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WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS WEEK: 2 MONTH: March YEAR: 2017 MON:3/06/17 TUES:3/07/17 WED:3/08/17 THUR:3/09/17 FRI:3/10/17 MATH In class: Lesson 8.5: Add Lesson 8.6: Lesson 8.7: Mid-Chapter Lesson 8.8: and Subtract in Measure in Inches Est
   WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS WEEK: 2 MONTH: March YEAR: 2017 MON: 3/06/17 TUES: 3/07/17 WED: 3/08/17 THUR: 3/09/17 FRI: 3/10/17 MATH In class: Lesson 8.5: Add and Subtract in Inches Mid-Chapter Checkpoint   Lesson 8.6: Measure in Inches and Feet Lesson 8.7: Estimate Lengths in Feet   Lesson 8.8: Choose a Tool   Homework: None   READING, LANGUAGE ARTS, & SPELLING In class:   In class:   In class: In class: In class: Introduction of story, Bad Dog, Dodger! vocabulary words, high frequency words, spelling words, and consonant patterns kn, wr, gn, and mb.   Centers Day   Game Day   Centers Day   Reading Test Spelling Test Language Arts Quiz   Homework: Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe (due Friday) Study vocabulary words and practice reading the following high frequency words: above, ago, enough, toward, whole, word. SCIENCE In class: Water Cycle Water Cycle Water Cycle   Water Cycle Weekly Review Homework: None SOCIAL STUDIES In class: Week 23: Scientists, Artists, and Inventors  Open Book Quiz Homework: None   Reminders:    Turn in all work marked “redo” by Tuesday, March 7 th . I will not accept any work turned in after that day.    There’ s a blue/white basketball game on March 10 th  (Friday). Concessions will be sold.    Spring Break is March 13 th -17 th . Have a wonderful and safe week off!
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