Affidavit of Donald Trump in 1973 About the Housing Bias Case

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DEFINITE STATEMENT Civ. Action File No, 73 C 1529 FRED C. TRUMP, DONALD TRUMP and TRUMP MANAGEMENT, INC., Defendants. - - - - - - - STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF NEW YORK - - - - - - - X ss.: DONALD TRUMP, being duly sworn, deposes and says: I am a defendant in the above-entitled action and am associated with Trump Management, Inc., also a defendant. I make this affidavit in support of our motion to dismiss the Government's complaint .for failure to state a claim or for a more definite statement, On the morning of October 15th while listening to he news on car radio, I was shocked to hear that the Governmed as bringing an action against me, my father, and Trump Manageent .for bias in renting our apartments, I have never, nor has nyone in my organization ever, to the best of my knowledge, iscriminated or shown bias in the of our apartments. he news report was all the more shocking inasmuch as I had not o that point received ar.y .formal communication from the overnment whatever, regarding the subject matter of the action In fact, the first I heard about it was on my car radio the morning of the 15th. Later that day on television news reports and the next day, on the front page of the New York Times and in the Daily News, there were headline stories stating that we had been charged with bias in renting our apartments. word from the Government itself. Again, still no It was not until the 17th that the Summons and Complaint were finally served. I have always tried to see to it that buildings which we own and manage are well run and that there is equal opportunity for anyone to rent apartments. We have always .maintained the respect and admiration of not only our tenants, but the community as a whole. As a direct result of the Government's unwarranted and unfounded charges made public, we have suffered substantial damage to our business and reputation. As is set out in the Memorandum of Law and Roy M. Cohn's affidavit, there is no one single fact alleged, not a date, year, apartment location, not an employee's name mentioned. We cannot answer charges against us when we do not know upon what grounds they are made, and to find our name blackened in the press before we had received formal notification and had an opportunity to have a trial or even answer is unfair and unjust. When these stories hit the national wire services, I received many calls and letters of surprise from tenants and community leaders expressing their shock and disbelief that our organization should be charged with such outrageous lies. 0 0. 0 'f; fact is that our apartments have the same ratio of minority 'Oi -:r. .:L.,. tenants as exists in the community as a whole. "'-·-z.c .-: ta'-r- Our organization has never discriminated and does not now discriminate. r'l::>(J)·,,y £ The 0 ";< Sworn to before me this ;-1973
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