U to 18U Volleyball Canada National Championships

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U to 18U Volleyball Canada National Championships Request for Proposals Prepared August 2017 Table of Contents 01 National Championships Introduction National Championships Objectives...
U to 18U Volleyball Canada National Championships Request for Proposals Prepared August 2017 Table of Contents 01 National Championships Introduction National Championships Objectives National Championship Hosting Opportunities Host City Benefits Bid Timelines Bid Documents Hosting Requirements Value-Added Bid Enhancements Items Provided By Volleyball Canada Bid Evaluation and Selection Bid Information Appendix 1 National Championships Participation Appendix 2 Sport Court Dimensions Appendix 3 Bid Evaluation Grid... 19 01 National Championships Introduction Volleyball Canada is proud to have hosted successful National Championships since Since the Open format was introduced nearly 20 years ago, teams from all over the country have been competing for the national title in a variety of age categories, from 14U to 35+. There are now over 900 teams that participate in the National Championship events annually. The Volleyball Canada National Championships operate with an open format meaning that any team from across the country has the opportunity to participate without restriction. The open format has made these true national events with participation from nearly every province and territory. The current format welcomes club teams competing in the 14U to 18U age category across the country. These championships are held on an annual basis offering the opportunity for Canadian teams to compete for the title of National Champions. In 2012, Volleyball Canada hosted their first Festival Event in which all age groups participated over 6 days under one roof in Toronto Ontario. The success of this event led to the next festival event to be held in Calgary, AB in 2015 with the latest version to be held in Edmonton, AB in In the off years following both Festival Events, Volleyball Canada hosted regional events for all age categories in various cities across the country. This format ensured that all teams had access to an event in their region if they were not able to travel longer distances for Festival Events. In 2019, Volleyball Canada will be offering a new format to participating teams combining a true national championship experience along with the opportunity for regional access to competition. Age categories 15U 18U will all be held as a true national championship without a regional split for East and West however each age category will be open to being held in a different city while the 14U will maintain the regional access across the country. This new format will be a hybrid of the Festival Event (true nationals for all age groups in one city) and the regional tournaments (east and west events for 14U 16U age groups). 02 National Championships Objectives The objectives of the Volleyball Canada National Championships are to: Declare a champion in all age categories for both genders Offer a unique participation opportunity To create a competitive environment with meaningful competition To support development and high performance programs To promote the game of volleyball 03 National Championship Hosting Opportunities Volleyball Canada is seeking interested local hosting partners to assist in the hosting of the 15U, 16U, 17U and 18U 2019 Volleyball Canada National Championships. Unlike previous years where groups could request to host a specific age category, Volleyball Canada is asking groups to submit the maximum event space capabilities for their respective venue(s). From the information received, Volleyball Canada will designate age groups to selected hosts based on the available court space and in a manner that best suits the National Championships hosting needs. Please note that there is a separate RFP request for the 14U VC National Championships. Interested local hosting partners are welcome to include a 14U Nationals event in their bid as long as the court numbers allow for the additional age category. One bid may be submitted for both this and the 14U RFP however please ensure that intentions are clearly indicated in the letter of intent and that all bid requirements outlined in each RFP are submitted. Please see section 7.2 for further details on event space requirements. The proposed dates for hosting the 2019 Volleyball Canada National Championships are as follows: Hosting Formats: Weekend 1 May 2 5 Weekend 2 May 9 12 Weekend 3 May Local hosts are welcome to submit their bid in one or more of the following hosting formats. These formats allow Volleyball Canada the opportunity to allocate additional age groups to a host city while reducing operational expenses. These extended formats also provide economic benefits such as additional tourism income for host cities. 