What Your Child Has Learnt

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What Your Child Has Learnt
  WHAT YOUR CHILD HAS LEARNT Month: FEBUARY   Theme of the month : My BodyOBJECTIVES :  Children will learn about their body parts  Functions of their body  5 senses- see, hear, smell, taste, touch STORYTELLING  Little Maryam and the Wicked Wolf  ENGLISH VOCABULARRY  ead, hair, eyes, nose, ear, mouth, eyebrow,shoulder, lips, teeth, neck, hands, arm, !n ers,wrist, thumb, elbow, etc# ENGLISH  $honic sound letter a-k  %ead easy &,',( ENGLISH (COMMUNICATION) ): Who created you*+: +llah created me#): What is this*+: This is my hand, hair, nose, mouth, eyes, etc#): Who created our body*+: +llah created our body#):  smell with my*+:  smell with my nose#):  eat with my*+:  eat with my mouth#):  taste with my*+:  taste with my ton ue# BAHASA MELAYU  iri cepat baca ',(,.  $honics readin a-/a, u-/u, i-/i, e-/e, o-/o  ndi0idual readin  JAWI  %eadin book 12awi &,'3 Math!at #$  4umbers &-'  6alue of numbers &-'  %ecap same and di7erent  %ecap concept bi er and smaller S# %#  +llah is a Creator  +llah created me  My foot printin  +llah created my sense ART AND CRAFT   Fin er 8-ray   My face   Fin er butter9y   andwich bear FINE MOTOR S&ILL ACTIVITY   $aste and lue  ticker pastin  Colla e  ar bud paintin  Crumplin   Tracin ISLAMIC STUDY 
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