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UMENT TYPE=Supplemental Statement SHORT FORM NAME=N/A SHORT FORM REGISTRATION DATE=N/A SHORT FORM STATUS=N/A SHORT FORM TERMINATION DATE=N/A FOREIGN PRINCIPAL NAME=N/A FOREIGN PRINCIPAL COUNTRY=N/A FP STATUS=N/A FP REGISTRATION DATE=N/A FP TERMINATION DATE=N/A REGISTRANT STATUS=Terminated REGISTRATION DATE=1975-04-07 REGISTRANT TERMINATION DATE=1997-04-07 DATE STAMPED=1996-04-07 The Department of Justice recognizes that some of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) documents are in some cases not in an accessible format. If you have a disability and the format of any material on the site interferes with your ability to access some information, please email the Department of Justice at fara.public@usdoj.gov. To enable us to respond in a manner that will be of most help to you, please indicate the nature of the accessibility problem, your preferred format (electronic format (ASCII, etc.), standard print, large print, etc.), key information regarding the information you are requesting. TRAVEL WORLD NEWS Nonnalk, 33 531 TI HI PRESS CLIPPING JAMAICA: Super-Club's Boscobel Beach named h-estfamziyresort For the second year running, SuperClubs? Boscobel Beach, the Caribbean?s only Super-Inclusive Resort for families, has been named Best Family Resort by the travel agent subscribers of the Of?cial Hotel Guide in its annual Readers Choice Survey. The survey, sent to nearly 25,000 travel agents, asked them to name their favorite resorts, hotels and hotel chains around the world, and to rank the best in service, value, cui- 3.11191 golf facilities and family-oriented atmosphere and ac- tivmes for guests of all ages. Last year, along with winning the Readers Choice Award, Boscobel Beach also was noted as the best kids-oriented setup in the Caribbean by New York Magazine and rated Best of the Best in the family resort category by Travel Holiday. ?This award signi?es the commitment Boscobel Beach?s staff has for all its guests,? commented John 1553, chair- man of SuperClubs. ?Boscobel Beach, along with all SuperClubs Super-Inclusive Resorts, has cultivated a mu- tually bene?cial relationship with travel agents." Boscobel Beach boasts four children's day-centers, with supervision, games, audio/visual and computer equipment. In addition, parents are able to enjoy ?adultsoonly? areas which include a pool, Jacuzzi, pool bar and piano lounge. For more Information, contact: SUPERCLUBS, 80018596436. FEBRUARY 1995 WORLD news I 31 MR TRAVEL JOURNAL Huston. MA JHH 14, 1988 H39184 EEIEPRESS SUPERCLUBS AWARDED - gap?ubs Boscobel Beach in the Caribbean, has been named "Best Family Resort" for the second con- secutive year in the Of?cial in Hotel's Guide annual readers sur- vey. The all-inclusive resort was also pointed out for the "best kids: oriented setup" in the Caribbean by New York Magazine and "Best . of the Best" by Travel Holiday. '3 AIR TRAVEL JOURNAL JAN. 14,1996 Circ: 15,000 TRAVEL NEW ENGLAND JAN. 14,1996 Circ: 5,500 Bowdens A OF MECLA LTD (-116) 750-2220 Travelweek Bulletin Toronto, GR Magazine 19609 885104 2206 EGUNTON AVE. EAST SUITE 790. SCARBOROUGH MTL 4T5 13 Jan 95 Boscobel Beach tops jSupgr?/lug?s 31536133 Beach has been named ?Best Family Resort? by the trav- el agent subscribers of the O?icial Hetel Guide for the second year running. The . 