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2016 Host Venue Manual Contents Section Page No Terms & Conditions of Hosting 3 Booking Engine and Reporting Suite 9 Bookings 10 Host Venue Payments 11 Coaches 12 Equipment 13 Appendices (template
2016 Host Venue Manual Contents Section Page No Terms & Conditions of Hosting 3 Booking Engine and Reporting Suite 9 Bookings 10 Host Venue Payments 11 Coaches 12 Equipment 13 Appendices (template coach contract, 14 invoice, application form) 2 2016 FAI Summer Soccer Schools Terms & Conditions of Hosting 3 Facilities In order to host a FAI Summer Soccer School, your club must have the following facilities: A quality playing pitch of at least the area of a full adult size pitch The playing area must be enclosed and away from main roads Separate changing and toilet facilities for both boys and girls that are in direct proximity to the field of play (i.e. not across a road or out of sight) Secure storage space for equipment 1 set of goal posts compliant with FAI Goalpost Safety regulations Sufficient and safe equipment to host a camp (i.e. bibs, cones, hurdles etc.) Note: The venue must be free of all construction or development work on the club buildings, surrounds or pitches for the duration of the Summer Soccer School. Venue Coordinator In order to host an FAI Summer Soccer School, your club must nominate a Venue Coordinator to carry out the following duties: Promote the camps locally in the area Provide a link between the FAI and the host venue Liaise on a regular basis with local FAI Development Officer Ensure the facility is opened and closed each day of the camp Liaise on a daily basis with the Head Coach on the camp Facilitate the delivery of playing kit, footballs and backpacks for the camp prior to the camp commencement date Ensure facilities are safe and clean for all participants and coaching staff Upload any bookings made directly with the club to the Summer Soccer Schools registration system Assist where possible in day one registration Assist with the reconciliation process when the camp has ended VERY IMPORTANT & MANDATORY Attend a Venue Coordinator Training Workshop in quarter one, 2016 Add all camp walk on details to the online booking system you will be provided with booking codes to do this The role of Venue Coordinator is extremely important. Their work, particularly around local promotion, will play a major role in the success of your camp. Please note, a number of Venue Coordinator Training Workshops will be held nationwide in the first quarter of It is very important that one session is attended by your club s Venue Coordinator as it is here that important aspects of the programme are discussed and promotional materials are handed out. 4 Customer Service Each 2016 Summer Soccer School venue must provide a contact phone number (& address if possible) that will be published alongside your own camp details on the Summer Soccer Schools website. This is to facilitate queries from parents/guardians about your camp. Please do not be worried about this our records from 2015 show that we received a very small number of phone calls per camp. Coach Recruitment FAI Summer Soccer School host venues must appoint coaches in close consultation with the local FAI Development Officer. All coaches must apply to coach on the Summer Soccer Schools through the FAI s Coach Application process where they will undergo Garda Vetting. All coaches must be cleared by Garda Vetting and complete the 3 hour Child Welfare Basic Awareness Workshop. No-one can coach on an FAI Summer Soccer School without undergoing the annual application process and having successfully completed Garda Vetting through the FAI and completing our 3 Hour Basic Awareness Child Welfare Workshop. FAI Summer Soccer Schools policy requires that all coaches must be over the age of 18 in order to coach on a Soccer School. Clubs must comply with this policy when consulting with their Development Officer on the coach selection process. Coaches under the age of 18 (and over the age of 16) whom have coached on a Summer Soccer School prior to the introduction of this policy may be permitted to coach on a Summer Soccer School in 2016, with sign off from the FAI Development Officer and the SSS team. These coaches must also complete their Garda vetting through the FAI. It is recommended that young coaches from the age of 16 to 18, who have not coached on Summer Soccer Schools previously, are utilised as assistant coaches or camp assistants in order to gain experience on a Summer Soccer School and prepare for coaching on Summer Soccer Schools in the future. These individuals should not be solely responsible for Summer Soccer School groups either on or off the field of play. All coaches under the age of 18 must get parental consent. (Outlined in coach application form) The coach appointment procedure will then occur as follows: The FAI Summer Soccer Schools will make a list of approved coaches available to FAI Development Officers Head Coach is appointed by the FAI s Development Officer, in