4 Day Event (One tournament) o Check-in/practice day plus three competition days. 7 Day Event (Two Tournaments Festival Event style) o Check-in/practice day plus three competition days immediately followed by 3 additional competition days. This format allows for 2 tournaments to be run back to back with the check-in for the 2nd tournament occurring on the last competition day of the 1 st tournament. Back to Back weekends (Two Tournaments) o Two 4 day events on back to back weekends o Ideally, courts remain set up in between both tournaments General Bid info Minimum Court requirement: 20 courts An average of 84% of teams will be staying in a hotel Each team travels with an average of 1.5 family members A tournament with 20 courts will host an average of 75 referees 04 Host City Benefits All parties involved will benefit from financial and economic impacts, many of which are listed below. The numbers presented are based on a combined 15U & 18U event held in one venue. The local host organizing committee will receive financial compensation for their services details will be outlined via the signed agreement with Volleyball Canada. A true national event, with over 3,700 athletes and coaches and an estimated 5,500 spectators from across the country expected to attend each event (based on a 300 team participation). o Each event will also engage a large number of local and traveling officials, and will also engage the local volunteer community. A wide range of participants, with athletes between the ages of 14 and 18 years old, as well as spectators composed of both adults and children (family members and friends). o Each event participant traveling with the team will require transportation, housing, and food. They are also likely to visit local tourist attractions during their free time. o We estimate that roughly 75% of participating teams will come from outside the host province, which will create a larger impact on the local economy. A preliminary economic impact study was conducted and it is estimated that the operations, participants, and visitors spending in the host city will be over $7 million. The total economic activity for the host province is estimated at $14 million (based on a 300 team participation). o Each event will require an estimated 5,000 room nights at local hotels, with each visitor staying for an average of 3 nights. o The Volleyball Canada Stay to Play policy generated $1,892,400 of total hotel revenue for our 8 host cities in The opportunity for your city to gain national visibility through exposure on various media platforms, including print, web, and social media. 05 Bid Timelines The following timelines have been established by Volleyball Canada for the bid process: Date Friday, September 1 st, 2017 Friday, October 6 th, 2017 Monday, November 6 th 2017 Friday, November 17 th 2017 Friday, December 1 st, 2017 Requirements Letter of intent must be received by Volleyball Canada (17:00 EST) All bid packages must be received by Volleyball Canada (17:00 EST) The Bid Evaluation Committee will review and evaluate all bids The Bid Selection Committee will select the host(s) Volleyball Canada will announce the successful host(s) 06 Bid Documents Volleyball Canada requires the following bid documents to be submitted in accordance with the timelines listed above. The Bid Package can either be submitted by a Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Association, a local volleyball club, a tourism agency, municipality and/or event promoter. 6.1 Letter of Intent The Letter of Intent must include the following information, and should be submitted to show your interest and capacity to host a Volleyball Canada National Championships. (Must be submitted by 17:00 EST on September 1 st, 2017) Introduction to Local Hosting Group Proposed Dates of Event(s) Proposed Competition Venue o Location and Number of Courts Available Host City Information Letters of Support o From the Regional Official s Chairperson (ROC) o From the Local, Regional, and/or Provincial Tourism Bureau 6.2 Bid Package The Bid Package must include the following information and must be submitted by 17:00 EST on October 6 th, Please note that your bid submission must provide information in the following order: Host City Profile The Bid Package must include the following information about the host city: Transportation Hubs (airports, highways, etc.) Public Transportation Networks (trains, buses, etc.) with access to the competition facility and airport Accommodations and Hotels (quantity, quality, quad room capacity) o Destination Marketing Fee requirements o Projected quote and block size from hotels vs hotel capacity & bonus hotel offerings (comp rooms, parking) o Access to small meeting rooms for team use (at no cost) o Parking fees o Complimentary Breakfast Restaurants (with extended hours, available for group bookings, proximity to venue, etc.) o Access to online team booking services Media Interest (local, regional, national, etc.) Event hosting human resources Local volleyball clubs, sport volunteers, event hosting staff Letters of Support The Bid Package must include letters of support from the following organizations: Municipal Government Provincial