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  NAB Planning Template and Checklist Submitted by Group 1 S.NoGROUP MEMBER NAMESFT NU 1 AASTHA SANDA B!!CHA #T 1$ 2 AB&SH!' PA#T 1$ 3 A&SH)A*A PATHA'#T 1$ 4 A AN ABB&#T 1$   BER  %1 %( %+ %,  Nego Importan 1  These are the gatherings incl!e! in arrange 234 Arrange ent is t$'icall$ a tra!e o( to settle col! &e e+'ecte!. Transaction, in a &sines a!#ances/ an! transactions, alongsi!e else ã    There are no rles, it can get *orse ã  Prepare, do your homework  ã  Consider every aspect of negotiation ã   As %or a co 'lete !eal ã  Be Innovative ã   earn to sa$ NO ã earn to li#e *ith silence ã   Parties ã   &nterest  These are the cra#ings, concerns, an! a''rehe or e 'lo$ ents or i 'al'a&le lie right, stats conceale! isses an! !istingish *hich isses a ã   -alues  These constitte all the 'ara eters o% &argaini interests. ã   BATNA  89: Four P 6t;s an acron$ %or Best Alternati#e to Negotiat gatherings !on5t achie#e an assention. =ithot along these lines its the ain i 'ets &ehin! a ã   Barriers  There are #arios &on!aries to an e(ecti#e tra toch &ase at an i!eal reslt. A %e* hin!rances in!i#i!al 're!is'ositions. ã   Po.er Strategic ane#ers an essential 'art in arrang $o are ca'a&le ho*e#er the other 'art$ !oesn ã   !thics Morals are general societal gi!elines one nee! *orth %or &oth the gatherings &$ all reasona&le 1.   Separate the people /ro Mo!erators are 'assionate 'eo'le *ith alternat ar&itrators %ree o% *hether $or concr or o'' 2.   #ocus on interests0 not 7ontrasts in ho&&ies characteri-e the tre iss an! a %eeling o% ha#ing a 'lace. 6n!i#i!als liste ho&&ies. Attain this &$ re#ealing to $o reall$ a
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