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Tanker Voyage Charter Party VELAVOY2005 PREAMBLE IT IS THIS DAY AGREED between __________________________________________, Owner/Chartered Owner (hereinafter called Owner ) of the __________________________ Flag MS/SS ____________________ (hereinafter called Vessel ), and _______________________________ (hereinafter called Charterer ) that the transportation herein provided for shall be performed subject to the terms and conditions of this Charter, which includes this Preamble and Part I and
  1 PREAMBLE IT IS THIS DAY AGREED between __________________________________________, Owner/Chartered Owner (hereinafter called Owner ) of the __________________________ Flag MS/SS ____________________ (hereinafter called Vessel ), and _______________________________ (hereinafter called Charterer )that the transportation herein provided for shall be performed subject to the terms and conditions of this Charter, whichincludes this Preamble and Part I and Part II. In the event of a conflict, the provisions of Part I shall prevail over thosecontained in Part II to the extent of such conflict. PART I (A)VESSEL DESCRIPTION AND POSITION: IMO No.: Year built: ____________ Classed: ________________________ Summer Deadweight: _______________ metric tons on _________ meters/feet draft in salt water on assignedsummer freeboard.Maximum Cargo Capacity: _________________ metric tons ______ % more or less Vessel's option.Cubic capacity for cargo (at 98%): ________________________ cubic meters/cubic feet/barrels.Length overall: ______________________ meters/feet. Beam: __________________ meters/feet.Tons per centimeter (TPC) immersion: ___________________________________ Capacity of segregated ballast tanks (SBT): ____________________________________ cubic meters SBT capacity as % of summer dead weight: ______________________________________________ Gross Registered Tons (GRT): ________________________________ Can Vessel load cargo and discharge clean ballast simultaneously? _________ Yes _________ NoSuez Canal Net Tonnage (SCNT): ________________________________ Specify amount of clean ballast normally carried for loading port arrival: ___________ cubic metersNumber of Cargo tanks: ________________________________ Cargo tanks Coated: ________ Yes ________ No Type: ________________________________ Cargo tanks Coiled: ________ Yes ________ No Material: ______________________________  Last Cargo: _______________________________ Next to last cargo: _________________________ Vessel location on date of Charter: ____________________________________________ Expected ready to load: ________________________________________________________ Base speed: _______________________________knots laden, weather and safe navigation permitting.Maximum speed: __________________________knots laden, weather and safe navigation permitting.Hull insured value: _____________________________________________________ Owner warrants Vessel's position at time of fixture is __________ and that Vessel is proceeding at _____ knots.( B)LAYDAYS:  Commencing: ___________ Cancelling: ___________  (C)LOADING RANGE(S)/PORT(S)/PLACE(S):(D)DISCHARGING RANGE(S)/PORT(S)/PLACE(S): Tanker Voyage Charter PartyVELAVOY2005  2 (E)CARGO QUANTITY: Full Cargo as defined in Part II, Clause 1 subject to the Maximum Cargo Capacity limits specified in Part (A): __________ Yes __________ No or Part Cargo Minimum ___________________ metric tons with Charterer's option to load up to Full Cargo as describedin this Paragraph (E); provided Part Cargo Minimum or cargo sufficient to fill the cubic capacity of Vessel's availablecargo spaces is supplied by Charterer, no deadfreight shall be payable by Charterer under Part II, Clause 7, whether option is exercised or not. (F)CARGO DESCRIPTION:(G)FREIGHT RATE: Freight rate for Full Cargo or Part Cargo Minimum(hereinafter called Base Freight Rate ): ________________________________________________ Freight rate for quantity above Part Cargo Minimum(hereinafter called Overage Freight Rate ):______________________________________________ Percentage points per knot increase in Freight Rate for speed increases: __________________________________ as described in Part II, Clause 37. (H)STORAGE RATE PER DAY:  United States Dollars ____________________________________________  (I)BILLING: Freight, deadfreight, demurrage and any other monies payable to Owner pursuant to this Charter shall be payable in United States Dollars and invoiced to Charterer at:______________________________________________________________________________ and paid to Owner at:________________________________________________________________ (J)LAYTIME:  Total Laytime in running hours:____________________________________________  (K)DEMURRAGE/DEVIATION PER DAY: In accordance with Part II, Clause 8, demurrage and/or deviation per day shall be based on:Summer Deadweight of _______________________________________________ metric tons; or Part Cargo Minimum plus ___________________________________________ metric tons;totalling __________________________________________________________ metric tons;or United States dollars _______________________________________________________  (L)LAW: The construction, validity and performance of this Charter shall be governed by English Law. Arbitration shall take place and General Average shall be adjusted and settled in London.  3 (M)INCORPORATED CLAUSE(S): The following specified Clause(s), the text(s) of which are attached hereto shall bedeemed incorporated in and made a part of this Part I.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Charter, consisting of a Preamble, Parts I and II, to be executed induplicate. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Owner By: _______________________________________________ Title: __________________________________________  __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Charterer By: _______________________________________________ Title: __________________________________________ 
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