Government Venue(s) Regional Official s Chair (VC to provide contacts if required) o Indicating sufficient local referees to support the event. Local Tourism Board o Confirming contact person for Volleyball Canada Local Hotel Association (a Stay and Play Policy will be in effect) o VC will be responsible for contracting the Stay and Play Housing Provider Funding The following Host City funding requirements must be clearly outlined in the bid submission: Financial support from host city; it is expected that the host city will cover the cost of the base rent of the competition venue. Minimum hosting fee Minimum Number of Courts Minimum Hosting Fee 20 $50, $75, $100,000 The Bid Package should include a list of available funding opportunities, including any municipal, provincial, and third-party grants that could be applied for. Please indicate if your organization has been a successful recipient of funding from these sources in the past. Competition Venue(s) Location and Map Court Layout (Courts, Free Space, CAD Drawing, etc.) Other Rooms (Washrooms, Meeting Rooms, etc.) Parking Vendor/merchandise areas Catering and Food/Beverage Sponsor/branding restrictions Access to Volleyball Equipment Courts (Temporary sport courts or permanent courts) Net Systems (Poles, Nets, Antennas) Referee Stands and Padding Other (Flip Cards, Line Judge Flags, etc.) Details regarding non VC branding on proposed equipment Access to Rental Equipment Tables and Chairs POS Systems Staging (Pipe and Drape, Awards Stage, etc) Electronics (Radios, Laptops/Tablets, Printers, Speakers, Microphone) Local Hosting Group Details Volleyball Canada will provide lead staff and act as the primary host of all VC National Championships. The local hosting group will provide local expertise along with staffed skilled in specific areas. See section 7.4 for further details on Local Host composition. Key Staff Members and Roles Event Experience of Staff Members Access to Event Staff/Volunteers Access to Set-Up and Tear-Down Crews 07 Hosting Requirements This section reviews the hosting requirements for the Volleyball Canada National Championships. Please be sure to reference this information when building your bid package. 7.1 Dates The venue(s) will be required for three (3) competition days, and will also be needed up to three (3) days prior to the first competition day for set-up and check-in and up to two (2) days after the final day of competition for tear-down. Proposed Venue Schedule 4 Day Event: Move-In Check-In/Practice Day Competition Move-Out Weekend 1 April 29 May 1 May 2 May 3-5 May 6-7 Weekend 2 May 6-8 May 9 May May Weekend 3 May May 17 May May Proposed Venue Schedule 7 Day Event Move-In Check-In/ Practice Day Tournament 1 Competition Tournament 1 Check-In - Tournament 2 Competition Tournament 2 Move-Out Weekend 1 April May 1 May 2-4 May 4 May 5-7 May 8-9 Weekend 2 May 5-7 May 8 May 9-11 May 11 May May Weekend 3 May May 15 May May 18 May May *Preference given to Weekend 2 May long weekend Proposed Venue Schedule Back to back weekends Same day allocations as 4 day event Courts are to remain in place between events 7.2 Venue Requirements - Competition The host must be able to secure this venue space at no cost, or at a substantially reduced cost, for Volleyball Canada. The following items outline the competition requirements for hosting VC Nationals. Minimum court space requirements o 9m x 18m Playing Surface o 3m Serving Space (Each End) o 2m Free Space (Each Side) o 2m-3m Between Courts o 9m Ceiling Clearance Ideally, a single venue with a minimum of 150,000 square feet of column-free space would be available. However, a large space with columns spaced at a minimum of 90-foot intervals is also acceptable. A combination of multiple smaller sized spaces in one or two venues is also an acceptable solution. These include spaces could include gymnasiums, hockey rinks, field houses, etc. A minimum ceiling height of 9 meters is highly recommended. This clearance distance is to be measured from the playing service to the lowest impairment or overhanging obstruction of the ceiling. The facility must have temperature controls and adequate lighting in order to satisfy Sections 1.5 and 1.6 of the Volleyball Canada Indoor Volleyball Rulebook. A loading dock with dock plates or a loading bay with large vehicle access is required. This space will be used to load in and load out numerous trailers worth of equipment, including flooring and net systems. An adequate amount of space is required to store the empty equipment crates while the event is running. These crates can be stored in the loading area, away from the competition venue. They could also be placed in the competition venue itself, so long as they do not interfere with the flow of people or the playing areas. A CAD-based floor plan must be part of the Bid Package. This drawing should outline the position of the courts, along with the location or any additional rooms or spaces outlined in the requirements section below. 