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100% online course developed exclusively for sports professionals and high performance athletes The University of Hertfordshire TRANSITION On Your Marks... SUCCESS Leading the field in higher education
100% online course developed exclusively for sports professionals and high performance athletes The University of Hertfordshire TRANSITION On Your Marks... SUCCESS Leading the field in higher education The University of Hertfordshire has always been an exciting place to study. We re seen as innovative and dynamic because we constantly push the boundaries of what s possible. That s why we re in the top 100 young and most international universities in the world, according to the Times Higher Education rankings. It s also why we developed our UH Online centre for online distance learning the perfect way to access top quality learning materials, tutoring and study support, and achieve the right academic results. If you re a high performance athlete or sports professional looking to add another string to your bow, with a degree that s not only challenging and exciting, but also practical, then the online BSc (Hons) Business and Sport Management could be the perfect complementary addition to your sporting career. We ve been at the forefront of online distance learning since we introduced this form of study to our course programmes in Starting in September 2014, this new, 100 per cent online course has been developed exclusively to fit around the sporting commitments of professionals with experience of high-performance sport. We ve worked with the English Institute of Sport and former international sports professionals to design an online BSc (Hons) degree you can achieve alongside your career. So whether you re a high performance athlete, coach, development professional, manager or member of a support team, you can expand your business and sport management knowledge while developing your professional skills. The new online course helps sports players fit their education around their sporting commitments travel and training. If I had the opportunity to take this course, it would definitely be something I would consider Kim Little Team GB and Scotland international footballer PFA Women s Footballer of the Year 2013 University of Hertfordshire BSc Sports Studies graduate 1 go.herts.ac.uk/ontopform go.herts.ac.uk/ontopform 2 How the course works We understand your sporting commitments come first. On this course you ll never have to set foot on campus unless you want to come and use the library, or arrange to meet tutor and course colleagues in which case you re more than welcome. All assessments are submitted and accessed online. The course is designed to complement your professional career, not interfere with it. Modules have a set start and end date, so you can plan your studies. You don t need to attend classes at set times it s totally up to you when you study. Coursework is assessed throughout the year. Typically you ll earn 60 credits per year 30 credits per semester. These study rates are flexible, so you can reduce it or take a break if you need to. We suggest hours study time a week for each 30-credit module. You may take scheduled online tests, normally within a fixed a 24-hour time slot, advised well in advance. Use your professional sporting experience and existing education to potentially fast track or take your time and complete up to five years. From what I ve seen, sports professionals benefit on this course by getting a clear understanding of some of the up to date techniques not only in sport but also in business. The dedicated support available will guide you throughout the course and help develop you as a learner. Richard Hill Former Rugby Player for Saracens and England Rugby World Cup Winner 2003 Get Set... How a BSc (Hons) Business and Sport Management can help you achieve your goals Everyone needs back-up Your love for sport drives you, but having extra options is never a bad move. With a BSc (Hons) Business and Sport Management degree in your back pocket you ll widen your options like developing a second career or continuing your studies. We also understand many athletes have the desire to go into business but can have limited knowledge in the area. This course aims to provide you with the opportunity to enhance your business knowledge, ensuring you make the most of any opportunities that arise in your future career. DEVELOPMENT Improve your flexibility We understand your sporting career comes first. After all, it s your dedication to sport that got you where you are today. That s why this online course gives you the flexibility to fit study around training and competition schedules. You ll never be tied down to attend classes at set times, and it s entirely up to you when you study. It s the perfect way to add higher education to your training regime: let university come to you. Excellence in the field The high quality of our online courses, the rigorous academic standards of the University, the variety of modules you can study, and the support and expertise of your tutors all combine to provide the perfect environment to learn, strive for the best results and reach your goals. We know that as a high-performance athlete or sports professional you expect your hard work to achieve results the University of Hertfordshire is here to help you succeed. 3 go.herts.ac.uk/ontopform go.herts.ac.uk/ontopform 4 Joining the right team This course is only for sports professionals, so you ll be studying alongside like-minded people driven, like you, to succeed in the sporting arena. Your course will be linked to your own professional career, and you can earn credits towards your degree through your sporting experience. Fast track: Making the most of your experience You can use your previous academic achievements or sporting experience to gain credits in your degree and potentially complete your studies sooner through APCL or APEL: Accredited Prior Certificated Learning (APCL) This is where you use module credits from a recognised education provider to fast-track your studies with the University of Hertfordshire. Contact our Admissions tutor if you think you re eligible for APCL. Academic Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) If you already have experience as a sports professional, you can potentially fast-track with Academic Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) credits. If a particular module mirrors your experience, you can choose to complete directed tasks and personal reflections instead of enrolling on a module. If you choose to use APEL it will offer advanced standing in modules for this programme and help you complete your studies sooner. To be assessed for APEL