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Curriculum Design
    Assignment  –  FP015 CCD   1 SUBJECT ASSIGNMENT: CURRICULUM AND COURSE DESIGN GENERAL INFORMATION:   This assignment has to fulfil the following conditions:  - Length: 6 to 8 pages  (without including cover, index or appendices  – if there are any-).   - Font type:  Arial   or Times New Roman .   - Font size: 11 .   - Spacing: 1.5 .   -  Alignment:  Justified  .   Use the following Word document as the template for the assignment. Follow the guidelines of presentation and format, as for quotes and bibliographical references, which are detailed in the Study Guide.   Submit the assignment following the procedure specified in the Evaluation document  .  Assignments must not be sent to the tutor’s e -mail. The assessment criteria  can be found in the Evaluation document.      Assignment  –  FP015 CCD   2 Assignment: Study the materials from Cambridge English Prepare, available in the  Assignment  Materials  section. Materials include the front matter, the contents pages, and unit 1 of the Student’s Book. (Retrieved from: http://www.cambridge.org/es/cambridgeenglish/catalog/cambridge-english-exams-ielts/first-schools/cambridge-english-prepare) On the basis of this material, prepare a report evaluating the usefulness of this course for the objectives the authors declare in the frontmatter. Prepare! is a lively general English course with comprehensive Cambridge English for Schools exam preparation integrated throughout. This flexible course brings together all the tools and technology you expect to get the results you need. Evaluate the materials according to your own criteria of what good classroom materials should be like and according to the criteria the authors establish in their introduction. Would any changes be recommended? d    Assignment  –  FP015 CCD   3 Important: you have to write your personal details and the subject name on the cover (see the next page). The assignment that does not fulfil these conditions will not be corrected. You have to include the assignment index below the cover.    Assignment  –  FP015 CCD   4 Name and surname(s):    María Melissa Morales Chávez    Patricia Inés Quintana   Camila Alejandra Siegel Masias    Alejandro Amaro Lara   Login:  María Melissa Morales Chávez MEFPMTFL1311704 Patricia Inés Quintana ARFPCTFL1865309 Camila Alejandra Siegel Masias ARFPCTFL2278191  Alejandro Amaro Lara MXFPMTFL2164948   Group: 2016_06 TEFL   Date: September 10th, 2017   
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