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2004 Precedent Club Car Manual
  2004 Owner’sManual   2004 Precedent Golf Car Owner’s ManualPage 1 FUEL AND OIL RECOMMENDATIONS Fuel Use only clean, fresh, unleaded regular gradegasoline. Octane Rating The octane rating of a gasoline is a measureof its resistance to “knocking”.Use of a mini-mum of 87 octane of the anti-knock index isrecommended.The anti-knock index is posted onservice station pumps in the U.S.A. Oxygenated Fuel If you use oxygenated fuel (either ethanol orMTBE added to gasoline), be sure it is unleadedand meets the minimum octane rating require-ment.The following are the EPA approved percent-ages of fuel oxygenates.ETHANOL:(Ethyl or Grain Alcohol) You mayuse gasoline containing up to 10% ethanol byvolume.MTBE:(Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) You mayuse gasoline containing up to 15% MTBE byvolume.METHANOL:(Methanol or Wood Alcohol) 5% byvolume.You may use gasoline containing up to 5%methanol by volume, as long as it also containscosolvents and corrosion inhibitors to protectthe fuel system.Gasoline containing more than5% methanol by volume may cause startingand/or performance problems.It may also dam-age metal, rubber, and plastic parts of your fuelsystem. Engine Oil The following engine oils are recommended.API Service Classification:SC, SD, SE, SF,SG, or SH. Oil Viscosity Choose the viscosity according to the tem-perature as follows: Fuel Information THIS VEHICLE IS CERTIFIED TO OPER-ATE ON UNLEADED REGULAR GRADEGASOLINE ONLY.A minimum of 87 octane ofthe anti-knock index is recommended.The anti-knock index is posted on service station pumpsin the U.S.A. Emission Control Information To protect the environment in which we alllive, Club Car has incorporated crankcase emis-sion (1) and exhaust emission (2) control sys-tems (EM) in compliance with applicable regu-lations of the U.S.Environmental ProtectionAgency and California Air Resources Board. 1.Crankcase Emission Control System A sealed-type crankcase emission controlsystem is used to eliminate blow-by gases.Theblow-by gases are led to the breather chamberthrough the crankcase.Then, it is led to the aircleaner.Oil is separated from the gases while passingthrough the inside of the breather chamberfrom the crankcase, and then returned back tothe bottom of the crankcase. 2.Exhaust Emission Control System The exhaust emission control system appliedto this engine consists of a carburetor and anignition system having optimum ignition timingcharacteristics.The carburetors have been calibrated toprovide lean air/fuel mixture characteristicsand optimum fuel economy with a suitable aircleaner and exhaust system. Maintenance and Warranty Proper maintenance is necessary to ensurethat your engine will continue to have low emis-sion levels.Those items identified by the PeriodicMaintenance Chart are necessary to ensurecompliance with the applicable standards.The Club Car Limited Emission ControlSystem Warranty requires that you return yourengine to an authorized Club Car Dealer forremedy under warranty.Please read the warrantycarefully, and keep it valid by complying withthe owner’s obligations it contains. Tampering with Emission ControlSystem Prohibited California State law prohibits the followingacts or the causing thereof:(1) the removal orrendering inoperative by any person other thanfor purposes of maintenance, repair, or replace-ment, of any device or element of design incor-porated into any new engine for the purposes ofemission control prior to its sale or delivery to theultimate purchaser or while it is in use, or (2) theuse of the engine after such device or element ofdesign has been removed or rendered inopera-tive by any person.Among those acts presumed to constitutetampering are the acts listed below:Do not tamper with the srcinal emission relat-ed parts:ã Carburetor and internal partsã Spark plugsã Magneto or electronic ignition systemã Fuel filter elementã Air cleaner elementã Crankcaseã Cylinder headã Breather chamber and internal partsã Intake pipe and tube EMISSION CONTROL INFORMATION -20 ° C-10 ° C0 ° C10 ° C20 ° C30 ° C40 ° C-4 ° F14 ° F32 ° F50 ° F68 ° F86 ° F104 ° FSAE 5W-20SAE 10W-30/SAE 10W-40SAE 30SAE 40 NOTE ãIf “knocking or pinging”occurs, use adifferent brand of gasoline or higheroctane rating.ãDo not mix oil with gasoline.ãGasoline is extremely flammable andcan be explosive under certain con-ditions.Turn the engine switch OFF.Do not smoke.Make sure the area iswell ventilated and free from anysource of flame or sparks;thisincludes any appliance with a pilotlight.Never fill the tank so the fuellevel rises into the filler neck.If thetank is overfilled, heat may causethe fuel to expand and overflowthrough the vent in the fuel tank.ãAfter refueling, make sure the tankcap is closed securely.ãIf gasoline is spilled on the fuel tankwipe it off immediately. CAUTIONWARNINGWARNING NOTE ãUsing multi-grade oils (5W-20, 10W-30, and 10W-40) will increase oilconsumption.Check oil level morefrequently when using them.   P. O. Box 204658Augusta, Georgia 30917-4658 USATelephone 706-863-3000Service Parts Fax 706-855-7413www.clubcar.com  Page 22004 Precedent Golf Car Owner’s Manual   NOTICE  The Club Car Limited Lifetime Warranty for owners of Precedent golf cars appears at the end of this manual.No other warranties, expressed or implied, are contained herein. Your authorized representative checked thevehicle before it was delivered to you and will provide you a copy of the completed vehicle warranty registra-tion form.Club Car is not liable for errors in this manual or for incidental or consequential damages that result from theuse of the material in this manual.This vehicle conforms to the current American National Standards Institute’s Z130 Safety and PerformanceRequirements for Golf Cars. This standard, which promotes safety in the design, application, and operation ofgolf cars, defines a golf car as “a vehicle used to convey a person or persons and equipment to play the gameof golf in an area designated as a golf course.” Throughout this manual, the words “golf car” and “vehicle” areused interchangeably.This manual contains proprietary information that is protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. No part ofthis manual may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated to another language without the written consentof Club Car, Inc.The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.Club Car reserves the right to make design changes to vehicles without obligation to make these changes onunits previously sold.These vehicles do not conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for automobiles or to FMVSS 500for low-speed vehicles, and are not equipped for operation on public streets, roads, or highways.Copyright © 2003 Club Car, Inc.  Club Car   , Precedent, and  PowerDrive   are registered trademarks of Club Car, Inc.This manual effective October 15, 2003.
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