simply contact your programme tutor in the first instance and they ll explain the next steps. On your side To get you into the swing of things, your first module teaches you all the skills you ll need to succeed in higher education. From critical thinking and writing academically, to using reference materials and submitting your work and you ll have full tutor support every step of the way. On the right track How online study works You access the course and your study materials through the UH Online learning portal, StudyNet. This allows you to interact with your tutor and other students on your course, take part in discussions and complete your online assessments. You ll find lots of useful study resources, like ebooks and ejournals, too. StudyNet also lets you take part in occasional scheduled sessions and assessments. Supporting you all the way Academic support You ll have access to support and guidance from University tutors and other staff throughout your online course. Programme tutor Your programme tutor is responsible for the course overall, and is accessible throughout your online studies with us. The programme tutor s responsibilities are: Monitoring and advising on academic and practice progress Helping set individual learning goals Giving support and guidance Identifying when additional support and guidance are required, and helping to arrange it. Module tutor You ll also have a module tutor responsible for academic support for each module. For example, you can contact them for more information on an assessment, or to check your understanding of something you ve recently learnt. 5 go.herts.ac.uk/ontopform go.herts.ac.uk/ontopform 6 GO... INNOVATION What you ll study for your online BSc (Hons) Business and Sport Management Level 4 modules Principles of Sport Management Initial Professional Portfolio for Business and Sport Accounting for Business Economics for Business And a choice of: Global Perspectives in Business and Principles of Marketing or Foundations of Sports Development Level 5 modules Sports Management Practice Enhancing your Academic and Professional Portfolio Project Planning and Control Exploring Business Ethics And a choice of: Enterprise and Marketing Planning or Media and Public Relations Level 6 modules Leadership and Management in High Performance Sport Advanced Professional Experience Portfolio Business Strategy Contemporary Issues in Business and Management And a choice of: Leadership and Organisations AND Global Marketing Ethics and Culture or Research Project in Sport Management Find out more about each module overleaf Assessment Assessment is based on coursework and online tests. The dates of assignment submission and online tests are fixed, and we ll advise you what they are as you start each module. Online tests are available for a fixed period of time, usually 24-hours. This is sufficient for most students, but if for any reason you can t take the test on the allocated date, let us know as soon as possible, and we can make other arrangements. What the course costs The course fees are 600 per 15-credit module and 1,200 per 30-credit module. The total for the entire course is currently: 14,400. UK and EU students may be eligible for tuition fee loan, contact Student Finance England for details. From my experience: try not to rush your studies. Respect the profession you re in, that's your priority, but study must be something you can do alongside it, slowly chip away, learn and enjoy the experience. Brad Barritt Saracens and England Rugby player University of Hertfordshire student 7 go.herts.ac.uk/ontopform go.herts.ac.uk/ontopform 8 Modules Level 4 Level 5 Initial Professional Portfolio for Business and Sport This first module gives you the academic, critical, communication and IT skills you ll need to be a successful online Higher Education student. You ll reflect on the transition between being a sport professional and a successful student, consider your career after graduation and create a personal action plan. Principles of Sport Management This module introduces you to the principles of operating a sport business and the roles associated with sport organisation management. You ll explore how sport organisations are structured, in particular the role sports managers take in operational responsibilities. Economics for Business One of the key pillars of a solid education in business, this module helps you understand the economic context of modern business by introducing and developing an appreciation of economic approaches in studying the business environment. We ll introduce you to basic tools like demand and supply and industry analysis, and explore major contemporary issues in society, such as the credit crunch and recession. Accounting for Business This module gives you an introduction to accounting from a manager s viewpoint, and covers collecting and reporting accounting information to both internal and external users, as well as the use and interpretation of publicly available accounting information. It also covers the role of accounting in supporting planning, control, and decision-making. Topics include: Preparing and presenting simple income statements and balance sheets, including depreciation, accruals, prepayments and bad debt. The difference between profit and cash. Interpreting income statements and balance sheets, using ratio analysis. Costing, cost behaviour, marginal and absorption costing methods and uses. Budgeting why we do it, its contribution to planning, control and motivation in an organisation, and how to prepare simple budgets. Global Perspectives in Business The increasingly international nature of business means a substantial increase in intercultural contact, and today s managers need the right skills to operate in a globalised world. You ll learn to develop sensitivity to cultural differences, and understand the issues surrounding them. Using the work of leading theorists, you ll explore concepts of culture, cultural differences and globalisation, and related ideas such as ethnocentrism and prejudice, and cultural differences in communication and negotiation style. You ll also examine different types of international corporate culture, including expatriate staffing policies and culture shock. Principles of Marketing An introduction to some of the key ideas of marketing, suitable for both marketing and non-marketing students. It examines the environment organisations operate in, and the role of marketing in organisations, so you can understand the context marketing personnel work in, and the different activities they carry out. Concepts central to an understanding of marketing include: segmentation targeting and positioning the product life cycle the 4Ps product, place, price, promotion