consultation with the host venue Coaches are appointed by the club, in consultation with the FAI s Development Officer Clubs must submit list of appointed coaches to their local Development Officer for sign off, with the Development Officer in turn submitting it to the FAI 5 As in previous years, a Head Coaches Workshop weekend will be held in Dublin in May/June 2016 and must be attended by all Head Coaches. This includes medical training. FAI Development Officers will hold local coach training sessions which all coaches must attend in order to be approved for coaching on the FAI Summer Soccer Schools. Coaches who do not attend a training session cannot coach on a camp. Coach Payment FAI Summer Soccer School venues must agree payment with coaches directly and remunerate said payment to coaches. All coaches should be aware of their payment rate prior to the camp. Details of recommended pay scales are contained within the Summer Soccer Schools Host Venue Manual. Payment of assistant coaches is optional and at the discretion of the clubs. Clubs may consider offering such opportunities to young coaches on a voluntary basis. This procedure is endorsed by the FAI in the facilitation of coach development and gaining experience. However, coaches must be fully aware of their coaching capacity prior to the summer school commencing, with both parties in agreement. Assistant coaches are not counted in the recommended coach to participant ratio. Garda Vetting As part of FAI policy, it is a requirement for all Summer Soccer School coaches to undergo Garda Vetting through the association. Coaches who have not been Garda Vetted through the FAI must complete the vetting process before being permitted to coach on a Summer Soccer School. Therefore a coach must have received an approval letter from the FAI with their Garda vetting reference number prior to commencing coaching on a Summer Soccer School. Coaches who have been vetted through the Association previously must provide their vetting reference number on the coach application form and this number can be found on the approval letter received from the FAI. Coaches who have mislaid or not received their reference number should contact the FAI Child Welfare department on submission of their coaching application. Applicants who have not been approved or have not applied to be vetted by the deadline, will be unsuccessful in their coaching application. Accident & Incident Reporting Any incidents or accidents which occur on your FAI Summer Soccer School must be recorded and reported to the FAI as per our Accident/Incident procedures. 6 Host Venue Application Form Your club must complete the Summer Soccer Schools Host Venue Application Form for 2016 and submit it online no later than Friday February 26 th Old forms will not be accepted. Public Liability Insurance Summer Soccer Schools is insured under the Football Association of Ireland s insurance policy. In order to protect your club should an accident or incident occur on your property we require a copy of club s public liability insurance. A copy of your public liability Insurance should be scanned and ed to Alternatively you can post a copy to Summer Soccer Schools, FAI, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin 15. This should be sent no later than Friday February 26 th Host Venue Payment Cost to participate in 2015 was as follows: Mainstream Camp: 65 Mainstream Camp late booking*: 75 Goalkeeper Section: 65 Goalkeeper Section late booking*: 75 *A late booking is a booking that is made after the Tuesday before your camp i.e. Camp day 1 minus 5 days Extra-time Discount Participate on a 2 nd mainstream camp for just 50. You will receive a new football (kit and backpack not included) *Extra-time discount only applies to multiple Mainstream Camp bookings or multiple Goalkeeper Section bookings. Participants wishing to participate on a Goalkeeper Section and a Mainstream Camp in an alternative week will be required to pay full amount for each booking. Family Discount Receive 10 off for each sibling who books on to a camp Your local Development Officer will assist with ensuring we have all of the information we need in order to process your payment as quickly as possible. If you have taken cash bookings and walk on registrations, these need to be input into the booking engine. Your fee will be calculated as follows: No. of participants x 30 (- 5 per sibling booking) = total earned less cash bookings taken by club ( 65/ 75 x no. cash bookings) = total owed by FAI 7 Please note that you will only be paid for the amount of bookings that appear on your camp register. It is therefore of utmost importance that all walk on participant s details are inputted to the online booking system. Your payment will be processed on the Wednesday after your camp ends, either by bank transfer or cheque (whichever you prefer). We recommend you agree a timeframe for paying your coaches that allows for receipt of this payment. The Role of the FAI To coordinate the overall running of the programme To promote the camp nationally To