207-room Boscobel offers four chil- Lderr5"udauuer?ress head?sepceva?sbn? games, audio/visual and computer equip- ment. as well as ?adults-only? areas including a pool, Jacuzzi, pool bar and piano lounge. Boscobel also has ?ve Elin- ing areas. a range of sports activities and baby-sitters for evening hours. A SuperClubs contest To celebrate its 20th anniversary SuperClubs is giving away a grand prize of as well as 20 three-night stays at Breezes resorts. By ordering SuperClubs new Breezes brochure agents will be sent a contest sheet with 20 Breezes questions. All answers must be returned by fax or mail to SuperClubs by May 30. To obtain brochures and entry forms fax your name and address to (954) 929-2880. SuperClubs is also offering 30% to 55% off normal rack rates for SuperSurprise vacations between May I and Dec. 21. All bookings made between this time will be per person, per night. Participating resorts are: Breezes Montego Bay, Sans Souci Lido, Breezes Runaway Bay, Grand Lido, Boscobel Beach and Hedonism 11. At Boscobel Beach, ?Baby Break" means that children under six stay free TRAVELWEEK BULLETIN FEB. 14,1996 Readership: 10,000 and the ?rst 200 families booking a week-long vacation receive a free night between April 15 and June l5; and between Aug. 15 and Nov. 15. TRAVEL AGENT JAN . 29 1996 Ciro: HOTPRODUCTS BREEZES BAHAMAS ANNOUNCES ITS WIHTBB BATES 3--.. . I Nassau, Bahamas?Breezes Bahamas. SuperCiubs new _aouits-ohly ail-incIu- si_ve on Cable Beach here, Offers winter rates ranging from $135 to $210 per person per night through April_12. _At Breezes Montego Bay. rates range from _$3_45 per person for two nights to $1.400 per person for seven through April 12 All-inciusive rates cotter all meals. shacks _and cocktails. he"? use of al'i sports facilities and equipment; sports Instruction, entertainment. weddings hoteI taxes and 31m? ?MSfe?.. . g: tI?l TEA: . . ?w 73" For more information or to make a reservatio . . 2&3. DHAM MORGAH BAY IS OFFERING ALL-IHGLUSIVE BATES In St. Lucie, tweet Indies?Through ApriI 7.: Me .Bay Resort here idf'er'str II-Incluswe rates ?gauging from $215 to $29 person Hper- ?lnclu?? rport transfers means (including themed at unIIm-g Iited cocktaIIS non-motonzed watersports day eta night tennIsFuse of the ?tness entertainment and taxes and gratu?es.? . . "5 g. ogmore Information to make a reservation. mammal-135M $1112- .i ?Wunaa?eb?- ..-.- 53,327 ?b:i LY Sacauaus. HJ SEW-WEEKLY $0490 FEB 1-1955 P117783 SuperClubs, in conjunction miH?S?unburst Holidays, 13 ex-_ tending its package called First Class All the Way from Los Angeles to Jamaica at the Grand Lido in Negril and the Sans Souci Lido in Ocho Rios. Through April, the seven- night plan is priced from $2,500 to $3,000 per person. The price includes all meals, cocktails, activities, en- tertainment and gratuities. In addition, passengers re-' ceive an upgrade to?rst class on the TWA charter depart- ing from Los Angeles. For more information, the number is (800) WEEKLY TRAVELAGE EST San Francisco. CA 34 958 ?l7732 EEIEPRESS CLIPPINGS All Inclusive Plenty of Options for Travelers Seeklng the Ideal Vacation Reed Travel Features While the standard pitch for sell- ing ail-inclusive resorts is their good value, the competitive mar- ket forces properties to offer spe cial deals above and beyond the basic product to attract the atten- tion of agents and travelers. Following are a sampling of current and upcoming deals. It?s always worth asking if any deals are in place when booking an all- inclusive. 0 Club Med has special deals aimed at several different demo- graphic markets, including: Wild Card (for singles), Couples Wild Card and Family Escape. These programs provide a sin- gle low price without seasonal variations Available only on? departures from New York, reser- vations must be made at least two weeks prior to departure. While a particular village can- not be selected, vacationers are assured of going to a village suited to their pro?le family, seniors, single people, couples, Sports enthusiasts. Under the plans. one week prior to departure Club Med noti?es clients as to which village they will be visiting The complete per person cost of the Wild Card package 15 a ?at $999: a Couple Wild Card is Guests of SunSwept's LeSport on St. Lucia receive a $250 credit. $1,996, and Family Escape depends on the number of family members traveling, with prices starting at $1,599 for one adult and one child. including air fare. Villages included in these pro- grams are located in the