buyer behaviour. Foundations of Sports Development This module looks at the complex nature of sports development to help you understand its growth and evolution, its many different models, and the varied organisational perspectives and priorities relating to it. It also covers the strategies and initiatives that have been developed to sustain and grow participation in sport. A key part of this module is a philosophical debate around whether sports development means development of sport or development through sport. Sports Management Practice Sports Management Practice explores the significance of effective strategic management in sports development. It focuses on assessing effective sports development through the project planning lifecycle and includes evidencedbased practice, such as applying for funding, performance management, and considering sports development customers or participants perspectives. You ll also look at management approaches that motivate and empower sports staff. Enhancing your Academic and Professional Portfolio This module gives you the opportunity to transfer academic and vocational learning into a work-related setting and vice versa to bring workplace skills and issues into the academic and vocational learning environment. It helps develop good evidence-based working practices, and improves knowledge and skills to help your employability and critical reflective practice. You ll explore research traditions and philosophies within the context of business. Project Planning and Control Project management is essential in all business development and this module gives you hands-on experience. It includes: an introduction to project management project initiation and planning working in project teams risk identification, analysis and planning quality in projects project monitoring, evaluation and control time, cost and quality/performance earned value managing project changes project sign off and evaluation. The module provides a sound basis for further professional studies, such as the Association for Project Management (APM) Introductory Certificate in Project Management. Exploring Business Ethics The module is a modern critical approach to the study of ethics of business and management. It examines the behaviour, decision-making and legal implications affecting business and public sector organisations, and the choices employees make when faced with ethical dilemmas. It addresses the international presence of organisations, the influence of consumers and the media on expectations of business ethics, and cross-cultural issues in business practice. You ll examine: different philosophical and cultural approaches to ethics, and what is considered ethical the importance of ethics in business the rise of corporate social responsibility and citizenship, and the arguments for and against ethical issues in different areas of management, for example HR, marketing, accounting, supply, shareholder roles, and public ownership issues international business ethics the impact of globalisation and multinational companies. 9 go.herts.ac.uk/ontopform go.herts.ac.uk/ontopform 10 Level 6 Enterprise You ll study the nature of enterprise and entrepreneurship, its importance to society and the opportunities it provides. You ll also work in a team to create a new business opportunity and take the idea through the full business planning cycle. Topics covered include: concepts of enterprise and entrepreneurship the economic impacts of enterprise insights into developing new ideas construction of business plans sources of advice and support schemes networking. Marketing Planning Here we focus on the role of marketing planning and how to carry it out successfully. It includes detailed work on marketing audits and the factors that affect organisations, segmentation, market research, and strategic application of the marketing mix. At the end of the module, you ll be able to identify the usefulness of marketing planning in a range of situations, outline a basic marketing plan and understand the application of the planning process in a variety of existing organisations. To get the most from the module, you should have studied the level four module Principles of Marketing, or an equivalent elsewhere. Media and Public Relations This module helps you develop an advanced understanding of the media and its relationship with sport. It also explores the significance of PR approaches among organisations and individuals. Particular emphasis will be placed on you experiencing the media, reflecting on the approaches of professionals in a chosen setting, while using this to prepare, deliver and ultimately enhance your own practice of presentation in the sport media. Leadership and Management in High Performance Sports This module explores managing high performance sports development effectively, and the macro and microenvironments high performance sport organisations exist and operate in. A key part of the module is understanding the different ways high performance sports development works, and improving your critical judgement when setting strategic directions for organisations, interdisciplinary teams and athletes. and individuals. Particular emphasis will be placed on you experiencing the media, reflecting on the approaches of professionals in a chosen setting, while using this to prepare, deliver and ultimately enhance your own practice of presentation in the sport media. Advanced Professional Experience Portfolio This module gives Level 6 students the chance to continue their vocational experience and specialise in an area of particular interest. The module expands on the 30-credit professional experience module at Level 5. It is both academic and vocational, and relies on the application of the advanced academic theory and qualities developed during your studies and professional work. The reflective nature of the assessment explores the concept of learning and the prominence of significant milestones to enhance future employability and inform career decisions. presentation in the sport media. Business Strategy Business Strategy introduces the modernday issues and challenges facing strategic leaders in organisations. It looks at the conflicting perspectives within strategic management and considers the problems involved in researching, developing and implementing strategies and plans. You ll use a range of analytical techniques and concepts, and critically evaluate their usefulness through case studies. The module includes a comprehensive review of current strategic issues, identifying the contradictions and paradoxical nature of strategic decision-making and strategic planning. This module complements the Leadership and Or
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