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City of Rochester, New Hampshire Department of Building, Zoning and Licensing Services 31 Wakefield Street* Rochester, NH (603) *Fax (603) TO: BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT CITY OF ROCHESTER
City of Rochester, New Hampshire Department of Building, Zoning and Licensing Services 31 Wakefield Street* Rochester, NH (603) *Fax (603) TO: BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT CITY OF ROCHESTER APPLICATION FOR A VARIANCE DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE CASE NO.,1'0JfJ...,6A - I.,..,., DAT t E 3,.Jf1- /!:J Name of applicant ~ Q. r Cl vb I~ Address (?er ~ ocheste c 8tU e 0 c,, cl, ~ 0 c h e de'j \JH 0 3 ll~ '7: Owner of property concerned \.er(~ t: ej\f\ ~. (If the samitas applicant, write same ) Address \ 5\ Sov\h Cf\ C\\ D 'E:,-\t e.d', 2.. OCN$.W N~ O~B'61- (lf the same as applicant, write same ) Location ~ C\ ~ od!\.t.s.k \-\ ~ \\ -Loo. ct o C \rvj~. ~ \J\-l 0 S~(, 7- Map No. )d-1 Lot No. ~9 zone..o~e---- oescription of property IDCA. 'f\v GAc,,.f 11r, Qj ( Q mp~ Proposed use or existing use affected lj Se_ ±o b~ c1 c;,p8, d -fu, rn 0.. \{\ G.DvtC\c±uf :AA LD'ff\.~r nd±o a p ()ff;ce hoc 6:rQQ/) Ce,, c Cluk,Inc G\S w-e,tl '5 cj su.l V Q..~c)L ~\tl. s J The undersi~ned hereby requests a variance to the term~ of Article.!l'l Lg Section I~ - ~ and asked that said terms be waived to permit () Sed \job tc-\t ~fij \'f\ (IC &,O'DR- The undersigned alleges that the following circumstances exist which prevent the proper enjoyment of his land under the strict terms of the Zoning Ordinance and thus constitute grounds for a variance. Signed~~~. (AJ)J)liCint) J.\PLAN\ZBA\AppltcalLOF'IS\Variance appfjcation.doc :_-cc E IVED AUG \5 CRITERIA FOR VARIANCE Case ttj1} j ij' _ f)\-.;i, Date:~- 1Cj..- /!? A Variance is requested by Green c().c C\0 \J LLC. from Section } D -{j Subsection of the Zoning Ordinance to permit: \je,.'a\c..\.e_ :' a) e S \ o (AO Q ( bc 0 e. Lot ;6 q Zone C)C. Facts supporting this request: 1) The proposed use would not diminish surrounding property values because: lhil ffi~ont'.j 0( -!ha ill!2ccb121acj. ::.;~!to.llll b12 \ t~ \Ad one:- 1 C\~LC1l cl: fr tb e 'CQ1r lot'' O. pre o.c::oic u 2) Granting the variance is not contrary to the public interest because: JhL puhkc wd/ be rc\iollroci\1~ a.fcectej b~r\''ru. C,.\r\chb~.. o.~ ±h.x. b10i ous.5 ~~Jo~ rci:!h~ ~~~dl a~ Oiflcl (1JStoaw- im.ffi'c.- '!)Denial of the variance.would result in tmnecessary hydship to the pwner because of t~e J following special circumstances of the property:j'n; S BJOi ne &.ti OCCAttoo l.n Ou) ~=~:: ::eb~~;=:~dtorru,5 4.) Granting the variance would do substantial justice because: 1\1 e b\ J 0 \oess Wovld ~e:n.eccw fe\!f'(\v _ k rfu±olo)(\ 0n(1 rco\f,d.t CAf(ocd(Ab)e_ GJU' \' 1e.1 \,1 )ec\j c~na CCACh)o (hlu± u\\ :tron5~ r±v.cl-io 0 ±o l 0(.G;./; 5.) The use is not contrary to the spirit of the ordinance because : _.y:i,..i...u~--1...:..'l..,_,_._~~ -l...lj.,!...l~~,..l.1.ll~~j.u.llj.u~~~u-'--tvu~~l.l...l-~!!i&-.l,,a+...lu1.._i.