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Vinai Tab
  Vinai Trinateepakdee  VINAI SAYS: 20 Melodic Rock Licks Lick 1 .All of the licks in this set are based around two chord progressions in the key of E major. The main scale we’ll be using is E major (E F# G# A B C# D#). This first lick is a good introduction to the scale, covering a large area of the fretboard. TAB WWW.JAMTRACKCENTRAL.COM  JamTrackCentral Ltd 2015Generated using the Power Tab Editor by Brad Larsen. LICK 1 As recorded by (From the 2015 Album 20 MELODIC ROCK BALLAD LICKS)  I 1 TAB   gggg 44P  = 70 E V 0 V V 4 V 2 P.M. V 4 V V 1 V 4 V 4 P  sl. 4   R V 6 A V  sl. 4 P  sl. 5   Ra V 4 V 2 V V P  sl. 4   R V 6 g V 4 V 5 V 7 V  sl. 7 V 9 V 7  I 3 TAB   gggg C b m V 9 V V H 7 V  sl. 9 V   12 V V 12 P H11   z V 13 V P 11 V 9 V 12 V 9 A V H 8 V 9 V 9 V V  sl. 11 V 9 P  sl. 11   RV P 9 V 7 V 9 V  sl. 7 V  sl. 6 V 7 V 9 V  sl. 9  I 5 TAB   gggg E W  sl. 11 V  sl.   (11)
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