Bahamas. the Caribbean and Mexico. Club Med?s Forever Young pro- gram offers members 55 and over a $150 reduction on week- long vacations at 13 villages in the Caribbean, Mexico and French Polynesia. Finally, Club Med offers Kids Free Weeks at selected resorts during certain periods. The pro- gram provides a free stay for one child per full-paying parent or legal guardian. Children stay in the same room as their parents. - SuperClubs, in conjunction with Sit?nb'urst Holidays, has a special First Class All the Way package from Los Angeles to Jamaica at SuperClubs Grand Lido in Negril, Jamaica, or Sans Souci Lido in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The package is 10 percent to 15 percent commissionable to agents and can only be booked through Sunburst by calling 1- BOO-SUNBURST. 0 Ciboney, in Ocho Rios Jamaica, has an early booking incentive for 1996. Under the plan. when vacation ers book a standard room, the: receive a triple upgrade to a one bedroom villa suite if they booi 90 days prior to travel and pa: $99 per stay for the upgrade. According to the resort, the means a savings for a couple stay ing seven nights of $321 whe: compared to the regular rate. 0 SunSwept Resorts is offering a 'credit of $250 per couple whet spending a minimum of six night- at one of their three all-inclusiw properties: Rendezvous, the cou pies-only resort in St. Luci; (through year?s end), ant LeSport and LaSource or Grenada (through Dec. 15.) Single travelers will receive $125 credit on six-night stays a LeSport or LaSource. 0 Almond Beach Resort. Barbados offers a dine-arount program for guests staying a nun irnum of seven nights at eithe Almond Beach Village or Almont Beach Club. Under the program, guests are allowed to dine at one of severe local restaurants. In addition ti covering the cost of the mea? Almond provides transportation MUNIHLY TRAVEL WORLD NEWS Nomalk. Cl 33.383 JAN 1996 assess ?un?t-sass FAMILY: Roscoe! Beach a?ers free seven-night vacations Travel agents booking holiday vaca- tions for their clients will earn a free seven-night stay for every three book- ings made at shard- winning Super: nc nerve resort at Boscobel Beach Boscobel Beach Resort is situ- ated on a crescent of sugar-sand beach just 10 miles from Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Equipped with supervised children?s centers, organized play programs, a petting zoo, water sports and a Super- Nanny pro am, Boscobel . Beach keeps the hi busy while? parents can enjoy adult-only restaurants and ac- tivities, including tennis, snorkeling and golf, as well as relaxation beside the adult-only pool. Up to two children -. . . 4-. . (one per parent) under 14 stay, play and eat free; each additional child is All SuperClubs holidays are all-in- ?350 per day. clusive, meaning all meals, Super- Snacks and premium brand cocktails, unlimited use of all sports facilities, entertainment, recreational activities, weddings, hotel taxes, and airport transfers -- with absolutely no tip- ping allowed. - This exclusive offer to all travel agents is valid for client bookings made by January 15 (with a three- night minimum stay) for travel before December 20, 1996. . SuperClubs throughout the Carib- bean are: Breezes Bahamas it}, 6 Nassau; Breezes Montego Bay in Jamaica; and moderately priced Bre- ezes Runaway Bay in Jamaica (Bre- eze?s ?agship property); Grand Lido and Hedonism II, both in Negril; Sans Souci Lido in Ocho Rios, and nearby Boscobel Beach. For more contact: SUPER- CLUBS, 305192541925, useless-5436; FAX 305(925-0334. TRAVEL WEEKLY Sacaucus. NJ SEMI-WEEKLY H17788 cum'mns Free Weddings At SuperClubs NEW YORK Couples inter- ested in tying the knot under a golden Caribbean sun can do so for no additional fee at any SupeLCIubs in Jamaica or the Bahamas. SuperClubs will provide the marriage license, minister, wit? nesses, bouquet and bouton- niere, live music (at Sans Souci Lido only), champagne and a wedding