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  CURRICULAM VITAE Sample NameMechanical Engineer E-Mail: Email@email.co.inMobile: +XXXXXXXX CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking Quality environment where my knowlege an e!perience cab be harean enriche looking where # can improve my kill . EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:  $.%ech in Mechanical Engineering  &'(((-'(()* rom COLLEGE  with 60 % aggregate.  #ntermeiate- Board of Intermediate Edcation  with 6! %  aggregate.   S.S.,- econdar# chool Certificate$ tate Board  with !% aggregate. SOFTWARE PROFICIENCY: ã Mechanical acakge : /%0 ,12NS3S ã rogramming 4anguage : ,2 ,++2 1ata Structure . ã 0perating Sy tem : MS-1o 25inow 672'(((2X PROJECT:  Title&  #nternal 8ear Stree 9elie eature u ing NS3S acakage. TECHNICAL SKILLS: 'a(er )mi**ion& Submitte paper on +AGILE MA,U- ACTURI,G.Achie/ement* &  # bagge lot o prie at my chool level an a well a in my college level in ebat2 ;ui programme 2 game an port .  EXPERIENCE : worke a an Engineer in +Coma(an# name.  at place rom <une '(() to =anuary '((> &'(-(>-'(() to?-(?-'((>*. ASSIGNMENT NAME OF THE COMPANY:   MA +. MANAGING DIRECTOR :   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPANY PROFILE : %hi company i e;uippe with (( Bg Electric inuctionurnace an catering to ma<or teel plant 2 power plant 2 ugar actorie 2 viag teel plant 2 Neyveli lignite corporation thermal power plant24ar en an %urbo&4 C %*2 $harat Electrical limite &$E4*2 nhra Sugar %NB2 <ayapur Sugar &chagolu*21elta Sugar &Danuman  <unction* N.,.S Sugar &$obbile*29ailway 20.N.8.,2 #.0.,.4 &,hennai*2 Mantakra &,hennai* etc..  JOB PROFILE : # <oine thi company a metho an ;uality control engineer. My <ob involve weight calculation o rawing through /%0 ,12 ri ering etail 2 in pection o pattern 2 layout o pattern 2 mouling an pouring o ample ca ting in pection o ample ca ting. Strict aherence at machine hop loor. MAJOR & TYPICAL ITEMS: #nu trial alve 2 $earing hou ing2 plumber block 2 pur gear 2 tran er table or mill 2 tra hplate or cutting cane2 teeth or coalcru hing or power plant etcF  PERSONAL PROFILE:  Name:GatherH Name:MotherH Name: Nationality: 1ate o $irth:8ener:Martial Statu   : a port Number:4anguage Bnown:re : 1ECLARATIO, # here by eclare that the inormation urni he above i true or the be t o myknowlege.lace :1ate : ( Samp! Nam!  
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