB-SB2 Patent Pending. Adjustable Accent MR16-50W, 2.0 Aperture 2 (50mm) 3 1/2 (89mm) Flush Beveled Trim 4 5/8” (117mm) Description: Specification grade, recessed, adjustable accent fixture for plaster or drywall construction. The flush mounted rigid plaster plate, which is 6 Mounting Hanger Bars finished into the ceiling, maintains a flat finish and secures the removable flush Perforated Strip beveled trim. The beveled trim raises the 2” (50mm) aperture above the ceiling plane and combining the Aurora dome with the tilt gear hidden behind the lamp 4 3/4” 5.0 (120mm) 5 Plaster Plate creates a clean internal look. Suitable for wet locations with optional lens. 7 1/8” 15 3/4” (180mm) 1 Lamp: MR16 12V 50W IR (infrared, equal to 75W halogen) (not included) 15.7 (400mm) 9 1/4” 8.9 All Housings (235mm) 2 Adjustability: Hot aiming with Philips screwdriver offers 0 to 42 degrees Air Tight vertical adjustment and 362 degree horizontal rotation without beam clipping www.purelighting.com (see lamp chart). Precision machined gear adjustment is concealed behind the and IC Rated lamp. Features self locking tilt and manual locking horizontal rotation. 3 Housing: AH1 IC and air-tight construction, .040” (1mm) thick die formed 3 Housing aluminum. Suitable for remodel and new construction. 4 Dome: Spun aluminum, anodized to a soft haze finish. Hides electrical 14” hardware and tilts for easy access to junction box and transformer. 11 7/8” (117mm) 5 Plaster Plate: 11 7/8” (301mm) x 9 1/4” (235mm) x 1/8” (3mm) aluminum (301mm) plaster plate, primed and mounted flush with ceiling. Apply Durabond ® * ceiling compound at the perimeter of the housing. This prevents chipping and cracking Fax: 773.883.6128 at the trim aperture, which is common with other flush beveled fixtures. 6 Mounting: Self leveling u-shape telescoping hanger bars extend to allow 5 1/4” (133mm) mounting between studs 13 1/4” - 24” (336-609mm) O.C. Mounting is suitable for new and remodel commercial or residential drywall construction. Designed to accommodate ceiling thickness from 1/2” (13mm) to 1 1/4” (32mm). Notch and label marking for laser alignment. 7 Trim: Die-cast and precision-machined aluminum 3.5” (89mm) trim with a 2” (50mm) aperture. Flush beveled trim mounts with a precision snap-fit into the plaster plate. Finished with white non-gloss powder-coat paint or satin Ph: 773.770.1196 Secure to Drywall Wet Location 5 Plaster 4 Aurora 9 Standard Plaster aluminum, bronze or black finishes. Wet location lens #LWET available as an with Screws into Lens Optional Plate Dome Torroidal Channel accessory. Perforated Strip Magnetic Transformer 8 Snoot/Back Light Shield: Machined aluminum snoot and die formed aluminum back shield controls internal spill light. The snoot carries the lamp, a soft focus lens (included) and two optional accessories. Relamp by pulling Junction Box 2 Adjustable 4 Aurora Dome snoot, which is secured by 5 bullet catches. Gears Hidden 9 Electrical: Standard torroidal magnetic transformer rated for 75W load at Behind the Lamp 1718 W. Fullerton Chicago, IL 60614 120V 60Hz includes integral thermal protection and potting for noise reduction. Secondary output voltage is 11.8 volts. (Electronic USA & international versions: 120V, 230V, 277V). High temperature socket features pure nickel contacts. Total power consumed with load and transformer loss 55 watts 