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CCD Practice
  Practice Activities – FP015 CCD PRACTICE ACTIVITIES:CURRICULUM AND COURSE DESIGN GENERAL INFORMATION: The subject practice activities consist of doing i!ivi! a##$  four short exercises. Thesubmitted document must fulfil the following conditions: - Length: %& ' (a)es  (without including cover, activities’ statements, index or appendices –if there are an!. - ont tpe: Aria#   *r Ti+es Ne, R*+a . - ont si#e: 11 . - $pacing: 1-5 . -  %lignment: . sti/ie! .&esides, the activities have to be presented in this 'ord document: eep the )uestionsand provide an answer below them. *n order to mae the correction process easier,please, do not write the answers in bold, as it helps distinguishing between )uestionsand answers. %lso, the document must still fulfil the rules of presentation and format,and follow the rubric for citations and bibliographical references as detailed in the $tud+uide.The final activiti has to be submitted following the procedure specified in the S 2ectEva# ati*3 !*c +et . $ending it to the teacher’s email is not permitted. *n addition to this, it is ver important to read the assess+et criteria , which can befound in the S 2ect Eva# ati*3 document. 1  Practice Activities – FP015 CCD Full name: Alejandro Amaro LaraGroup: 2016_06 TEFLDate: eptem!er 10  t  201# Lo$%n: M&F'MTFL216()(*  %  Practice Activities – FP015 CCD INDE4 -. Tas - (urriculum and sllabus! / (%pproach and method!00000000.p. 12. Tas 2 (3nowledge centered or person centered!000000000000...p. 45. Tas 5 (Teachable verbs!00000000000000000000000.p. 61. Tas 1 ($llabus design!00000000000. 000000000000.p. 74. onclusion 000000000000000000000...0000000..p. -86. &ibliograph 00000000000000000000000000....p. -2 '  Practice Activities – FP015 CCD Practice ActivitiesTas 1- De/ie t6e /*##*,i) ,*r!s s* t6e !i//ereces et,ee t6e+ are c#ear: a7 C rric # + a! s$##a s urriculum is usuall designed at the $tate or 9ational Level. *t can also be designedat the ollege or *nstitute level so that the teachers are aware of the content to betaught throughout the ear. *t is a sstematic representation of not onl the content butalso upon the ideas of how’ to teach the students. *t also acts as a guide for decidingabout the %ssessment criteria to be used and is used as a roadmap to decide upon thesubject content b man educators.$llabus is created b the teachers for their respective courses and is usuall focusedupon a particular class. $llabus provides the learners with an overview of the coursecontent in order to allow them to understand the expectations b the term end.$llabus generall provides the students with the schedule of teaching to beundertaen, with details of submissions of projects, assignments, assessments, etc.This gives the students; guardians to plan and wor on the wea areas. 7 A((r*ac6 a! +et6*!- 'hen an instructional design is )uite explicit at the level of theor of language andlearning, but can be applied in man different was at the level of objectives, teacher and learner roles and activities, it is usuall referred to as an approach. ommunicativelanguage teaching is generall regarded as an approach, because the principlesunderling it can be applied in man different was. Teachers adopting an approachhave considerable flexibilit in how the appl the principles to their own contexts.'hen an instructional design includes a specific level of application in terms of objectives, teacher and learner roles and classroom activities, it is referred to as amethod. 'ith a method, there are prescribed objectives, roles for teacher and learnersand guidelines for activities, and, conse)uentl, little flexibilit for teachers in how themethod is used. The teacher’s role is to implement the method. %udiolingualism, Total<hsical =esponse and $ilent 'a are examples of methods. 8
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