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  Treatment plantsAccording to shiats Allahabad (2010)  Sewage treatment, or domestic wastewater treatment, is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, bothrunoff (effluents) and domestic. It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes toremove all the pathogens, that it may not pollute the receiving water and make than unsafe for use, to reduce the volume of sewage sludge, so that it can be easily disposed off. The control of wastewater treatment plant can be determined by factors such as wastedisposal, site selection, protection of surface waters and impact on neighborhood amenity. It isnecessary that wastewater treatment plants are placed in areas that is remote from residentialdevelopment with sufficient available land for sustainable wastewater reuse. A well design andadeuate materials will serve as a good foundation in maintaining and preserving wastewater  plants. (State Government of Victoria, !ne 1 #) It was recommeneded that the treated water will be supplied for irrigating the crops on!esearch arm and the remaining sludge after treatment will be used as manure on arm. Theuse of treated water will reduce the ground water use and additionally the treated sludge will bevery useful for increasing the fertility of soil. (er. An!rag singh, shiats Allahabad, bit mesra, 2010)  Site selection The #onsulting $ngineer shall obtain all the relevant available information fromthe %&' with regard to the location of the works, available area for the plant, sitecontours, geotechnical and geohydrological data, type of development to be served and population. The location of any wastewater treatment plant should be as far as practicalfrom dwellings, public places and any sites which will possibly be built on within the lifeof the plant. There should also be sufficient land set aside to allow for any futurealterations and additionsetensions so that no offensive odours are detected at the property boundary. ($epartment of %!blic &or's So!th Africa, !ne 2012) The treatment plant should be located as near to the point of disposal as possible.If the sewage as to be disposed finally in to the river, the plant should be located near theriver bank. #are should be taken while locating the site that it should be on thedownstream side of the city and sufficiently away from water intake works. If finally thesewage as to be applied on land, the treatment plant should be located near the land atsuch a place from where the treated sewage can directly flow under gravitational forcestoward the disposal point. *n the other hand, the site should not be close to the town, thatit may cause difficulties in the epansion of town and may pollute the general atmosphere by smell and fly nuisance. (er. An!rag singh, shiats Allahabad, bitmesra, 2010)  Site re!irement Ideally, all facilities (ecept where facility consists of septic tank plus renchdrain only) should have an approved security fence around the perimeter with approvedaccess gate. All gates should be locked with chains and a tamper+resistance padlock.*ther barriers such as concrete barriers can be considered to guard certain criticalcomponents from accidental or intentional vehicle intrusion. &ost signs restricting entryto authoried personnel. Adeuate lighting of the eterior of the facility and warningsigns can be effective to deter unauthoried entry. -otion detectors that activate lights toturn on or trigger an alarm also enhance security. ehicle access shall be provided to all portions of the 'orks and shall at least comprise of well+designed gravel roads with adesigned surface storm water runoff system. ($epartment of %!blic &or's So!thAfrica, !ne 2012)
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