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INDEX Subject Page Number Model/Series/Trim Availability 2 Seating Capacity And Standard Equipment Specifications: 2-3 Technical Specifications: Axles 4 Brakes 4 Cooling System 5 Fuel System 5 Steering
INDEX Subject Page Number Model/Series/Trim Availability 2 Seating Capacity And Standard Equipment Specifications: 2-3 Technical Specifications: Axles 4 Brakes 4 Cooling System 5 Fuel System 5 Steering 5 Suspension (Frame) 5-6 Tires and Wheels 6 Transfer Case/Transmissions 7 Payload/Weight Ratings MODEL / SERIES / TRIM AVAILABILITY Trim Level Model XLT Eddie Bauer Lincoln Navigator 4-Door 2WD and 4WD SEATING CAPACITY AND STANDARD EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS Model EXPEDITION Series / Trim WB 2WD / 4WD XLT EDDIE BAUER Passenger Pkg. STD OPT STD Passenger Capacity SEATING ARRANGEMENTS INCLUDE: Captain s Chairs Dual 1st row Bench 3-Pass. 1st row - 40 / 60 3-Pass. 2nd row - 60 / 40 3-Pass. 3rd row - removable Passenger/Cargo Lbs.- maximum 2WD Cap. and Options 4WD GVW RATING: Lbs. (Computer selected - 2WD not to be advertised) 4WD GAWR: Lbs. 2WD Models Minimum Front 3050 Maximum Front 3200 Minimum Rear 3900 Maximum Rear WD Models Minimum Front 3500 Maximum Front 3520 Minimum Rear 3900 Maximum Rear 4128 POWERTRAIN: 2WD / 4WD Engine Application Refer To Dealer Ordering Guide For 50 States Usage Type (Ford) 4.6L (281) SEFI V-8 Triton 2WD-4.6L (281)SEFI V-8 Triton 4WD-5.4L (330) SEFI V- 8 Triton Air intake - hot/cold Thermostatically controlled Fan clutch Viscous type Exhaust System Stainless steel Ignition - EEC V Solid State Transmission Type - 4-Speed Automatic Overdrive 4R70W 2WD - 4R70W 4WD - 4R100 Low/High gear ratios 2.84:10 /.70:1 Transfer Case Type - BW Rotary knob Control Trac 4WD center disconnect mechanism Low/High gear ratios 2.64:1 /1.00:1 AXLES: 2WD Front Axle Type SLA - Coil Springs Make and capacity Ford lbs ground 4WD Front Axle Type SLA - Torsion Bars Make and capacities Ford lbs ground 2WD Rear Axle Type Ford lbs. ground Ford lbs. 4WD Rear Axle Type Ford lbs. ground Ford lbs. BRAKES: Front Disc Type Dual Piston Pin Slider, Bolt-on Anchor Caliper Size Diameter Rear Disc Type Single Piston Pin Slider, Bolt-on Anchor Caliper Size Diameter Power-Assist Unit Type Dual-Diaphragm. Tandem Booster Effective Diameter 9.84 Anti-Lock System 4-Wheel ABS Parking Brake (Rear Brakes) Foot-Operated, Hand Release ELECTRICAL: Alternator Rating 3GLF Amperes, 1950 Watt Battery Type Maintenance-Free (Battery Saver System Standard) Rating 72 Amp-hr., 650 CCA 2 SEATING CAPACITY AND STANDARD EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS Model EXPEDITION FRAME: Type Boxed, front to rear axle - 6 Crossmembers (3 boxed), 36,000 psi Section Modulus 24.7 cu. in. FUEL TANK: Capacity 26.0 Gal. (98L) w/2wd 30.0 Gal. (113L) w/4wd Location Midship - plastic tank. Includes inertia cut-off switch JACK: Capacity 1.5 Ton STEERING: Make Power, Ford XR-50 Recirculating Ball Speed Sensitive Variable Assist. Includes power steering cooler Ratio 14.0:1 Turning diameter 2WD = 40.4 ft. 4WD = 40.5 ft. (curb to curb) SUSPENSION: Springs, Front Type: 2WD Coil - 4 I/S Diameter; Computer Selected ground 4WD Torsion Bar ground Springs, Rear Type: 2WD/4WD Coil - 7 O/S diameter w/ outboard 4-link and lateral track bar Rating at ground (min.): 2WD 3900 lbs. (4.6L Engine) / 4200 lbs. (5.4L Engine) 4WD 4200 lbs. Shock Absorbers Gas - Type Stabilizer Bars Front 2WD/4WD Tubular Steel 1.34 /1.38 Diameter Rear 2WD/4WD Tubular Steel.83 /.87 Diameter TOW HOOKS: 