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T Trp 2016 Ckie Sale Trp Ckie Manager Plan Bk Service Unit Ckie Manager Cntact Infrmatin: Hme Phne: Cell Phne: Best t call between: Please dn t call after: Cuncil website: gskentucky.rg Baker website:
T Trp 2016 Ckie Sale Trp Ckie Manager Plan Bk Service Unit Ckie Manager Cntact Infrmatin: Hme Phne: Cell Phne: Best t call between: Please dn t call after: Cuncil website: gskentucky.rg Baker website: abcsmartckies.cm SNAP website: abcsnap.cm Lg in: Passwrd: Trp Check List Check each item as cmpleted t have a successful Ckie Prgram! My trp is registered fr the current year. All f my girls that are selling are registered fr the current year. Our trp has tw adults registered. I have a current backgrund check n file within the last 3 years. I have a current ACH frm with updated trp bank accunt infrmatin n file at the Lexingtn Office. I have signed the Trp Manager Agreement frm and have agreed t take respnsibility f the annual Girl Scut Ckie Prgram fr my trp. I have taken nline training. If a new trp ckie manager, yu must take in persn training with yur Service Unit Ckie Manager. Hld a parent meeting. Explain deadline, rewards, CC Direct, expectatins, and cllect signed parent permissin respnsibility frms. Distribute girl rder frms. Lg int SNAP and update my cntact infrmatin and becme familiar with the nline rdered system CC. Remind girls t begin selling January 1 st including CC Direct nline. Enter the trp initial rder in SNAP by January 15 th. Sign up fr ur first rund f bth sale selectins starting January 25th (Fayette Cunty and Nrthern Kentucky trps) r check with Service Unit Ckie Managers fr bth sale pprtunities in yur cunty. Find ut when and where yur Service Unit ckie delivery will be by cntacting Service Unit Ckie Manager the last week f January. Pick up trp s initial ckie rder week f February 1 st 5 th. Srt all initial rder ckies and prepare receipts fr each girl befre anyne picks up ckies. Be sure t cmplete a receipt fr each ckie pick up, sign and date. Keep ne cpy. Prepare fr yur ckie bths. Get yur bling tgether, and a schedule fr yur parents and girls. Review bth sale rules n pages Attend yur ckie bths prmting Operatin Ckie and 5 fr Five t maximize sales. Be sure t make depsits after bths int yur Trp Bank Accunt. Participate in Natinal Ckie Weekend by reviewing 5 skills t girls t becme Stellar Sellers. Cllect mney frm girls/parents ften and depsit immediately int Trp Bank Accunt. Submit any UDF (uncllectible debt frms) 5 days prir t each sweep date. Mre infrmatin fund n page 17. Cmmunicate with the Service Unit Ckie Manager regarding any excess supply f ckies n March 10, 2016 s transfer arrangements can be made. (Excessive supply = number f unsld ckie packages are greater than 20 % f ttal ckie packages rdered during entire sale.) Be sure yu have enugh mney in trp bank accunts t cver yur three sweeps in March. See infrmatin n pages Recncile the sale with each girl, cllecting all her mney due and gathering her final reward selectins in SNAP by March 30 th. Cmplete ckie evaluatin with yur girls. Receive girl rewards frm Service Unit Ckie Manager in May and immediately distribute t each girl. 2 Calendar at a Glance January 2016 Sun Mn Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat 1 2 Girls may begin taking rders Trps 16 rder due in SNAP Bth Sale Lttery fr Fayette/NKY February 2016 Sun Mn Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat 31 1 Delivery 2 Delivery 3 Delivery 4 Delivery 5 Delivery Bth Sales Bth Sales/Na. Ckie Wknd Bth Sales UDF due fr 3/2/16 sweep Natinal Ckie Weekend 27 Natinal Ckie Weekend March 2016 Sun Mn Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat BANK SWEEP! 