2 Synchronous Sequential Logic (1)

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  Synchronous sequential logics NCBA&E : National College of BusinessAdministration & Economics  Synchronous sequential logic Key concepts and Overview ã multivibrator ã Signal edge ã Synchronous sequential logic ã Flip op ã S! latch ã S! !NAN# latch ã  $% latch ãGated SR latch ã #!ipop   here are t'o types of sequential circuits: synchronous: outputs change only at specifc timeasynchronous: outputs change at any time use ( multivibrator ) A multivibrator is an electronic circuit used to implement a variety of simple t'o!state systems such as oscillators( timers and ip!ops) *t is characteri+ed by t'o amplifying devices ,transistors( electron tubes or other devices- cross!coupled by resistors or capacitors) .ultivibrator: a class of sequential circuits) hey can be:bistable,/ stable states-monostableor one!shot,0 stable state-astable,no stable state-Bistable logic devices: latchesand ip!ops)1atches and ip!ops di2er in the method used for changing their state) SYNCHONO!S S #! N$%&' 'O%C   he current *ntel 3entium *4 processors have 55 million transistors6  A fip-fop holds a single bit o memory   he bit 7ip!ops8 bet'een the t'o NAN# gates In reality, fip-fops are a bit more complicated  9ave 5 ,or so- logic gates ,transistors- per ip!op Consider a 1 Gb memory chip 0 b ; <(5<=(=>?(5=/ bits of memory hat@s about ?> million transistors6 In reality, those transistors are split into 9 ICs o about 5 million transistors each S #! N$%&' C%C!%$
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