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Ryan Kuhn Transfer admissions plan 3.1b UNC Charlotte Page 120-122 General info and campus live 1. The major I will pursue at UNCC is Marketing in their business program. Yes it is accredited. 2. Three major benefits for attending this university include its respected business school called the Belk college of business, It has a large student population which creates many avenues to get involved, and its connection to uptown Charlotte (largest city in NC.)
  Ryan Kuhn Transfer admissions plan 3.1bUNC CharlottePage 120122!eneral info and ampus li#e1.The ma$or % &ill pursue at UNCC is 'ar(eting in their business program. )es it is a redited.2.Three ma$or bene*ts for attending this uni#ersity in lude its respe ted business s hool alled the +el( ollege of business, %t has a large student population &hi h reates many a#enues to get in#ol#ed, and its onne tion toupto&n Charlotte -largest ity in NC.3./lthough UNCC is (no&n to be a ommuter s hool, many ne& student housing building ha#e gone up through the years and more and more students are li#ing on ampus. Transfer students an li#e on ampus also..The demographi brea(do&n of UNCC is pretty di#erse. tudents from all types of ba (grounds attend &hi h reates a #ariety of #ie&s and opinions..UNCC maintains strong onne tions to ma$or orporations based in upto&n Charlotte. The areer enter lo ated net to the library o4ers #arious &ays to get in tou h &ith these ompanies for internships./dmissions Re5uirements1.Non refundable 670 appli ation fee.2.UNCC has a spe i* appli ation not the ommon one.3.8igh s hool trans ript and other post high s hool edu ation trans ript is re5uired..No re ommendation letters re5uired but &hen % *rst applied % submitted a fe&and % thin( they helped..No essay re5uired but % sent one in.7.No inter#ie& re5uired. 7.APPLICATION COMPLETE BY*: YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED OF OUR DECISION BY: No#ember 19anuary 30:ebruary 1/pril 1 ;eadlines are not binding. /ppli ations omplete after :ebruary 1st &ill be re#ie&ed after /pril 1 on a rolling basis -de isions &ill be made in the order that the ompleted appli ations are re ei#ed.  <.'inimum 2.0 um gpa for ollege students. 'id 3=s ompetiti#e.>./dditional re5uirements for ma$or in lude a minimum 3.0 and a + or higher inpre re5uisite lasses. 10.SAT Requirements (New SAT) 25th Percentile Score75th Percentile Score SAT Composite10801240SAT Reading540620SAT Math540620ACT Composite2125  Admissions research part 31.Questions I still hae include how man! classes will I need to ta e once in m! ma#or to $raduate.%.&ithin the ne't 3 months I need to ma e sure I continue to $et A*s and +*s in m! classes and learn more a,out the re application process.3.
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