4WD only 2 Front frame mounted. Std w/eddie Bauer. TIRES: No./Type XLT - Five, Steel-Belted Radial, All-Season BSW E.B. - Five, Steel-Belted Radial, All-Season OWL (4x2) Five, Steel-Belted Radial, All-Terrain OWL (4x4) Size XLT - P255/70Rx16 E.B. - P275/60Rx17 (4x2) P265/70Rx17 (4x4) WHEELS: Type XLT Trim: Styled steel wheel/5-teardrop styled type holes/ bright hub caps/std steel spare. Eddie Bauer Trim: Chromtec steel wheel/bright appliques/.5-teardrop type holes/std. steel spare. Size XLT-16 x 7.0 J E.B x 7.5 J Spare Tire Located underbody at rear - crank-down type WIRING HARNESS: Type Trailer Tow Class IV, 7-pin wiring harness NOTE: Refer to the end of this section for Dealer Ordering Guide package content and option availability. 3 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Axle FRONT AXLE SPECIFICATIONS Model/Series 2WD 4WD Make/Type Ford SLA (Short/Long Arm) Independent Front Suspension Max. Ground (lbs.) Upper Control Arm Material Forged Steel Lower Control Arm Material Stamped High Strength Steel Cast Iron Spring Type Coil, Computer Selected Torsion Bar, Computer Selected Ball Joints Lubed-For-Life Spindle Material Nodular Cast Iron Body with Forged Steel Stem Wheel Bearings Type Tapered Roller REAR AXLE SPECIFICATIONS Model/Series 2WD 4WD Make Ford Standard and Limited Slip Max. Ground (lbs.) Type Semi-Floating Drive Hotchkiss Housing Type Cast Center Cover Attachment Bolted Lubricant Capacity (pt.) 5.50 Wheel Bearings Type Straight Roller Gaged Roller Gears Type Hypoid Material Alloy Steel Ring Gear Pitch Diameter (in.) Pinion Mounting Overhung Differential Type 2-Pinion Bearings Tapered Roller Axle Shaft Minimum Diameter (in.) 1.29 Diameter over Splines (in.) 1.32 No. of Splines (Hub End) 31 Brakes HYDRAULIC BRAKE EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS FRONT / REAR Type Disc Front Disc Rear Axle Usage (lbs.) WD WD WD WD Caliper Gross Total Swept Rotor Dia. (in.) Brake Lining Area (sq. in.)/ Width (in.) Piston Dia. Lining Area Area Per Axle (sq. Per Axle OD ID Segment Thickness (in.) (in.) / No. in.) (sq. in.) Outboard 9.8 / 1.75 / Inboard 9.8 / 1.75 / Outboard 6.0 / 1.39 / Inboard 6.0 / 1.39 /.43 BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER SPECIFICATIONS Bore Type Diameter (in.) Dual System, Dash-Mounted 1.25 POWER BRAKES VACUUM BOOSTER SPECIFICATIONS Make/Type Effective Diameter (in.) Outside Diameter (in.) Diaphragm Type Bosch, Dash-Mounted Dual NOTE: Includes 4-Wheel ABS System that functions in all driving modes. 4 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Cooling Systems COOLING SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS Engine 4.6L(281) SEFI V-8 5.4L (330) SEFI V-8 Core Size (in.) Cooling System Fan Specifications Frontal Rows Fins Capacity Blade Trans. Area of Per (approx. No. of Dia. Cooling Usage (sq. in.) Height Width Thick. TubesInch qts.) Type Blades (in.) Std.,A/C,SC Auto Nylon SC w/a/c Auto Nylon Std.,A/C Auto Nylon SC Auto Nylon AUXILIARY AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER APPLICATIONS Model Engine Transmission Standard Trailer Towing Package Class III - (C1CAE) 2WD OR 4WD 4.6L(281) SEFI V-8 4R70W N L(330) SEFI V-8 4R100 N 14 N = Auxiliary cooler not required or released for this engine/transmission/equipment combination. 