9 16 Bth sales UDF due fr 3/23/16 sweep 23 BANK SWEEP Transfers and Recgnitins Due BANK SWEEP UDF due fr 3/30/16 sweep The Girl Scut Ckie PROGRAM 5 Skills Fr Girls Prgram When girls participate in the largest girl-led business in the wrld, they earn and learn - they earn funds fr their Girl Scut activities while learning 5 skills that will help them in business and life. Girls set ckie sale gals and, with their trp, create a plan t reach them. This matters because girls need t knw hw t set and reach gals t succeed in schl, n the jb, and in life. Girls decide where and when t sell ckies, hw t market their sale, and what t d with their earnings. This matters because girls must make many decisins, big and small in their lives. Girls develp a budget, take ckie rders, and handle custmers mney. This matters because girls need t knw hw t handle mney frm their lunch mney t their allwances t later in life. Girls learn hw t talk (and listen!) t their custmers, as well as learning hw t wrk as a team with ther girls. This matters because it helps them with grup prjects, sprts teams and later n at wrk. Girls act hnestly and respnsibly during every step f the ckie prgram. This matters because emplyers want t hire ethical emplyees and the wrld needs ethical leaders. ACH 9 Adult Rewards 20 Benefits t Participate 6 Bling Yur Bth 16 Bth Patch 8 Bth Sale Guidelines Calendar at a Glance 2 Checklist 2 Ckie Business Badges 5 Ckie GSUSA Pin 5 Ckie Line Up 7 Credit Card 9 Quick Page Reference: Cupbard Authrizatin Card 15 Cupbards 15 Delivery 12 Dessert Challenge 14 Five fr Five 13 Five Skills 4 Getting Started 10 Girl Rewards 7 Gal Getter Patch 8 Materials 9 Mney 17 Natinal Ckie Weekend 16 Online Patch 8 Preventing Leftver Ckies 18 Price 7 Respnsibilities 6 Safety Guidelines 9 Share Patch 8 SNAP - Recgnitins 19 SNAP - Transfers 18 SNAP Initial Order 11 Stellar Seller 16 Sweeps 17 Training 9 Trp Prceeds Breakdwn 7 T-shirt Order Frm 20 Uncllectible Debt Frm 17 4 Earned G.S.U.S.A. Ckie Recgnitins Prgram All girls wh participate in the Girl Scut Ckie Prgram are eligible t earn the annual Ckie Activity Pin purchased thrugh the shps. Here s hw the girls achieve the 5 Skills thrugh the Girl Scut Ckie Prgram: 1. Gal Setting Set persnal learning gals. What d yu want t learn this year? What d yu want t be better? Share this with at least ne ther persn r yur grup. Set persnal sales gals fr yurself based n yur persnal and grup gals. Keep a recrd f yur accmplishments each year. 2. Decisin Making Develp a basic business plan fr yur ckie sale. Wrk as a team with ther Girl Scuts t decide when and where yu ll see ckies and what yu ll d with the mney yu earn. 3. Mney Management Develp a budget fr accmplishing at least ne f the gals yu set in the Gal Setting step. Use this budget t help determine yur sales. Be able t explain hw the mney earned in the Girl Scut Ckie Prgram helps yu, yur grup and yur cuncil. 4. Peple Skills Practice yur elevatr speech fr custmers abut what yu are selling, why yu are selling it, and why they shuld purchase it. Make a list f custmers yu will apprach. Dn t frget peple yu sld t last year! 5. Business Ethics Discuss hw living the Girl Scut Prmise and Law applies t what yu d in the Girl Scut Ckie Prgram as a business. Financial Literacy and Ckie Business Badges find ut abut earning all these badges in The Girl s Guide t Girl Scuting Bks which can be purchased in any f the cuncil shps. Ckie Basics What are the benefits t participatin? By participating in the annual Girl Scut Ckie Prgram, nt nly d yur girls learn the 5 Skills but it s supprting yur trp and cuncil. Funds earned will supprt yur trp gals and activities thrughut the year. Yur trp may be saving fr a large trip even! Funds earned thrugh the prgram als supprt yur cuncil. Girl Scuts f Kentucky s Wilderness Rad Cuncil uses the funds frm the Ckie Sale Prgram t: Prvide financial assistance t girls wh wuld therwise nt have a Girl Scut experience. Prvide amazing prgrams with affrdable fees. Wh can participate? All registered Girl Scuts with a signed permissin slip can participate in the Ckie Prgram. All trps must be clear f any debt due t cuncil in rder t participate. A girl with an utstanding debt cannt take traditinal rder but she may participate in bth sales with her trp. The trp must have: A current trp bank accunt with an ACH frm n file at the reginal Girl Scut Center in Lexingtn. At least tw apprved adults registered with the trp, ne being the leader. A registered, vlunteer-apprved adult as the Trp Ckie Manager wh will sign the trp manager agreement frm and has a current backgrund check cmpleted. Wh s respnsible and fr what? The Trp Ckie Manager is respnsible fr: 1 Making sure anytime ckies r mney exchanges hands that a receipt is written dated and signed. 