white blank pages by mumford and sons

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Dominique Petrisko Miss. Shmidt English 11 9-15-16 Song Analysis “White Blank Page” is a song by Mumford in Sons, it appears in their album Sign no More. This song begins with a guitar acoustically playing the first verse as the lead singer slowly files in. Throughout the first verse the song begins to pick up and becomes more aggressive then returns to its original soft melodic form. Out of all the music I listen to I chose this song not only bec
  Dominique Petrisko Miss. Shmidt English 119-15-16Song Analysis “hite !lank Page is a song #y Mum$ord in Sons% it a&&ears in their al#um Sign no More. 'his song #egins (ith a guitar a)ousti)ally &laying the $irst *erse as the lead singer slo(ly $iles in. 'hroughout the $irst *erse the song #egins to &i)k u& and #e)omes more aggressi*e then returns to its srcinal so$t melodi) $orm. +ut o$ all the musi) , listen to , )hose this song not only  #e)ause o$ the artists Mum$ord and Sons #ut the song itsel$ has #e)ome one o$ my $a*orites i$ not my $a*orite song. , #elie*e that (ithin musi) (e enoy% ea)h o$ us $eels as though (e )an relate to s&e)i$i) songs. And those songs slo(ly #e)ome our $a*orites in a more sentimental (ay.Mum$ord and Sons are a &henomenal #and (ith great &otential. , enoy all o$ the di$$erent )om&onents that this song o$$ers. rom the #ase% rhythm% and tune to the lyri)s and instrumentals. Mum$ord and sons ha*e a su))ess$ully a)quired another hit song. 'his song has #een de&i)ted to ha*e many meanings. 'he line “And say ,/m )lean% and )an youkneel #e$ore the king and say ,/m )lean . 'he su&&osed 0ing is meant to #e od. e are told that (hen (e die (e (ill )ome #e$ore od and he (ill deem us (orthy or “)lean enough to enter the gates o$ hea*en. 'he o*erall song seems to )ome $rom a (oman/s &oint o$ *ie(% although a man is singing it. ,t &ortrays a (oman #eing s)orned #y her )heating s&ouse% (hile ha*ing an eternal (ar (ith her religious #elie$s. My &ersonal inter&retation o$ it (ould #e that it is a )ry $or hel& in a (ay o$ someone (ho is in an a#usi*e relationshi& #ut sees no (ay out so they turn to od $or hel& ho&ing that he (ill deem them (orthy or in other (ords “)lean .   'he #eats instruments and o*erall melody throughout this song $lu)tuated along (ith the reo))urring )horus and *erses. During the *erses o$ the song the #eat and (ords take a so$ter more som#er a&&roa)h. hile during the )horus the #eat% melody% and lyri)s s&iral do(n(ards into a harsher more demanding tune. ,t #rings the tone o$ the song $rom a )alm light setting to a li*id and angry setting that e2&resses the emotion that the song is meant to ha*e in it to gi*e it the o*erall *i#e o$ someone (ho is angry and #roken. 'here are quite a $e( instruments used in)luding *iolins% guitars% drums% and et). 'his (hole song is &artially re&etiti*e throughout the )horus. 'he rest o$ the song is $illed (ith rhymes su)h as “So tell me no( (here my $ault in lo*ing you (ith my (hole heart this line is added to #uild u& the song along (ith the intensity that the song holds. hen they sing this &arti)ular line the o*erall musi) is #uilt u& more aggressi*ely and shouted out. 'he line “a (hite #lank &age and a s(elling rage% rage this line is also &artially re&etiti*e and meant to rhyme. 'here (ere not any similes nor (ere there any meta&hors throughout the (hole song. 'here (as one hy&er#ole “you sent me to the #rink% to the #rink him des)ri#ing ho( the a)tionso$ another set him “o*er the #rink or in other (ords emotionally o*er the edge. 'he song itsel$ has a lot o$ meaning and sym#olism. , think it holds a similar meaning $or e*eryone de&ending ho( you look at it. ,t is )reati*e and e2)iting. 'he #and Mum$ord and Sons had su&&osedly #roken u&% #ut that rumor turned out to #e untrue. 'hank$ully (e (ill #e a#le to )ontinue looking $or(ard to their musi).
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