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2016 Paulding County Turkey Orders Greetings, It is once again time to purchase your market turkeys for the 2016 Paulding County Fair. Attached to this letter is the order form that needs to be completed
2016 Paulding County Turkey Orders Greetings, It is once again time to purchase your market turkeys for the 2016 Paulding County Fair. Attached to this letter is the order form that needs to be completed and submitted to the Paulding County Extension Office by Monday, January 4, Please note that if you are planning on taking a meat pen of turkeys they must be 2 hens. Also attached is a biosecurity form that needs to be completed and submitted with the turkey order form. The final attached item is brooding guidelines from Cooper Farms which describes how to care for your young turkeys (poults) once you receive them. Cooper Farms have been a wonderful supporter of the Paulding County 4-H and FFA programs and are once again offering up to 5 free poults for each youth taking a market turkey project. Youth may order more than 5 poults but must pay for each poult after 5. The prices are listed on the order form. Pick-up date for the turkeys will be Tuesday, January 26, 2016, from 3:00 to 4:30 pm. If you ordered more than 5 poults you must pay for them when you pick up your poults. Order forms can be dropped off at the Paulding County Extension Office, e- mailed to Michael at or mailed to the extension office. Please remember, if you mail the forms they must be received by January 4, If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at or send me an . I look forward to seeing all of your hard work at the 2016 Paulding County Fair. Good luck with your project. Sincerely, Michael Schweinsberg 4-H Youth Development Educator Junior Fair Turkey Order Form Order Due Date: January 4, 2016 Pick-up date: January 26, 2016 *All poults will be debeaked* Name: Phone: Address: Club: Order Information: 5 Free Poults per Participant Additional Poults Hens Straight Run Toms Total # Poults $3.25 ea. $3.25 ea. $4.00ea. Total # Poults Total $ Due Coopers will donate the first five poults to each member. Grand Total Return Form to: OSU Extension, Paulding County Fax: Fairground Drive Phone: Paulding, Ohio Checks Payable to: OSU Extension (money due at time of pick-up) Cooper Farms Biosecurity Cooper Farms takes pride in being able to contribute to the education of youth by supplying quality poults for fair projects. Our ability to continue this practice relies on the cooperation of the exhibitors (You). Following these suggested guidelines will ensure that the health of your project as well as our own production flocks is not threatened by disease. We ask that you please read through this handout, sign, and fill out the requested info. on the back and return this copy to us within 7 days (keep one copy for your reference). Healthy, disease free turkeys is our common goal and your best bet for achieving GRAND CHAMPION Turkey! A good Biosecurity program will eliminate contracting or spreading disease. 1. Provide and maintain clean, dry bedding. Contributes to better air quality Prevents foot pad infections Reduces flies & mosquitoes, which may transmit disease 2. Maintain a sufficient supply of food & water. Clean waters daily and feeders as needed this will help to eliminate any potential viruses &/or bacteria that may have contaminated them. Follow a proper feeding program stronger, healthier turkeys can put up a better fight against viruses/bacteria. Start poults on a starter feed mix (higher protein content) As they age, follow with a grower feed mix (lower protein content) Both should be available at local farm supply stores 3. Prevent direct contact with potential disease carriers (i.e. mice, squirrels, other rodents and wild birds). Keep feed pans & waters confined to a pen if left out in the open rodents &/or wild birds will find them and put your turkeys at risk of contracting a disease. 4. Wash with soap and water after handling animals and put on clean clothes; keep shoes and boots clean as well. As a rule of thumb When visiting other farms (esp. poultry & swine) change clothes and boots before revisiting your own turkeys. You never know what viruses/bacteria could be undetected at your own farm or at someone else s; avoid cross contamination. 5. Provide a warm, comfortable, safe & stress-free environment. Poults tend to pile under heat source when cold and will spread out when comfortable comfortable, stress-free poults equal healthy poults. Maintain good air quality through proper ventilation this will help prevent respiratory problems for your turkeys. Never allow yourself or anyone to mistreat or mishandle your turkeys. Animal welfare should be one of the top priorities of your project. 6. Never use open water sources to mist or cool turkeys, and NEVER as a drinking water source (i.e. unfiltered pond water). Waterfowl are attracted to open water and can spread viruses through their feces; these viruses can live for long periods of time potentially contaminating your animals upon contact. 1 7. Do what you can to house your project in a location that is not in close proximity to other poultry or swine farms (i.e. Coopers or other producers), as certain viruses may be transported through the air. As some viruses can be carried by winds, animals raised too close to other farms could spread disease even without direct contact. Please respect that our farms are a business. Our livelihood depends on healthy flocks; we take every necessary step to prevent diseases from coming into our farms or leaving our farms, we can only ask that you ll do the same. We wish you the best of luck with your turkey project and hope that you will join us in the fight against disease transmission. By signing below, you understand the risk of contracting and spreading disease to both Cooper Farms and your own animals and the importance of maintaining a proper Biosecurity program. Thank you for your cooperation!! X Exhibitor Signature & Date Signed X Parent/Guardian Signature & Date Signed You re Name & Home Address: PH: Home Owner s Name & Address where poults will be housed/raised: (If different than above) PH: Return completed forms in envelope provided or to: Cooper Farms Inc. Attn: Mallory Eberle PO BOX 547 Oakwood, OH COOPER FARMS TURKEY BROODING GUIDELINES Preparing your brooding area BEFORE your turkey poults arrive you should have everything set and ready for your newly hatched poults. Heat Temperatures should be approximately 105 degrees directly under your heat source. There must be an area for the poults to go where the temperature is around degrees. For example, Picture a 3 foot circle under your heat where the temperature is 105 degrees. You should then have a decreasing temperature outside of that circle which gets down to degrees. Poults need heat, but also must be able to get away from the 105 degree heat. Keep in mind, the temperature should be no cooler than 85 degrees at any location in the brooding area. Make sure there are no air drafts in your brooding area. After 5 days, slowly decrease temps so they are at 70 degrees at 5 weeks of age. Bedding 3-4 inches of dry pine shavings should be used as bedding. Newly hatched poults are very weak, so be sure the shavings are level with no hills or valleys in your litter. Feed Feed must be easily accessible to your poults. At day 1 they should almost have to run into it. Once the poults find the feed and as they get older, you can fill your feeders a little less and they will know where the feed is. Wherever you get your poultry feed, make sure that your starter feed has at least 28% protein. This should be fed for 6-8 weeks. You can back off to a 24% protein from 8 to 12 weeks and finish your birds out with a 18% protein. If needed, you can decrease your protein amounts just by mixing a starter and finisher turkey feed to the approximate levels. Water As with feed, make sure your fresh water supply is very easily accessible for your birds. Make sure that you change it and keep it fresh. Water cleanliness is very important for turkey health. Waterers should be washed regularly and if a disinfectant is used make sure the waterers are rinsed thoroughly. Placing the poults Place the poults ASAP in the brooding area. Give them time to get used to their new home. After a few hours, observe how they are sitting. If they are sitting huddled together directly under your heat source, you need to raise the temperature a couple degrees. If they are sitting in the outer area of your brooding space, you need to cool your temperature a couple degrees. Observe your turkeys and they will usually tell you what they need. But NEVER make extreme changes. Make 1-2 degree changes and give it a couple hours to see how the birds react.
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