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Conference: Hegel and the Concept of History, 2016
  1 Hege L ab 3 rd  International Workshop HEGEL AND THE CONCEPT OF WORLD HISTORY Supported by the London Graduate School   & the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy  , Kingston University 14-15 April 2016 Venue:  Antoinette Hotel, Beaufort Road, Kingston, KT1 2TQ   Objektiver Geist    occupies an intermediary position in the general context of Hegel’s system. It was, however, a late “discovery” encountered in a double exteriority, both outside the subjective and separate from absolute spirit. Hegel’s    passion for the objective  led to numerous returns to the system’s middle term to rework and update its content. When this effort was interrupted by the philosopher’s death, the first Hegelians took up the challenge to furnish the system’s middle grounds with the philosophy of history and other posthumous fragments of teaching or early writings. If the Hegelian concept of objective spirit   was developed on the grounds of history, rather than political economy, is the concept itself subject  -specific? What does it cover, designate, constrain, impose, or conceptualize? Is objective spirit   still to be thought there, where it imposed itself on Hegel, on the first Hegelians, and on later   ones (Left, Right and Centre)? This two-day conference seeks to address questions arising from the concept of world history in relation to the form, function, and content of objective spirit as presented in the Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences  and Elements of the Philosophy of Right  . Plenary speakers: Stefania Achella  (University of Chieti, Pescara & Ecole Normale Supérieure of Pisa) Myriam Bienenstock   (University Francois-Rabelais, Tours) Paolo Diego Bubbio  (Western Sydney University) George di Giovanni  (McGill University) Bruno Haas  (University of Dresden) Jean- Francois Kervégan  (University of Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne)  Organisers :  Hager Weslati (LGS, Kingston University) with  Maurizio Pagano (HegeLab, University of Eastern Piedmont, Vercelli) and  Peter Osborne (CRMEP, Kingston University)    2 CONFERENCE PROGRAMME 14 April 2016 10.0 0 10.30   REGISTRATION & COFFEE 10.30   11.00   Opening & Welcome (HAMPTON SUITE) Peter Osborne (CRMEP) Maurizio Pagano (HegeLab, University of Eastern Piedmont) 11.00   1 3 :30 OPENING PLENARY: (Chair: Maurizio Pagano) “Philosophy of History”: Kant vs. Hegel   Jean- Francois Kervégan (University of Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne)  A Hegelian Contribution to the Question of Civil Religion Stefania Achella  (University of Chieti) Reason in History: on how Kojève Misled his Readers George di Giovanni (McGill University) LUNCH BREAK 15.00- 16:30 PANEL SESSIONS (I)   PANEL A: Hegel & Modernity   BEAUFORT SUITE Chair: Peter Osborne PANEL B: Civil Society CORONATION ROOM Chair: Hager Weslati PANEL C: Hegel, Time & History   GALLERY LOUNGE Chair: Isabel Millar Oxana Timofeeva  (European University, Saint Petersburg) “The Owl and the Angel”   Christoph Schuringa (New College of the Humanities, London) “The Judgement of the World”   Jim Vernon  (York University, Toronto) “A Passion for Justice: Hegel and Martin Luther King Jr.”   Guido Frilli  (Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies, Naples) “Back to Nature: Is there Right in Hegelian World History? ”   Giorgio Cesarale  (University of Venice) “Hegel’s Critique of Rousseau’s Image of Civil Society”   David Merrill  (Hertfordshire University) “The Double Objectivity of Hegel’s Concept of Civil Society”    Antonios Kalatzis  (Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Humanities ) “How Much History in Hegel’ s World History? ”    Alessandro De Cesaris  (University of Eastern Piedmont) “Philosophy of History as Science of the Individual” Gaetano Chiurazzi (University of Turin) “Hegel and the Relation between Philosophy and Time” 17:00- 18:30 RECEPTION (KUSU)  3 15 April 2016 10:30- 12:00 PANEL SESSIONS (II)   PANEL A: Right, Freedom, Justice  BEAUFORT SUITE Chair: Willow Verkerk PANEL B: Hegel & Biopolitics CORONATION ROOM Chair: Peter Hallward PANEL C: State & Religion  GALLERY LOUNGE Chair: Isabell Dahms Sa š a Hrnjez  (University of Heidelberg) “Revolution within the Logic of Freedom: Hegel between Right and World History”   Christian Hofmann  (Institute of Philosophy, University of Hagen) “The C oncretion of Freedom as a Remaining Task”    Andres Alonso Martos (University of Valencia) “Hegel and the General Clause”   Gavin Rae  (University of Madrid) “Collective Spirit, Individual Ethic and the Problem of Poverty in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right”   Tomas Kristofory  (University of Brno) “Rabble Sublated”    Ari Korhonen  (University of Helsinki) “Hegel’s Objective Spirit in the Light of New Materialism” Matteo Cavalleri  (University of Bologna) “ The Secularity of the Hegelian State and its Theological Foundation”   Jeremiah John  (Southern Virginia University) “The Religious Experience of Sittlichkeit    in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right”   12.00- 13:00 LUNCH BREAK 13:00- 14:30 PANEL SESSIONS (III) PANEL A: Philosophy & Religion BEAUFORT SUITE Chair: Maurizio Pagano PANEL B:  Actualisations of Spirit CORONATION ROOM Chair: Hager Weslati Rita Serpytyte   (University of Vilnius) “The Rose in the Cross of the Present”    Arthur Kok   (Tilburg University) Post-Secular State: the Value of Religion in the Public Domain. Mohamed Meziane (Paris I) “Politics, Religion and the ‘Eastern Question’ in Hegel’s Philosophy of History”   Jamila Mascat    (Paris I)” Hegel and the Advent of Modernity. A Social Ontology of Abstraction ”   Nathaniel Boyd   (Brunel University) “The Spirit’s Actuality in its Entire Range of Inwardness and Externality”   Simon Skempton  (Higher School of Economics, Moscow) “Intersubjectivity and the Historical Actualisation of the World Spirit”    4 14.3 0 15.00 COFFEE BREAK 15.00   17.30   CLOSING PLENARY (HAMPTON SUITE) Chair: Peter Osborne On the Use and Abuse of Teleology in History Myriam Bienenstock (University Francois-Rabelais, Tours) The Encyclopedia’  s § 548 Bruno Haas (University of Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne) The ‘I’, World History, and Collective Consciousness in Hegel Paolo Diego Bubbio (Western Sydney University)
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