provide clubs with local promotional materials To arrange the supply and delivery of equipment and gear to the venues To assist with the appointment of coaches To ensure all coaches are Garda-vetted To set out the coaching programme for the camps To train all coaches To provide medical training for all Head Coaches To provide an information line to manage general customer queries To set up and manage the website To ensure payment of all agreed amounts to the host venues To liaise and communicate with local Venue Coordinators directly and through FAI Development Officers 8 Booking Engine & Reporting Suite Making bookings The process of making a booking is now as quick and easy as ever due to the further development of our booking engine. Please encourage all parents to book online. Not only will this make your job easier as Venue Coordinator, we will also capture important information which will allow us to market and promote your camp much more effectively in the future. Accessing Camp Registers, Medical Records and other key information You will receive unique login details to an information portal which will allow you to: Monitor the progress of your camp throughout the campaign. View and download camp registers and medical reports. Upload key information on club bookings and walk ons. This process is of paramount importance to ensure child safety and welfare, effective customer service support and indeed correct and timely payment of host venue fee to your club Access to information portal and User Manual You will each be issued login details and a user manual in the coming weeks. Any issues or problems should be directed to in the first instance. Important information on handling bookings data: Please ensure that you adhere to the following guidelines when accessing and using information taken from your camp reports: You and your local Development Officer are the only people who will have direct access to your own camp register data and medical reports. Personal data provided by customers is confidential and should be treated accordingly. Do not share your login details with any third party. Do not circulate camp registers or medical registers via . Please liaise with your local Development Officer and provide your Head Coach with printed copies of your camp register and one copy of the medical report for your camp on the Monday morning of your camp. At the end of your camp, please return all camp registers and the medical report directly to your local Development Officer. 9 Bookings The quickest and easiest way for parents to book places on your camp is through the Summer Soccer Schools website. Every effort should be made to get people to log on to to make their bookings. Remember, it is only early online bookings that are eligible for entry to our competition to play at half time at Aviva Stadium when we play Holland in May! If a parent absolutely cannot book online but still wishes to use a credit card to make a booking, they can call where their booking will be taken. They will not be eligible to enter our competition though. Club Bookings We strongly recommend that every effort is made to encourage all parents to book online. However, if a parent cannot make a booking online or over the phone, this booking can be taken directly by the Venue Coordinator. An application form must be completed for each child along with payment. An application form is in the appendices of this document and can be photocopied for use. Cheques or postal orders should be made payable directly to the Host Venue and not the FAI. Any monies received directly by a Host Venue will form part of the overall payment due to the Host Venue. Any applications received by you will need to be input to the Summer Soccer Schools booking engine. You will receive login access which will allow you to do this. These bookings will not be eligible for entry to our competition to play at Aviva Stadium at half time of the Holland game in May! If you are taking a club booking, please use this price list: Participant Details Price Camp first child 65 Camp additional brothers & sisters (family only) 55 each *Camp Extra Time booking (NO KIT RECEIVED PARTICIPANT MUST HAVE 50 ALREADY BEEN BOOKED ONTO ANOTHER CAMP AND USE THAT KIT) Camp Late booking (Booked within 5days of camp start date) 75 *Please note that extra-time discount only applies to multiple Mainstream Camp bookings or multiple Goalkeeper Section bookings. Participants wishing to participate on a Goalkeeper Section and a Mainstream Camp in an alternative week will be required to pay full amount for each booking. Remember taking a club booking means that you must enter information from the application form online. It is much easier to get everyone to book online! If a parent contacts our call centre wishing to make a booking by cash or cheque, he/she will be given the contact number you provided as your Club Key Contact during the Host Venue application process. 