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  1 Business to Business Exchanges Jenny ArnoldSupree Mongrolcheep Matthew Sheets Melissa Sherer  2 B2B Exchanges  Overview  Case Studies  Conclusion  3 What are B2B exchanges?  B2B exchanges offer digital transaction services that heighten eBusiness performance making it safer and more secure.  The B2B market is composed of websites were buyers and sellers come together vertically and horizontally to communicate, bid, advertise, transact, and procure. Source:, www.techechange.com/thelibrary /b2bterminology.html, Viewed February 24, 2004.Source: “  An outlook on B2B Commerce ” , www.weforum.org, Viewed March 11, 2004  4 B2B Definition  Suppliers Manufacturers Wholesalers  Selling to intermediaries rather than directly to the end customer  Fewer customers  Smaller product ranges Source: Friesen, G. Bruce, “ From B2B to …? ” Consulting to Management,  Vol. 14, 4, 2003, pp.27-33.Source: Angel, Robert, “  A new dawn for CRM: This time it ’ s B2B ” Ivey Business Journal Online  , Jul/Aug 2003, pp. 1.
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