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Year Unit Plan Unit Planning Organizer Subject: Science/Art Grade: 4 Unit/Topic: DIY Hockey Fooseball Table video Date and Unit Duration: March 7-21 Project Overview Description and link to student engagement (rationale): The student will create a small functioning hockey fooseball table. This table will be m
  Year  Unit Plan Unit Planning Organizer Subject: Science/Art Grade: 4Unit/Topic: DIY Hockey Fooseball Table ideo Date and Unit Duration: !arc #$%& 'roject (erie) Description and link to student en*a*e+ent ,rationale-:T e student )ill create a s+all .unctionin* ockey .ooseball table T is table )ill be +ade +ostly .ro+ ouse old +aterials ,cardboard0 strin*0 etc- ot er t an t e s+all .i*urines0 ) ic )ill 1D printed A ideo )ill .il+ed alon* t e )ay docu+entin* t e key steps and +aterials needed to co+plete t is table T e .inal product )ill include bot t e co+pleted table and t e DIY ideo T is table )as su**ested by t e student and as direct connection )it is lar*e interest in ockey and and$on nature 1. Unit Overview – Critical Inquiry Question ã To ) at e2tent does t e creation o. an object o. personal interest0 +otiate so+eone in t e learnin* process3 2. General Learning Outcomes or Unit !ain ea#ing$ AT 4: 52pression0 6o+ponent &7,i- 'urpose 8: Students )ill create an ori*inal co+position0 object or space based on supplied +otiationScience 4$#: 6onstruct a +ec anical deice .or a desi*nated purpose0 usin* +aterials and desi*n su**estions proided 9ote: (ne or +ore co+ponents o. t e task )ill be open$ended and reuire students to deter+ine t e speci.ic procedure to be .ollo)ed %. &ocusing Questions or Unit '(elate# Questions) I )onder;  < at proble+ solin* strate*ies )ill be used3  < at un.oreseen proble+s )ill arise and ) at )ill t e reaction be to it3  Ho) practical )ill t e creation o. t e object )ill3 ,)ill it be possible-  At ) at sta*es o. t e creation )ill t e student lose en*a*e+ent 3 *. +ey Conce,ts or Unit  'roble+ solin*  Hand$on creation  Student en*a*e+ent -. ,eciic Learning Outcomes or Unit!ain ea#ing goes /ere$ AT 4: 52pression0 6o+ponent &7,i- 'urpose 8A: (utside sti+ulation .ro+ sources suc as +usic0 literature0 p oto*rap s0 .il+0 creatie +oe+ent0 dra+a0 teleision and co+puters can be interpreted isuallyScience 4$#%: Use si+ple .orces to po)er or propel a deice= e*0 direct pus es0 pulls0 crankin* +ec anis+s0 +oin* air0 +oin* )ater and do)n ill +otion Outcomes rom Cross Curricular Com,etencies$ 0   T ink 6ritically: capture t e eart o. an idea and .or+ reasoned conclusions&  Year    Identi.y and Sole 6o+ple2 'roble+s: etaile# isual Organizer o Unit Lessons an# 3ssessment ates45o,icsOutcomeLearning 3ctivities3ssessment >>Tuesday !arc # ã AT 4: 52pression 8A  Find di+ensions o. t e table  Ho) +any people to play3 Ho) )ill t ese people be connected to t e table0 )ill t ey3  < ere can )e .ind resources3 ,I can end up brin*in* +ost-  I. ti+e allo)s0 be*in to desi*n  players usin*  <ritten/dra)n description o. table includin* +easure+ents and layout  Decided upon nu+ber o. players  esources de.ined T ursday !arc ? ã Sci 4$#%   6ontinue to/be*in to desi*n t e players t at )ill be used  6o+plete t e players so  printin* can be*in  @ist any +aterials t at )e +ay need to .inis t e table  <ill t e .i*ures )ork   Are t ey practical  6an )e print t e+  Student en*a*e+ent in t e use o. tec nolo*y in t e creation o. t e .i*uresTuesday!arc &4 ã Sci 4$#% ã AT 4: 52pression 8A  <it t e +aterials *at ered oer t e )eekend0 be*in to construct t e table and sole any issues t at +ay arise  At eac sta*e o. a build0 )e )ill .il+ <e can eit er oice oer a.ter)ards or talk lie Find out ) at +aterials are +issin* and need to be .ound/created .or T ursday  T e ,sta*e o.- co+pletion o. t e tableT ursday !arc & ã Sci 4$#% ã AT 4: 52pression 8A  Finis buildin* t e table  Find out any )ay to i+proe itor .i2 issues0 create list o. +aterials needed  @ist o. +aterials  Final table outco+e  Bideo co+pletion ,) ere )e are and ) at )e need-Tuesday !arc %& ã Sci 4$#% ã AT 4: 52pression 8A  Fil+ t e oice oer o. t e story board ,.ill in any not done lie-  6o+plete t e .inal edits o. t e .il+ ã  T e .inal product ,onge 3ctivity$ %  Year  6reate +ore players and build t e+ in or  1D 'rint a Stanley 6up and play .or t e 6up ,use &%1D- (esources o &%1D pro*ra+ ,includin* 1D printer- o House old +aterials o 6a+eraCs / p ones .or .il+in* o i!oie 1
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