10 Host Venue Payments Host Venue payments will be processed on a weekly basis and a bank transfer of funds to Host Venues will occur on the Wednesday after a camp ends. Please ensure we have the correct bank details for your club in order to ensure there is no delay with transfer of funds. Processing Your Payment With the introduction of our new booking engine and reporting suite, completing your payment is easier than ever. A reconciliation of all bookings processed online or by phone through our call centre will automatically be generated through our booking system you will not have to worry about reconciling this, however, we will provide you with a full invoice detailing all monies from your camp. On the Wednesday of your camp you will be required to access our finance system (logins will be provided from FAI) and input details of any club bookings and walk on bookings which were processed by you. Please note that in order to be paid for all bookings at your camp you must input all club and walk on bookings to the system. Your camp invoice will be generated through our system and sent to you by on the Friday of your camp. Kits All kits must be counted and reconciled with your DO once the camp is finished. SSS team will reconcile camp number against the number of kits used and returned. Remember! Your form must be sent on the Wednesday of your camp week in order for us to process payment on Wednesday the following week. Any delay in form submission will mean payment is delayed. Checklist Task When? Completed Check all kit on picking list has been received Thursday/Friday pre-camp Ensure all club booking / walk on details have Wednesday of your camp been entered through the booking engine Check invoice received from FAI Friday of your camp 11 Coaches Coach payments will be managed by the Host Venue. In order to ensure that you are in a position to pay coaches in a timely manner, please ensure the Summer Soccer Schools team have your club s correct bank details. The process is straight forward and the steps for organising coaches and their payments are outlined below. Assignment Coaches must be assigned to your camp. This should be done in consultation with your Development Officer as they have a full list of available coaches to hand. Only coaches who have been processed through the Summer Soccer Schools application process can work on the camps and all coaches must be Garda vetted through the FAI and have completed our Child Welfare Workshop. It is also a requirement that all coaches must attend a Summer Soccer Schools workshop hosted by your local Development Officer. The recommended coach:participant ratio is 15:1 on our camps. This ratio includes the Head Coach. Participant numbers need to be monitored so you know when to add additional coaches to your pool. Once coaches are selected, your Development Officer must inform the Summer Soccer Schools team. Payment Rates of pay must be agreed with coaches. We recommend a budget of per child (based on a coach looking after a group of around 15 children). Clubs can agree a fixed fee per course and are encouraged to liaise with their Development Officer in advance of agreeing wages with coaches. Coaches should invoice the Host Venue on the final day of camp in order for payment to be processed by the following Friday. A template coaches invoice is included in this pack and will also be supplied to coaches. Your Development Officers will be provided with our recommended pay scale for coaches. Please liaise with your local Development Officer and coaches in advance of your camp (10-14 days prior to camp start date) to agree coach payments. Contracts & Invoices Coaches should operate as independent contractors and sign contract(s) agreeing to provide services to a club /clubs and coaches should invoice clubs for their services. The FAI will provide template contracts and invoices which the coaches and clubs can use if you so wish, but you can also use your own versions. These should be kept on file at the club. Coaches are responsible for filing their own tax returns. 12 Kits and Equipment All kits, footballs, backpacks, certificates and parents information sheets will be delivered to your club on the Thursday before your camp. Please ensure that someone from your club will be available to take the delivery and check the content of the delivery on the day. Below is a checklist for you to ensure that you re ready for your Summer Soccer School! Checklist Item Kits, backpacks and footballs Tick box First aid kit and supplies Set(s) of goalposts (with appropriate goalpost safety accessories) Cones Poles Bibs Please ensure that your club has enough of the above equipment required for your camp should it reach its capacity (maximum number of participants). If you need to borrow additional equipment, please contact your local FAI Development Officer. 13 Appendices Template Coach Contract Template Coach Invoice Participant Application Form 14 Template Contract ENGAGEMENT OF INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR This Agreement is made the day of 2016 between (hereinafter known as the Club) and
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