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TLED 430 TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating Content Subject Science Science Grade Level 10th Grade Earth Science 10th Grade Earth Science Learning ES.3 The student will investigate and ES.3 The student will investigate and Objective understand the charac
   TLED 430 TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment        C     o     n      t     e     n      t Mobile Application for CreatingMobile Application for CollaboratingSubject   ScienceScienceGrade Level 10 th  Grade Earth Science10 th  Grade Earth ScienceLearning Objective   ES.3 he !tudent ill inve!tigate andunder!tand the characteri!tic! of Earth and the !olar !#!te$. %e# concept! include&a'(o!ition of Earth in the !olar !#!te$b'Sun)earth)$oon relation!hip! *!ea!on!+ tide!+ and eclip!e!'c'Characteri!tic! of the !un+ planet!+ and their $oon!+ co$et!+ $eteor!+ and a!teroid!d'he hi!tor# and contribution of !pace e,plorationES.3 he !tudent ill inve!tigate and under!tand the characteri!tic! of Earth and the !olar !#!te$. %e# concept include!&a'(o!ition of Earth in the !olar !#!te$       (     e      d     a     g     o     g    # Activit#-n thi! activit#+ the !tudent! ill create a!hcard! on their technolog#device! to help the$ better under!tand concept! and to help the$ to !tud# for their te!t! and /uie!. he !tudent! all have i(ad! at the !chool !o the# ill do nload the uilet app and ever# ti$e a ne topic or de2nition i! introduced aboutthe earth and the !olar !#!te$+ the# -n thi! activit#+ the !tudent! ill do nload the %han Acade$# app. %han Acade$# i! a progra$ app here #ou can learn ju!t about an#thing #ou need to no . 4ou can progra$ thi! app to a! /ue!tion! about a certain !ubject. hi! app i! agreat !tud# tool that the !tudent! ill al!o u!e for te!t! and /uie!. hi! app ill be u!ed $ore a! a   TLED 430            e     c      h     n     o      l     o     g echnolog# he uilet App i! a great !tud# tool that can be do nloaded for free fro$the iune! !tore. hi! app i! a great tool for tho!e ho lie to u!e he %han Acade$# app can be do nloaded for free on the iune! !tore a! ell. hi! app i! a great toolfor an# !ubject reall#+ but it i! a great 
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