14 = Long Manufacturing 14-plate auxiliary cooler. Fuel System FUEL SYSTEM DATA Electronic Fuel Injection 4.6L (281) SEFI V-8 Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection 5.4L (330) SEFI V-8 Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection Fuel Pump All Engines Single Electric-In-Tank High Pressure Fuel Filter All Engines In-Line Large Capacity (One) Air Cleaner All Engines Dry Element, Replaceable Steering STEERING SPECIFICATIONS Power Steering Turning Diameter (ft.) (1) Model/Series Wheelbase (in.) Gear Ratio Overall Ratio Curb-to-Curb Wall-to-Wall 4x :1 16.1: x :1 16.1: (1) Average of left and right turns using standard tires. Suspensions FRAME SPECIFICATIONS Maximum Side Section Yield Model/Series Wheelbase (in.) Box Section (in.) Modulus (cu. in.) Strength (psi) 4x2 / 4x x 7.9 x ,000 SHOCK ABSORBER SPECIFICATIONS Front Rear Model/ Series Wheelbase (in.) Usage No. Used Piston Dia. (in.) Type No. Used Piston Dia. (in. Type 4x2 / 4x Std Gas-Pressurized Gas-Pressurized 5 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Suspensions (Cont d) SPRING SPECIFICATIONS 4x2 FRONT COIL Combined Norm. Inside Wire Deflection Rate Model/ Wheelbase Working Height Diameter Ground Series (in.) Ground (lbs.) of Spring (in) (in.) (in.) (lbs./in./ea.) 4x SPRING SPECIFICATIONS 4x4 FRONT TORSION BARS Combined Ground (lbs.) Torsion Bar Diameter (in.) Deflection Torsion Bar Active Normal Load (in.) Wheel (lbs. Right Side Left Side per in. ea.) Model/ Series Wheelbase (in.) 4x TBD TBD TBD TBD SPRING SPECIFICATIONS REAR COIL Deflection Ground (lbs. per in./ Model/ Wheel-base (in.) / Comb. Ground Norm. Working Height of Outside Diameter - Wire Diameter Series Engine GAWR / lbs. Spring (in) inches (in.) each 4x w/ 4.6L V / x (1) / x (1) / x w/ 5.4L V / x / (1) Available with Air Suspension Only. Tires and Wheels TIRE SPECIFICATIONS Rim Width (in.) Section Width (in.) Maximum Inflation Pressure (psi) Load Maximum Inflation Pressure (lbs.) Static Loaded Radius (in.) Load Size Rating P255/70Rx16 A/S BSW Std P255/70Rx16 A/T OWL Std P265/70Rx17 A/T OWL Std P275/60Rx17 A/S OWL Std. 40 TBD TBD TBD Rating Pad Design(lbs. per spring) Revolutions Per 45 mph WHEEL SPECIFICATIONS Wheel Type Wheel Size Nominal Offset (in.) No. of Studs Bolt Circle (in.) Max. Wheel Capacity Load ground) Front / Rear Styled Steel 16 x 7.0 J / 1800 Cast Aluminum 16 x 7.0 J / 2064 Cast Aluminum 17 x 7.5 J / TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Transfer Case TRANSFER CASE SPECIFICATIONS Make & Model Borg Warner Type 2-Speed Planetary Gears Lubricant Capacity (pint) 2.0 Gear Ratio - High - Low 2.64 : : 1 Case Material Magnesium AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Ford 4-Speed Automatic Overdrive (4R70W) Ford 4-Speed Automatic Overdrive (4R100) Make/Type Ratios (to 1): 1st nd rd th OD Reverse Converter Lubricant Capacity (pt.) Helical Gears All All Oil Cooler Water Water Converter Size & Type 12 Controlled Clutch Apply 12 Controlled Clutch Apply 7 PAYLOAD/WEIGHT RATINGS Option/Payload Worksheet (FrontTotal) Option Weight (lbs.) ENGINE/TRANSMISSION COMBINATIONS 4.6L (281) SEFI V-8 w/ 4-Speed Auto OD (0/0) (4R70W) 5.4L (330) SEFI V-8 w/ 4-Speed Auto OD (92/175) (4R100) (4x2) w/ 4-Speed Auto OD (4R100) (4x4) (82/152) 3.55 Rear Axle Ratio 4x2 only (0/1) 3.73 Rear Axle Ratio 5.4L V-8 (0/5) Limited Slip Axle (0/1) TIRES P255/70Rx16 A/S BSW (-3/-7) P255/70Rx16 A/T OWL (0/0) P265/70Rx17 A/T OWL (4x4) (9/27) P275/60Rx17 A/S OWL (4x2) (-2/-5) Sub-Total: Front/Total / OPTIONS Air Bags, Side (Driver/Passenger) (6/19) Air Conditioning Auxiliary (4/30) Floor Covering Vinyl (-11/-23) Fog Lamps (3/4) Console, Floor - less Aux. A/C & CD (15/29) Console, Floor - less Aux. A/C, with CD (19/39) Console, Floor - with Aux. A/C, less CD (13/24) Console, Floor - with Aux. A/C & CD (16/31) Console, Overhead w/aux. A/C (4/7) Console, Overhead w/o Aux. A/C (3/6) Heater, Engine Block (2/2) Mirror, Electrochromatic (1/1) Mirrors, Power/Heated (1/1) Moldings, Wheel Lip (2/5) Moonroof Power Tilt/Slide (8/31) Radio w/6 Disc CD Player (7/7) Radio w/mach Sound 7 Speaker System (-2/19) Rear Seat Entertainment System (10/18) Reverse Sensing System (0/1) Running Boards - Illuminated (34/78) Running Boards - Non-Illuminated (32/62) Seats, 1st Row Captain's Chairs Cloth or (-83/-167) Vinyl, Power with Floor Console Seats, 1st Row Captain's Chairs Leather, (-82/-163) Power with Floor Console Seats, 2nd Row Captain s Chairs Leather (8/40) Seat Bench 3rd Row Cloth removable (-57/542) (includes weight of people) Seat Bench 3rd Row Leather removable (-58/535) (includes weight of people) Seat, 40/60 Cloth Split Bench (0/0) Seats, Heated (3/4) Skid Plate Package (Frt. Differential/ (20/48) Susp./ Transfer Case) 4x4 Only Trailer Towing Group (Class IV) - 4.6L (-5/65) Engine Trailer Towing Group (Class IV) - 5.4L (-15/56) Engine Trim, XLT (0/0) Trim, Eddie Bauer (3/8) Step Bars (30/61) 8 (FrontTotal) Option Weight (lbs.) Suspension, Rear Load Leveling (4x2) (1) (20/18) Suspension, Four Corner Load Leveling (4x4) (12/-17) Wheels, Cast Aluminum - 16x7 (4 Wheels) (0/0) Wheels, Chromed Steel - 17x7.5 (4 Wheels) (38/82) Wheels, 10 Spoke Aluminum - 17x7.5 (8/22) (4 Wheels) Wheels, Styled Steel - 16x7 (4 Wheel) (30/60) Sub-Total: Front/Total / Sub-Total: From 1st Col. / Line A) Total Actual Option Content Weight: / (1) Included in Trailer Towing Group weight (4x2). 9 PAYLOAD/WEIGHT RATINGS TABLE A MINIMUM CARGO CAPACITY RATING Passenger Rating Minimum Cargo No. Weight (lbs.) (1) (2) Capacity Rating (1) In addition to passengers. (2) With standard suspension. Front/Total 1) Minimum Cargo Capacity Rating 0/ 2) Plus Actual Option Content Weight (from Line A, Cargo Worksheet) + 3) Equals Combined Option Content Weight and Minimum Cargo Capacity Rating =/ Maximum Cargo Capacity Rating can be computed at right. The actual GVW rating will be the lowest GVWR listed with allowable front/total weights (above right) exceeding the combined option content weight and minimum cargo capacity rating. TABLE B ALLOWABLE WEIGHT (OPTIONS & MINIMUM CARGO) GVWR (lbs.) 5/6-Passengers Max. Weights Front/Total (lbs.) Req. Min. Front Weight (lbs.) x2 103/ x2 106/ x4 317/ x4 232/959 0 TABLE C VEHICLE CAPACITY CALCULATION Total Allowable Total Maximum Option Weight (from Table B ) Less Total Actual Option Content Weight (from Line A, Cargo Worksheet) Equals MAXIMUM VEHICLE CARGO CAPACITY RATING Plus passenger weight 4-pass.=600 lbs. 5-pass.=750 lbs. 6-pass.=900 lbs. 8-pass.=1200 lbs. 9-pass.=1350 lbs. Equals TOTAL VEHICLE CARRYING CAPACITY (cargo plus passengers) 10 PAYLOAD/WEIGHT RATINGS ACCESSORY RESERVE CAPACITY MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE WEIGHT (LBS.) (REGULAR PRODUCTION OPTIONS & AFTERMARKET EQUIPMENT) GVWR 4.6L (281) SEFI V-8 5.4L (330) SEFI V TOTAL ACCESSORY RESERVE CAPACITY CALCULATION Maximum Allowable Weight (RPO & Aftermarket Equipment) Less Actual Regular Production Option Content Weight (from Line A, Payload/GVWR Worksheet) Equals TOTAL ACCESSORY RESERVE CAPACITY (1) (1) The weight that may be added to the Ford completed vehicle should be less than this figure. This Accessory Reserve Capacity calculation approximates the figure which will be computer-printed on the Safety Compliance Certification Label located on the driver's door latch post 11
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