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   s@lm@n  Oracle Exam 1z0-414  Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Implementation Essentials  Version: 6.0  [ Total Questions: 75 ] https://certkill.com  Consider the following authorizations for a role called David admin, assigned to user David: Which statement is true?  A. David can create shares in project David . B. David can create snaps and clones shares in project hank . C. David can define new users. D. David can reboot the appliance. E. David can define the protocols used to access LUNs or shares within project David . Answer: C  Which is the only mode in which the SRP service can operate?  A. Link mode B. Initiator mode C. Peer mode D. Target mode E. HCA mode Answer: DExplanation: The SRP service may only operate in target mode. SRP targets have thefollowing configurable properties. Reference: Question No : 1Question No : 2 Oracle 1z0-414 : Practice Test2 https://certkill.com  http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27998_01/html/E48433/configuration__san__srp.html Streaming read workloads are usually best served from___________.  A. DRAM, followed by pool disks B. Read cache devices (Readzillas) C. DRAM, followed by read cache devices D. DRAM, followed by read cache devices, and then pool disks E. Log devices (Logzillas) Answer: C  Which Log Cache profile provides the best performance for workloads with high random I/Osuch as visualization?  A. Mirrored B. Striped C. Double-parity RAID D. Single-parity RAID Answer: B  The storage administrator is beginning the initial setup phase. Identify the informationrequired.  A. IP address, netmask, Share name, production username, and password B. IP address, netmask, DNS address, Share name, and snapshot schedule C. DHCP server name, Active Domain name, Share name, CIFS server name, username,and password Question No : 3Question No : 4Question No : 5 Oracle 1z0-414 : Practice Test3 https://certkill.com  D. DNS server, gateway or router IP, IP address, netmask, and root password E. AD name, DNS name, Timeserver (NTP) name/address, Share name, and rootpassword Answer: DExplanation: A new Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance does not contain any network configuration. Theinitialinstallation process will walk you through a procedure to provide the Oracle ZFSStorage Appliancewith an IP address, gateway and DNS information to set up a singlenetwork port for gainingadministrative access to the system. A connection to the OracleZFS Storage Appliance ILOM serverneeds to be set up in order to complete this initialOracle ZFS Storage Appliance installation process. Reference:http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/sun-unified-storage/documentation/networking-bestprac-zfssa-2215767.pdf Which two actions are appropriate when a rolling upgrade procedure fails with anunexpected error?  A. Factory reset both the controllers. B. Perform a series of takeovers and fallbacks until the cluster is operating normally. C. Contact the storage administrator support provider. D. Use the operating system shell to manually restart the upgrade. E. Retry the failed upgrade using the CLI or BUI in the event of a transient error. F. Conduct an initial reset on both controllers. Answer: B,E  Which feature should be enabled to secure communications between the ZFS StorageAppliance and an LDAP server?  A. SASL/DIGEST-MD5 B. SSH C. SSL/TLS D. Simple Configuration Question No : 6Question No : 7 Oracle 1z0-414 : Practice Test4 https://certkill.com
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