2 Ckies rdered thrugh SNAP and picked up at delivery, ckies exchanged r swapped with anther trp, r ckies picked up at a ckie cupbard. 3 All girl payments received frm parents r at bth sales. Always cmplete a receipt. Fllw the financial prcedures n pages fr detailed steps t mney management success. 4 All girl rewards earned by the trp. Trp managers shuld distribute girl rewards within tw weeks f receiving them. 5 Utilizing SNAP and receipts t manage the ckies received by each girl, btaining the parent permissin slips and signed receipts and string them in a safe and secure place. Each family is respnsible fr: 1. Payment and delivery t custmer f ALL ckies rdered and picked up fr their Girl Scut. 2. All mnies cllected frm custmers fr the purchase f ckies. Families must turn in all payments t the trp manager by set deadlines. When des the Ckie Prgram run? Girls can begin taking rders January 1, Initial rders are due in SNAP January 15, Delivery happens week f February 1, run February 5 thru March 26, Sweeps happen March 2, 23 and 30, Ckie Basics There are 8 great flavrs f ckies that will sell fr $4.00 per package this year. In additin, we will ffer fr the secnd year, a limited amunt f Tri s (Gluten Free Ckie) which will retail fr $5.00 a package. Tr is Why des Girl Scuts f Kentucky s Wilderness Rad need t increase the retail price f Girl Scut ckies? T maintain and expand ur high quality prgramming and services fr girls and adults, the price fr ckies has been increased by 50 cents t $4.00 a bx. This change addresses inflatin and the rising csts f raw ingredients and transprtatin assciated with the prgram. Last price increase was 7-12 years ag depending n which area f the cuncil yu are frm. What s the return plicy n ckies? There is NO return plicy n all ckies. Trps and parents wh sign fr ckies cannt return them t the trp r t the cupbards/cuncil. If a package is damaged it can be replaced at any ckie cupbard that handles mixed cases fr the same ckie variety. This plicy is cnsistent with cuncils natinwide. Hw much will my trp earn? New this year! Trp prceeds are based n the per girl average (PGA) f yur trp. Take the ttal number f packages sld by yur trp, divided by the number f girls registered and plug that int the chart belw t figure hw much yur trp will earn per package sld. Dn t wrry, SNAP (nline ckie system) will figure yur PGA s at the end f the sale. PGA Rate per package packages $ packages $ packages $.65 Junir, Cadette, Senir and Ambassadr Trps (with majrity vte) will have the ptin t pt ut f girl rewards and earn an additinal $.10 per package. What else can my girls earn by participating in the sale? A cmplete list f girl rewards can be fund n the insert f the initial ckie rder card. Here are a few f the highlights: 7 Ckie Basics What are sme f the ther patches girls may earn? There are 4 ther patches that yur girls may earn by participating in the ckie sale. These patches have requirements that the girls must fulfill in rder t achieve the patches. 1. Gal Getter Patch girls must lg int and then click n CC (Ckie Cmmand) and this will take them thrugh the stages f setting their package gal with the ckie sale. Once they set their gals, they can send ut s thrugh CC t slicit custmers nline. Custmers will have a chice t either make a prmise t purchase (girl will deliver and cllect mney) OR t make a purchase (custmer will pay shipping and pay with credit card.) 2. Online Patch girls must SELL 12 PACKAGES thrugh CC in rder t earn this patch. 