120 volts. Spring clip 42 (without beam clipping) allows transformer to be easily removed. Dimmer Type: Dimmer must be compatible with magnetic low-voltage 6 Mounting transformers except for electronic USA & international voltage versions. Hanger Bars Label: UL, C-UL and CE listed for damp location or wet location when used with glass lens accessory #LWET. 42W max when used with accessory lens. Weight: 18.75lbs (8.5kg) Accessories: Lenses and individual components (see accessories page). Ceiling Thickness Durabond ®* Plaster 1 MR16 Lamp 8 Snoot 1/2” (13mm) up at Edge of Housing to 1 1/4” (32mm) not at Trim Joint Aurora Ordering Code For Complete Fixture: Hot Aiming with Philips Screwdriver Safety 120V Standard Magnetic: Electronic USA & International Versions: Cable Collection Function 2.0” Aperture Collection IC Function 2.0” Aperture Wet Lens IC Housing Plaster Plate Trim Finish Housing-Voltage Plaster Plate Trim Finish Accessory 3 1/2” (89mm) AH1 - ASB - SB2W AH1-1 - ASB - SB2W Snap-Fit Flangeless Trim Aurora Accent SB2W - White Aurora 1 - 120V 60HZ Accent SB2W - White Halogen Square SB2SA - Satin Aluminum Halogen 2 - 230V 50HZ Square SB2SA - Satin Aluminum 1 - MR16 Beveled SB2SZ - Satin Bronze 1 - MR16 3 - 277V 60HZ Beveled SB2SZ - Satin Bronze SB2SB - Satin Black SB2SB - Satin Black COMPANY: FIXTURE TYPE: DATE: PROJECT: APPROVED BY: Product specification subject to change without notification. Valid as of June 16, 2010. Revision 2. *Durabond brand is a trademark of USG Corporation. ® Codes for Ordering Individual Components & Lens Accessories AH1-ASB-SB2 Adjustable Accent MR16-50W, 2.0 Aperture Individual Components 120V Standard Magnetic Electronic USA & International Plaster Plate Part #ASB IC Housing Part # IC Housing Part # AH1 - 120V 60Hz AH1-1 - 120V 60Hz AH1-2 - 230V 50Hz AH1-3 - 277V 60Hz AH1-ASB-SB2 (Complete Fixture) Aurora Halogen Housing Only Accent Square Beveled Plaster Plate Only Trim Part #SB2W Trim Part #SB2SA Trim Part #SB2SZ Trim Part #SB2SB Square Beveled 2” Aperture, White Square Beveled 2” Aperture, Satin Aluminum Square Beveled 2” Aperture, Satin Bronze Square Beveled 2” Aperture, Satin Black Trim Only Trim Only Trim Only Trim Only www.purelighting.com 2” Lens Accessories Light Spill Shield 5 Bullet Catches PART # COLORS Snoot Retaining Ring Dichroic Lenses Hot Aiming Locking Ring (Included) Fax: 773.883.6128 L16-RD RED Tilt Screw L16-AM AMBER MR16 Lamp L16-YL YELLOW L16-GR GREEN L16-BL BLUE Soft Focus Lens (Included) L16-PH PEACH L16-MG MAGENTA Locking Ring (Included) L16-CY CYAN L16-DB DARK BLUE Lens (Optional) Ph: 773.770.1196 L16-DP DARK PINK Louver (Optional) Optical Lenses Snoot (Included) L16-F FROST L16-SF SOFT FOCUS Snoot Finger Grip L16-MD MEDIUM DIFFUSER Chicago, IL 60614 L16-WD WIDE DIFFUSER L16-WDF WIDE DIFFUSER FROSTED L16-LS LINEAR SPREAD L16-LSF LINEAR SPREAD FROSTED Adjustable Gears Hidden Behind the Hexcell Louver Lamp Back Light Shield LO16-H HEXCELL LOUVER 1718 W. Fullerton Tilt Gear U.V. Filter Pan Rotation Lock L16-UV U.V. FILTER Wet Location Lens LWET A SOFT FOCUS Pan Rotation Ring GLASS LENS THAT ATTACHES TO TRIM FOR WET LOCATIONS. Hot Aiming with Phillips Screwdriver COMPANY: FIXTURE TYPE: DATE: PROJECT: APPROVED BY: Product specification subject to change without notification. Valid as of June 16, 2010. Revision 2.
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