µ..ll..lw.4,;~5 f-c r-12-, 0 ot Co n+n bvt 0 -PM~UUCJ._/L~~~----- Date: o/jllls ' 1-o 9\~s--\'\o(\ Q(\ -\-~ s-t~ or h\-~ '\- \ ~f la~f. c._ '~' O Cf ~~:~c~ 'tn(/\r ds10fb S\.l\\OV0~11)~ Mj'hbor5. August 17, 2015 Town of Rochester, I am writing this letter to request a Zoning Variance for the property of 69 Rochester Hill Road. My company, Green Car Club Inc., is interested in renting this property. We are a company that focuses on providing carbon neutral transportation and ecofriendly options to our customers. Our proposed use for this location is to have it serve primarily as an office for our business. Our advertising is all online and our customers are by appointment only, we do not have drive-in business. The business is small volume and eco safe. We do not do any harmful dumping and our business is quite. We have been working with biodiesel for 15 years and have experience customers will travel for. In addition to ecofriendly vehicles we also work with antique vehicles and our merchandise is too valuable to leave outside. Therefore our impact to the community would be low as we would keep our merchandise indoors preventing a car lot feel to the property. We also intend to gate off the backyard providing additional security for our merchandise as well as blocking the yard to passerby's and neighbors. There is currently a stone wall separating this property from lot #28 and 24 and we plan to fence in the back yard providing additional separation from the other surrounding neighbors. Our merchandise will be registered and we will not keep more than one unregistered vehicle on the property at a time. As our business is unique, we will attract customers from surrounding states which will provide additional revenue for the town of Rochester. Although the business is low volume and we only expect 2-3 customers per day, the customers our business attracts are intelligent consumers who care about their impact to the environment. Allowing this variance will be beneficial to the town because the building will be cleaned up and used for a business that will be quiet and a low impact to the neighborhood, the taxes will be kept up to date, and additional revenue will be generated for the town. Thank you for taking the time to review my request. Best Regards, Vice President Green Car Club, Inc. Phone: (603) 0127 MAP 0029 BLOCK 0000 LOT LOT2 LOTJ 1 of 1 CARD PROPERTY LOCATION IN PROCESS APPRAISAL SUMMARY -,..-...,,..,.---0 INDUSTRIAL Rochester TOTAL ASSESSED: 139,300!416! Ji l - Alt No -----D~~tree~City ~--' ruse c:ode - ~vile -- -Yan! ttems I Li!'d Sile Land Value TotaiViikie J L~al Descript~ User Acct 691 ROCHESTER Hill RD. ROCHESTER l , , I 27452! OWNERSHIP UM l 1 GIS Ref Owner 1 tfirst STAR MANUFACTURJNG CO 1 Tolal caru o , JOOI Entered LDt Size GIS Ref Owner 2 :flnc Owner 3.J TolalPatel (} 139,JOOI TOlalland: 0 39 nt1triot ~::: ~: 1 69 ROCHESTER H!L~ ~D I Soun:e:IMalket AdJ Cost I Total Value ee! s_a unit1card: Je~2. 41 Land U~lt T~:.AC 1 ~P Oat'!_ -' 'Properties Inc. Twn/Ci!'f.: ROCHESIER PREVIOUS~SSESSME.Nl Parcel ID U~EliPEFt.NEO St/Prov: NH _ C Own 0cc: N [fax Yr--USe ca( - ~ Vaiie Ynl llems Land Size Land ValUe Tolal Value Asses'd Value Noles Prior Id # 1] --- PostaMl T : FV O -' : ,J00 1 Year End RoD PRINT Prior Id# 2 PREVIOUS OWNER FV o ,ooo 138.ooo Year End RoO 9/ Oat Tim Pnor Id# wnir1: FV o.39 62, , ll Year End Roi 9/20J2012 e e Pnor Id# 1. ' FV 75.'100 o 39 62, ,000 Year End Roll 9127/2011 OB/26/l :2 7 Pnor Id# 2: FV 75,400 o _39 62, , ,000 roll L_A$T R~ Prior Id# 3: FV 75, ,400 1' m.800 Year End Roll Date Time PnOI' Id# 1 Owner2: Street 1: Twn/Cil)':. SI/Prov: I Cnll\'l I - Postal: I FV 72,400 o.39 67, , / Pnor Id# 2: 1200~00 FV O ~ ,10Q.!YearEndRol _ tom --, Pnorld#3+- ;--- NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION SALESJ~EQRMATION TAXDISTRICT I. ==i ~T~~CT~ ~SR~ap. 1 ji tlis-parcelcontains _39AC oflandmainlydass1fledas~ Granlllr ~alref_tf.2!