3. Ckie Bth Sale Patch girls must participate in any bth sale between February 5 March 26, Ckie Share Patch girls must sell 5 packages twards ur Ckie Share Prgram. These packages are dnated ut t either: -Operatin Ckie Share ur cuncil spnsred prgram. Ckies are dnated t three rganizatins (dmestic vilence shelter in Kentucky, lcal Fd Banks and men/wmen serving in the military). These packages are virtual ckies. Yu will rder them in SNAP under REORDER and allcate them t the girls but yu will never physically have these ckies. -Trp Operatin Ckie Share The girls decide where they wuld like t dnate their ckies. With this ptin yur trp is respnsible fr the physical inventry and dnatin f the packages t the chsen rganizatin. 8 Safety Tips Ckie Basics Shw yu re a Girl Scut. Wear yur GS membership pin and/r GS clthing t identify yurself as a Girl Scut. Buddy up. Always use the buddy system. It s nt just safe, it s mre fun! Be street wise. Sell in familiar areas and neighbrhds. Partner with adults. Daisies, Brwnies and Junirs must be accmpanied by an adult. Cadettes, Senirs and Ambassadrs shuld be supervised by an adult and shuld never sell alne. Adults must be present at ckie bths in public places at all times. Plan ahead. Always have a plan fr safeguarding mney avid walking arund with large amunts f it r keeping it at hme r schl. Give mney t supervising adults wh shuld depsit mney int trp bank accunts as sn and ften as pssible. D nt enter. Never enter the huse f a custmer. Avid selling t peple in vehicles r ging int unfamiliar areas. Sell in the daytime. Sell dr t dr nly during daylight hurs. Prtect privacy and be net wise. D nt give ut girls name and addresses. Use adult s whenever pssible. Be safe n the rad. Always fllw safe pedestrian practices, especially when crssing at intersectin r walking alng radways. Credit Card Use Trps may pt t take credit card payments frm their custmers using a smart phne, IPhne r credit card readers. Trps must prvide their wn equipment and incur any/all fees attached t accepting/using credit cards. Trps CANNOT increase the cst f the package f ckies t cver any credit card fees. Credit card use will in n way reduce the amunt due by the trp t cuncil. Training All trps need t have at least ne adult trained fr the ckies. Service Units will hld trp trainings smetime in Nvember/December. Cuncil will als have an nline training available fr experienced trp ckie managers r fr any adult cnnected t a trp that wuld like t use it. ACH Prcedures Trps must have a trp bank accunt with prper signers and turn in an ACH frm t cuncil. Trps must have an ACH frm n file t participate in the ckie prgram. Trps shuld depsit mney ften during the selling dates. Trps accepting persnal checks must make sure t depsit in enugh time t clear the bank. Trps with families wing need t turn in a UDF (Uncllectible Debt Frm) by five wrking days prir t each sweep date. ACH withdraws will be between March 2 March 30, The ttal amunt due t cuncil is listed in SNAP under TROOP BALANCE SUMMARY REPORT. Materials Trps will receive the fllwing materials t help them with all aspects f the ckie sale: 1. This handbk 2. Parent permissin and respnsibility frm 3. Girl Order Frm 4. Ckie Tl Kit which includes pster fr bth sale 5. Mney Envelpe 6. Uncllectible Debt Frm 9 December Make sure yur trp is cmpliant t participate: Trp must be registered fr the trp year. Trp must have ACH n file at the Lexingtn Office. Trp must sign Ckie Sale Trp Manager Agreement and turned int Service Unit Ckie Manager. Trp must have tw adults registered with cmpleted backgrund checks within the last three years. Trp must NOT OWE mney frm past prduct sales. If yur trp checks ut and is cmpliant, yu will receive yur lg in and passwrd fr SNAP (nline cmputer system) frm yur Service Unit Ckie Manager. Make sure yu have received yurs and are familiar with hw t lg in. Hw d I get started with my trp? Set up a meeting with yur parents and girls and cver these steps: 1. Explain all aspects f the sale including 5 skills, price f ckies, deadlines and what will be expected f them. 2. Have each parent cmplete a parent permissin frm befre yu hand them an rder card. Cllect these slips and keep them in a safe and secure place. 3. Discuss hw many bxes each parent is cmfrtable with rdering. 