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Learning Brief Week 06 Specialist Mathematics (AC) Term 1 Unit 1 2017 By the end of this unit, students: ã understand the concepts and techniques in combinatorics, geometry and vectors Go
     Week 06 Term 1 2017 Theoretical Components   STEP 1: Read notes and study examples: ã Mathspace: https://goo.gl/UFAlb6  ã Mathsisfun: https://goo.gl/boLQu0  ã  AMSI: http://goo.gl/DXqhPg  Interesting reading on Shapes in Chinese Culture: http://goo.gl/JlkK3R  Review of Mathematical Induction: ã http://goo.gl/rCTUQt  ã http://www.themathpage.com/aprecalc/mathematical-induction.htm    Practical Components   STEP 2:  Attempt all the questions:  ABOUT/RESOURCES/2017 S1/ WK06/  Attempt all of the 10 questions here: https://goo.gl/boLQu0    Q/F/O (Quiz/Forum/Other) Mathspace Quiz – login to  www.mathspace.co to complete the task on ‘Angle Properties in a Circle’. The task is due on the 12 th  of March.   Two parallel tangents to the circle, with centre O, meet the circle at points M and N. A third tangent to the circle, at point P, meets the other two tangents at K and L. i) Prove that KO bisects angle MKP. ii) Hence show that a circle with a diameter KL passes through the centre O of the srcinal circle. 3+4=7 marks. By the end of this unit, students: ã understand the concepts and techniques in combinatorics, geometry and vectors ã apply reasoning skills and solve problems in combinatorics, geometry and vectors ã communicate their arguments and strategies when solving problems ã construct proofs in a variety of contexts including algebraic and geometric ã interpret mathematical information and ascertain the reasonableness of their solutions to problems. This week’s focus: Angle Properties in a Circle Goals Learning Brief Specialist Mathematics (AC) Unit 1 Investigation
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