Value for Money Assessment Oxfam in South Africa: Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme (AACES) Capacity building component

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Oxfam Australia sought to progress its understanding of Value for Money (VfM) and how it can be practically applied within its programs. In 2015 it engaged an independent consultant, to work with three program teams to reflect on, and assess, their programs in terms of VfM. This document presents this process for Oxfam in South Africa's Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme (AACES) capacity development support to partners.
Transcript OXFAM IN SOUTH AFRICA AUSTRALIA AFRICA COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SCHEME (AACES) CAPACITY BUILDING COMPONENT  Nyanga Village, Barotse Flood Plains, Zambia- The community gather to meet with Oxfam and the visiting partners and discuss the WASH program in the village.PHOTO © Alexia Webster  1Title:  Value for Money Assessment Oxfam South Africa Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme (AACES) Capacity Building component Published:  April 2016 ISBN:  978-0-620-70548-6 Author:  Michelle Besley, Independent Consultant Design:  LUMO design & illustration ( Copyright:  Oxfam gives permission for excerpts from this paper to be photocopied or reproduced provided that the source is clearly and properly acknowledged. Suggested citation Besley, M. (2016) Value for Money Assessment Oxfam South Africa Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme (AACES) Capacity Building component, Oxfam. Disclaimer:  The views in this publication are those of the respective author and do not necessarily represent those of Oxfam, The Australian Department of Foreign Aid and Trade or any funding agency. Contact Details: OXFAM OXFAM AUSTRALIA Suite 1B, Strathway Building 132 Leicester Street Strathmore Office Park Carlton 3053 305 Musgrave Road Victoria, Australia Durban, South Africa +61 3 9289 4444 +27 (0) 31 201 0865 Supported by: This research was funded under the Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme (AACES). AACES is a partnership of DFAT (Department of Foreign Aid and Trade), ten Australian Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and their Africa-based partners. It contributes to the DFAT strategy for Africa through community-based interventions across the sectors of food security, maternal and child health and water, as well as sanitation and hygiene. The program focuses on marginalised communities, with particular attention to women, children, people with disability and people vulnerable to disaster. Commissioned and published by:  2 Abbreviations 3Executive Summary 4  Oxfam Australia’s definition of Value For Money 5 Development of a Value For Money assessment framework 6 Program   Assessment Summary 8  Program background 9 Value For Money assessment process 9 Summary of key findings 10 Key learnings 12 Key recommendations 13 Full Value For Money Assessment 14  Program information 15 Assessment summary 16 Component 1: Economy (Costs and inputs: What went in?) 18 Component 2: Efficiency (Inputs to outputs: What happened?) 22 Component 3: Effectiveness (Inputs to outputs: What happended?) 28 Component 4: Equity (Equal inclusion of vulnerable groups) 34 Methodological Rationale and Theoretical Underpinningsof the Oxfam Australia Value For Money Assessment Tool 40  Purpose 41 The approach 41 Defining the “value” of VFM 41 Placing theory of change at the heart of VFM 42 Comparison as a means of assessment 42 Leveraging as an indicator of VFM 43 Assessing scale and depth of change in VFM 43 Participation of partners and community in assessment of VFM 44 Evidence-based VFM assessment 44
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