4. Wrk with the parents and girls t set a trp gal. Think abut what the girls wuld like t d with their prceeds. 5. Encurage the girls t set their wn gals based n this trp gal and the reward level they wuld like t earn. 6. Encurage girls and parents t use CC Direct (Ckie Cmmand) it s the fastest and easiest way fr girls t reach their gals. This is a safe and secure website that girls/parents lg nt t set gals, slicit custmers and track rders. 7. Discuss if yu have Junir r lder trp if yu wuld rather earn the girl rewards OR earn an additinal $.10 per package in trp prceeds. This shuld be a majrity trp girl vte. 8. Make sure the girls and parents understand they CANNOT SELL DOOR TO DOOR PRIOR TO JANUARY 1 st. Order taking begins n January 1 st. What if a girl has separated parents? Have each parent cmplete their wn parent permissin slip. Prvide each parent with their wn rder frm. Yu shuld handle the sale as if tw girls were selling. They each pick up their wn ckies and keep separate receipts. This alleviates cnfusin abut wh is respnsible fr the prduct. 10 January What happens in January? Girls may begin taking rders with the rder card AND selling n CC nline n January 1, Trps place their INITIAL ORDER IN SNAP n later than January 15, 2016 by 11:59 p.m. Yu will receive yur lg in and passwrd frm yur Service Unit Ckie Manager in December. SNAP is the nline ckie rdering system frm ABC Bakers. Yu will use SNAP t place yur initial rder, rder extra ckies after initial rder, track girls ttals, register fr bth sales and rder final rewards. G t: Use lg in and passwrd that was assigned t yu by yur Service Unit Ckie Manager. Click My Trp at the tp f the screen. Click Edit Trp Infrmatin -make sure yur chices fr Trp prceed and recgnitin plans are crrect. Enter r update infrmatin in all fields and click Edit Trp t save yur data. An address is required fr each Trp. If yu d nt have an address enter a valid address fr anther adult Trp member. Click n Ckie Icn at the tp, then click Initial rder. Remember yu are placing a Trp rder fr each variety in full case quantities. There are 12 packages in a case. Orders shuld be placed based n hw many cases yur Trp needs t begin the sale. Yu can always rder additinal cases after this first initial rder. Make sure yu rder enugh t cver yur parents rders and the first tw weeks f bth sales. Lk at what yu rdered fr initial rder in SNAP last year under SNAP ARCHIVE REPORTS. This will help yu determine what yu need. If yu are brand new trp, yu can find tiered recmmendatins f what t rder n ur website at gskentucky.rg under COOKIES. Yu can save, cmmit, r cancel yur rder. Order must be cmmitted at Trp level in rder t schedule pickup frm yur delivery statin. Check with yur Service Unit Ckie Manager when ckies will be delivered t yur Service Unit and put it n yur calendar! Week f January 25, 2016 fr Licking Valley and Fayette Cunty trps lg int SNAP and fllw the instructins t apply fr that are secured and rganized by the cuncil. Fr ther trps, check with yur Service Unit Ckie Manager fr bth pprtunities. 11 Delivery February Ckie Delivery happens the week f February 1 thru 5, Yu shuld receive ntificatin at least ne week befre delivery where and when yur Service Unit Ckie Delivery will happen. What shuld I expect at ckie delivery? Each delivery site is a bit different but here are the basics: Arrive at yur assigned r chsen time. Be sure t use a vehicle large enugh t hld all yur ckies at nce. See the chart belw fr general guidelines n hw many cases will fit in yur car. Please nte that this guide is accurate if yur car if free f car seats, strllers and the like. If yu need multiple vehicles t pick up yur rder, be sure yu arrive and get in line tgether. Yu are required t get ut f yur car and cunt the ckies. Yur trp is respnsible fr the ckies that yu sign fr. If there is an errr, ntify a delivery wrker immediately. If yu get hme and find an errr, cntact yur Service Unit Ckie Manager immediately. If due t an emergency yur trp misses yur ckie pick up, cntact yur Service U
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