cake. All couples have to do is choose their setting for the cer- emony. SuperClubs properties in Ja- maica include Grand Lido in Negril. Sans Souci Lido in Ocho Rios, Breezes Runaway Bay at Jamaica Jamaica, Breezes Mon- tego Bay, Boscobel Beach near Ocho Rios, Hedonism II in Ne- gril. and in the Bahamas, BreezesBahamasinNassatL Rates start at $2,070 per cou~ ple through Dec. 15. For more details or to make A reservations, call (800) PER. ?i an. Travel Agent February 26, Circ: 59,018 1996 New and More Choices To Accelerate Bookings OR AGENTS BOOKING THE CARIBBEAN, JAMAICA CERTAINLY BENEFITED FROM THE MISFOR- tunes of other hurricane-ravaged islands. However, some tourism of?cials say bookings for January and February have been a bit soft. ?Many people were panicking about no: being able to leave their homes or travel very long dis- tances due to the blizzard and harsh weather earlier in the season." says Marie Mentone, vice president of New ages to Jamaica. While her advanced bookings in March look much stronger, the problem in selling Jamaica lies more in the small. moderately priced hotels with European Plans ?The money is being made more in the all-inclusive siye h0tels and EP horels offering all-inclusive packages.? Mentone explains some of Sunburst?s healthy bookings are coming from clients looking for new hotel choices.'Braco Village Resort opened last year in Rio Bueno, 32 miles east of Montego Bay, and offers 180 rooms in an all-inclusive beach- front resort. ?Braco reaches an upper-middle-income travel market. It has a. great beach and it opened with more advance notice and lots of good agent education," says Mentone. Braco has four restaurants, sidewalk cafes, a sports complex and soccer ?eld, a nine-hole golfcourse, tennis 5 courts, jogging and hiking trails, and a range of water- sports. It bills itelf as a re-creation of an ?authentic? Jamaican village with Jamaican food, local art and music, and sidewalk vendors dressed in traditional Jamaican costumes. Call Jamaica-based FDR Holidays (800-654- 1337) for more information. While Braco certainly made a big splash when it opened last year, much resort attention in'the lasr few years has been paid to Ocho Rios and Negril. However, Bay. Jamaica?s tourist mecca and where most tourists fly into from the U.S. Breezes MoBay (800-859-7873) opened for couples lower than other SuperClubs resorts. This winter, FEBRUARY 26, 1996 Kingston is a sharp contrast to the island's lash long list of all-inclusive resorts. The SZO-room property shifted gears and became Holiday Inn?s ?rs: SunSpree Resort. :1 new line of midpriced. family?oriented vacation York-based Sunbursr Holidays. which sells land/air pack- descinations. Managed by Atlanta-based Holiday Inn Worldwide. the resort changed its vacation offerings from borh all- inclusive and European Plans to exclusively all-inclusive, says General Manager Jeff McKitty. The property under- (EP), which do not include meals in the daily room rate. went a $13 million renovation that ended in time for this winter season. The upgraded resort now has tropical- end," says Mentone, ?and Jamaica has so many all-inclu- themed guest rooms, new sports facilities and resraurants. a children?s club, lush landscaping, an open-air lobby and a new pool deck, says McKitty. Located five miles from Montego Bay's airport, the resort caters to singles. couples, hon- eymooners, family re- unions and business meetings. The resort?s Kids Spree Vacation Club welcomes young- srers from 6 months to 12 years old for free. The Granny's Nursery (for those up to 2 years old) features trained Jamaican nannies, who are noted for rocking restless lit- tle guests to a local lullaby. There are also aetivities for kids age that range from nature walks and Story times to reggae dance lessons and pizza parties?all supervised and included in the all-inclusive rate. For more information, call BOO-HOLIDAY. HOTIIE TRENDS Noel