7.3 Venue Requirements Rooms & Services In addition to meeting the venue requirement for the competition, the venues must also have the following spaces available for various ancillary activities. A minimum of two (2) secure rooms or areas for the storage of equipment, awards, and merchandise. These areas should be a minimum of 40 x 60 in size and should be located close to, and on the same level as, the appropriate party using the space (e.g.: staff, vendors, etc.). A secure room for the Control Centre and Tournament HQ, with a minimum capacity of 10. A secure room for the Referee Lounge, with a minimum capacity of 30. A secure room for the Referee Development Team and Assignors, with a minimum capacity of 10. A meeting room for with a minimum capacity of 50. A common area to be used as the Results Centre, with public computers and draw boards on display. A common area with a stage and PA system to be used for the Awards Ceremonies. A common area to be used by the Medical Team (emergency medical team and athletic therapists). A common area to be used as the Vendor Hall, with space to sell event merchandise, photography services as well as other vendors and sponsor booths. A common area near the main entrance to be used as the Ticketing Booth and Will Call. A secure room near the Ticketing Booth to be used as a cash counting room. A common area near the main entrance to be used as a Welcome Area, with space for an Information Booth. Access to wireless and/or wired internet throughout the venue(s). An adequate number of parking spaces to accommodate the large number of spectators (between teams per wave, plus spectators). If there is a cost associated with these parking spaces, please provide details. In the case that the employees at the venue(s) are represented by a labour and/or trade union, the costs associated with having these staff members on-site during the event should be included in the rental agreement or in a document that accompanies the rental agreement. A list of any exclusivity agreements in place with at the venue(s) should be provided in the Bid Package. These agreements include but are not limited to, food and beverage, vendors, sponsors, signage, merchandise sales, etc. Preferred service suppliers and cost sheets (logistics, equipment, printing, etc) 7.4 Local Hosting Staff Requirements The Local Hosting Group will be required to identify experienced individuals in the following roles: Court Set Up & Tear Down General Event Staff to assist with: o Admissions and Ticketing o Results management o Awards ceremonies o Onsite promotions Court management o General court management o Managing issues with temporary court (if applicable) o Managing net height changes Other positions as requested by Volleyball Canada 08 Value-Added Bid Enhancements In addition to meeting the minimum venue requirements set forth in the sections above, a Bid Package can be enhanced by offering donations and/or discounted prices on other products, equipment, and services that will likely be needed to run the event. These enhancements will be taken into consideration by the Bid Evaluation and Selection Committees when evaluating the host(s). Equipment Access to audiovisual equipment (radios, earpieces, projectors, speakers, microphone, etc) Access to tables and chairs for all required meeting rooms, lounges, common area, and vendor hall. Access to tables (small) and chairs for the scorekeeper tables on each court. Access to gym benches and/or chairs for the courtside player benches. Access to bleachers for seating around courts Access to netting for the separation of courts Access to staging equipment for the awards ceremonies and vendor hall (pipe and drape, awards stage, stanchions, tents, table cloths, etc). Access to tools and equipment to assist with set-up and tear-down (motorized forklifts, scissor lifts, electrically powered pallet jacks, manual pallet jacks, and electrically powered floor scrubbers, etc). Access to gallon water barrels to help weigh down the net systems for temporary courts Access to a water filling source such as a water truck or large capacity fire hose. Sport Court (flooring, underlay, shipping and handling, etc) Net systems (poles, padding, referee stands, antennas, nets) The procurement of office equipment to be used on-site: o Photocopiers and Printers (two sided printing/copying, collating, colour copying/printing, etc) o Computers (laptops and/or tablets for event staff and public results areas) o Tablets for electronic scoring systems (one per court plus back-ups) o Telephones (to be used by staff in the control centre) o Radios for staff and referees Services Access to printing services preferably on-site (large quantities of documents, large sized documents, etc). Access to signage and banner services (ability to print banners, pennants, coroplast, etc). Access to bilingual services (translation, welcome/information booth, awards ceremonies, volunteers, etc). Access to local transportation for staff and officials (airport pick-up and drop-off, shuttle buses or vans to transport referees to
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