~ 9 Sale~ SalePrice V Tst Verif AssocPClValue Notes I Fa :! O!st 1MANUFACTUREW1tha(n)INDUST SMBuildingBuiltaboul LANEMATTHEWT 1948, Having Primanly CONC BLOCK Exterior and ASPH - ~BERTE Val Lnd~ 74,900 No No - Y ear-1 SHINGLE Roof Cover, with 1 Un ts. 0 Baths. 2 HalfBaths, CARO HENRY WES UNKNOWN PB S/l&ll 99 J No No 4 ~ LandR-ea_son,_I /30/ _.. 2.6'lNo No UR N Dot; ~~E~ R:;~~f~~~t\Bdnns_ s1dr~-~-on-.! LJcide - ~ Amount com. Int ) P.ROeEIUY Item Code z OFC 0 I! BUILDING flermits ' Dale NuMlef -~ Amount CIO 4s!Yisit Fed Code F Oescrlp Corm1enl ' 1 rctt=.:=n _-,{;::--:!... 2l9l2004 DEED CHAfiGE ~ GAYE 2l6l2004 tmppo.g a-tg TM TOM 2flOOr.! MEA$+1HSPCTO n.i TOM ROCHESTER LEVEL I s PAVEo-t I MEDIUM - -- ) = I Sign: I.:fii: :~n.:. i :=.,,:-.:r :.n CC: Oesafplion ~~ No~~ ::~ UnitType landtype F~ Unitp,;;j 400 MANUFACTU 0.39 PRIMARY A SITE ZI D 62,600 ~ NO_SECIJON_(EicsWineumJy -'-'-..LAdj Neigh :!' :Sh lnfl1 I% lnft2 % ~ _ ~ C:S % ~ ~ Fact UseValue Notes Total ACt'HA.[ _ ] Total SF/SM:l I Parcel LUC:J4oo!MANUFACTURE [ Prime NB ~SIDENTIAL -=:J rr~ :l 62.Sij] [ipi C~ll I ro1al 62,600' Disclaimer: This Information is believed lo be correct but is subject to change and is not warranteed. Dalabase: AssessPro kareng 201 5 ~ ... -T~~ ' Rochester, NH I Inch 61 Feet August 26, s Data shown on this map Is provided lor planning and lnlormauonal purposes only, The municipality and CAI Technologies are not responsible ror any use lor other purposes or misuse or misrepresentation or this map. _.. ~I r. ~ -, ;. ~ S! - ' Q bl !:! 'I IE 90(11 1\ ti... II I,: ii ihh! ~ ':!.... ~ ~\! i ~ '1 nu t t ;/J ll l a,! q h 0...: fl l I.., -, ~I I ~I ~: Subject Property: O' Abutters List Report Rochester, NH July 31, 2015 Parcel Number: CAMA Number: Property Address; 69 ROCHESTER HILL RD Supt I Wl- e ft re; fl-u Ct fc't '(IL ~,,_J_f,:u_ D 1 : CV,;l1 ~' cd 1Y 0.ci!l ~[,,,, i1~. 61 \lei r \ti fl ;J.. cj. Mailing Address: FIRST STAR MANUFACTURING CO fnc 69 ROCHESTER HILL RO ROCHESTER, NH Abutters: Parcel Number: CAMA Number: Property Address: 5 RYAN CIR Parcel Number: CAMA Number; Property Address: 71 ROCHESTER HILL RD Parcel Number: CAMA Number Property Address: 67 ROCHESTER HILL RD Parcel Number: CAMA Number: Property Address~ 65 ROCHESTER HILL RD Parcel Number: CAMA Number Property Address: 70 ROCHESTER HILL RD Maihng Address: LAROCHELLE ARMAND J Ill & LAROCHELLE DONNA M 5 RYAN CIRCLE ROCHESTER, NH Mailing Address: KEATOR CHRISTINA S 71 ROCHESTER HILL RD ROCHESTER, NH Maillng Address: PHELAN JAMES L & NICHOLE A 22 LINCOLN DR NOTIINGHAM, NH Maihng Address: CLARK HERBERT C REVOC TRUST % TRUSTEES % ROCH EYE CARe. P 0 BOX 579 SANBORNVILLE, NH Mailing Address: STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE OFFICE OF THE ADJUTANT GENERAL 4 PEMBROKE RD CONCORD, NH 0330,1 /. h1 e \ c, ~ j ~ \J end. ~ +r i i lf- ~ Go (de ri Ct rc.-ff.. br (a 0111~ 1 ij H c)3fs' 7/ www cai-tech com Data shown on lhls report s provided for planning and informalional purposes only Tho mun clpahty and CAI Tcchnologrcs are not responsible for any use for other purposes or 1n1suse or misrupresontal on of this report. Page 1 of 1 Abutters list Report - Rochester, NH
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