Vietnam: The price of peace

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Things are changing in Vietnam. Once a symbol of rigid Communism, the Government now encourages people to start up small businesses, and has opened the door to foreign companies. But a US ban on trade and aid has severely hampered efforts to rebuild after long years of war - and Vietnam remains one of the world's poorest nations.
  Vietnam Contents IntroductionGeographyFacts and figuresHistoryHo Chi MinhThe American WarOne country, two peoples   half-chance of paradiseA people on the moveVietnam s perestroika: doi moiBack to the family farmIn the shadow of the  dam A long and rocky roadThe doctor is out selling...Birth controlThe new  battle:  malariaA most literate nationWomen are equal to men ... butBattered by natureTyphoon Becky hits Ky AnhAgent Orange to eroding earthThe conservation crusaderThe ecological triangleGods under MarxView from the hillsTet: the Lunar New YearThe democracy tabooThe outlaw stateReaching out to the worldOxfam and VietnamFurther reading  cknowledgements Some material in this book is based on areport for Oxfam written by Larry Jagan.Advice and valuable information wasprovided by Ben Fawcett. The rice of eace ©Oxfam 1992Designed by Oxfam Design Department OX182/MJ/92Printed by Oxfam Print Unit. Published by Oxfam274 Banbury Road Oxford 0X2 7DZISBN  0 85598 152 0 Chris Brazier This book converted to digital file in 2010
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