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  Patterns  1   Oracle 12c Flex ASM & Flex Cluster PRESENTER Yenugula Venkata Ravikumar OCM, Head-Database Practice, Patterns 8th NOVEMBER 2014 BENGALURU, INDIA  Patterns  2    A   B   O   U   T   M   E  3 Patterns  AGENDA    The History of ASM  Benefits Of ASM   Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Overview  Flex ASM  Flex Cluster  Oracle 10g R2 Functionality  Oracle 11g R2 Functionality  Oracle 12c R1 Functionality   ASM Cluster   ASM Network   ASM Remote Access  Deploying the Flex ASM  4 Patterns  HISTORY OF ASM    Before Oracle 10g, Storage Management was provided by 3rd parties  CUSTOMER CHALLENGES ã Large databases required considerable storage management ã Best performance required raw storage ã NFS solutions, while simple, did not perform as well as raw ã For RAC, cluster file systems were not available  With Oracle 10g, ASM provided ã Simplicity of management, even better than NFS solutions ã Performance equal to raw disks ã Support for RAC clusters   THE SIMPLE IDEA OF ASM ã Integrated volume manager and file system ã Stripe and mirror files across disks in a ASM Disk Group ã Automatic “ Rebalance ” ã Built on the Oracle instance architecture ã Manage storage as a global cluster “ Shared Disk Groups ”
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