Mignott, the Jamaica Tourist Board?s (JTB) deputy director of tourism in New York, attributed Jamaica's sluggish winter start to an annual booking trend. ?The ?rSt few weeks or ?rst month of any new year are usually slow, and at the same time last year, Jamaica .Vlentone says, resorts likABreeges?MoB-ay and Holiday SunSpree Resort are breathing new life into Montego? was soft because of the unusually warm winter." If tourist arrivals add up to somewhere around last year?s numbers, though, Jamaica should have no problem. The JTB's preliminary year-end estimates for arrivals are 1.14 million from January to December 1995, repre- and singles late last year and offers all-inclusive rates senting a 3.9 percent increase over 1994. Cruise arrivals are esrimated at 592,000. Jamaica's Holiday Inn Montego Bay joined Jamaica's 5 [433? Year's projected good news doesn?t mean Mignott TRAVEL ?Name? is taking the rest ofthe season or 1996 with attraction in prospective visitors? minds, the JTB launched a TV ad campaign last service from Newark. which began in vice from Chicago, which began a couple of weeks ago. For the New York market?one of the island's largest?the JTB has embarked on a price-driven promOtion in conjunction with McDonald?s fasr-food reSturants. Com- mercials appearing on TV, in bus shelters. telephone bombs and I newspapers highlight the three-night air/land vaca- tions starting at $299 per person. This winter. the JTB launched a new ?Friends ofJamaica? program, aimed at drawing more repeat vis- itors and creating a large grassroots network of good- will ambassadors among pas: island patrons. The network is monitored and supported by the overseas regional offices and geared to each ?friend?s? interest. Pro- gram members receive pro? motional materials to show their friends. ?We want to encourage repeat clients. which will promote Jamaica through word-of-mourh,? Mignott says. The new ?Jamaica Honeymoon Trail" program provides honeymooners landing in Jamaica with a VIP welcome with gifts. HIGH-TECH EXPUSHBE Jamaica is also receiving additional exposure through the JTB's new Web site. ?It gives people with computers easy access to information on Jamaica without calling the JTB for brochures,? says Mignott. The Jamaica travel home page is dis- phOtos. says Mignott, incorporating rich colors and tropical designs that fill the screen when the page is accessed. To access information, call up the home page at ?The new look is what we believe rep- resents the special spirit ofJamaica,? says Mignon. ?If a computer image could be 2 JAMAICNTRAVEL AGENT vibrancy and warmth. this would 'be it." a grain of salt. To make the island a top Boonoonoonoos (Jamaican slang for December, and the carrier's new daily ser- many things that are pleasurable about Jamaica. including its exoric fruits and the Jamaica's tourism product. The address is [JamaicaTrvaoLcom]. agents tips on selling and booking Jamaica tinguished by high-tech art rather than including the smaller properties. which created to communicate the country?s From the home page. PC users can choose from six categories of information. The categories themselves were chosen in month focusing on Air Jamaica?s new daily keeping with Jamaica's spirit. The: ?delightful") section, for example. lists sound ofpami?pronounced ?patwa?), the Jamaican dialect. By calling up other categories, users will find everything abOUt Jamaica. from the latest news on the island's resort areas, accommodations categories. attactions, land and watersports activities, to basic infor- mation on geography, climate. currency and entry requirements. The JTB also esrablished an E-Mail 5 address for agents and consumers to ask queStions and make comments about For travel agents, the JTB is continuing the Jamaica Travel Specialist Course that it launched a year ago. The course gives and provides them with updated informa- t
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